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Must-see cruise ship port & pearl of the Adriatic: Dubrovnik, Croatia.

By Rich Mahoney

With so many activities and attractions available on cruises, it’s easy to lose sight of the other half: the destinations. Cruises travel all over the world and give passengers the opportunity to experience several unique places on one trip. From mountainous rainforest islands in the Caribbean to villages hidden in the Fjords of the North Atlantic, head to these five incredible port destinations.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Nestled on the edge of the aqua-tinged Adriatic Sea in Croatia, Dubrovnik stands out for its orange -colored roofs, marble streets and 80-foot wall that surrounds the city. Enjoy great views of the sea and surrounding countryside with a 1.3-mile walk along the wall, or explore the historic, vehicle-free city, full of cafes, shops and 14th-century architecture. Sunbathe on the beaches of the Lapad Peninsula or explore the coastline with a boat tour. You’ll find this port on many Mediterranean cruise itineraries.

Barcelona, Spain
Baroque architecture, tapas, cafes, vibrant culture and a booming nightlife make this port an ideal destination to start your Mediterranean cruise. Fly in a day or two early to get the full experience.

King’s Wharf, Bermuda
This former British naval base is a great launch pad for a day in Bermuda. Within minutes of arrival, you can explore the old fort and maritime museum, eat the famous rum cakes, swim with dolphins or see offshore shipwrecks and incredible sea life on a glass-bottom boat tour. World-class golf courses and beautiful pink-sand beaches are minutes away, and a quick ferry ride brings you to Hamilton. You’ll visit this port on most Bermuda cruises.

Geiranger, Norway
Perhaps the best part of visiting Geiranger is the way in. You’ll travel down the Geirangerfjord, included on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites, surrounded by towering green mountains and cascading waterfalls. Once there, you can hike pristine wilderness, kayak the fjord or just relax and soak up the incredible scenery. Geiranger is a frequent stop on Norwegian Fjord cruises.

St. Lucia
Sailing into St. Lucia, you’ll be greeted by the peaks of the Twin Pitons and a landscape covered in lush rainforest. The main port of Castries is the most developed spot in St. Lucia, but you can easily catch a cab and escape to the southern end of the island, famous for its natural beauty and hidden waterfalls. Drive through a volcano, go snorkeling or relax in the serene setting of the Diamond Botanical Gardens. You’ll find this port on several Eastern Caribbean cruise itineraries.


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