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The haunting skies above the Misty Fjords make a perfect day trip. Credit: controltheweb.

By Rich Mahoney

One of the best perks of cruising is the view as you sail into incredible destinations like Alaska, Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico and Bermuda. While the stunning scenery is great from the boat, shore excursions allow you to experience those unique and stunning locations first hand. From thrilling adventures like off-roading and zip-lining to wildlife tours and snorkeling, shore excursions help build the lasting memories and stories to pair with those million-dollar views.

3 incredible shore excursions you could do on a cruise:

1. Fly above the Misty Fjords in Alaska.
Misty Fjords National Monument is one of the most scenic places in Alaska. Carved by glaciers, the fjords wind through jagged cliffs and peaks that rise up 3,000 feet. There’s no better way to get a full view of the 2.3 million-acre park’s natural beauty than on a flightseeing tour. Fly over the mist covered mountains, waterfalls, massive gorges and the icy fjords and spot the unique wildlife of the area. You’ll also get the chance to see the fjords on the ground level as your plane lands in a pristine mountain lake.

2. Explore Baja by ATV.
While Cabo San Lucas is known for its vibrant nightlife and beaches, there is also some incredible and isolated wilderness to explore right outside town. ATV tours give you the opportunity to see the other side of Cabo and experience a little adventure. You’ll ride up to the mountains, explore a 200-year-old village and then cool off with swim at a beautiful waterfall. After that, you’ll ride along isolated beaches, sand dunes and 100-footocean cliffs.

3. Dive with sharks in the Bahamas.
Not for the faint of heart, diving with sharks one of the more thrilling shore excursions available on cruises. Accompanied by expert guides, you’ll first dive along an incredible reef wall and watch as sharks frequently swim by. On a second dive, you will sit on the bottom and watch as the guide feeds Caribbean reef sharks. Though no touching is allowed, the sharks will swim throughout the tour group. As said before, this incredible excursion is only for the adventurous.

Other incredible excursions include zipline and cave tours, waterfall hikes, snorkel and sailing trips and many more.

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