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Clubs and cabanas: Palms Casino Resorts’ recipes for meeting other singles.

By Vince Font

Las Vegas is nothing if not wildly diverse. In fact, if you could look up “broad appeal” in the dictionary, the word “Vegas” would likely appear as its sole definition, and rightly so. Where else can you be guaranteed to find what you’re looking for regardless of who you are, where you’re from or when you were born? In truth, Las Vegas vacations can satisfy just about any quotient, whether that’s diversity, affordability or both. Here are three of the best deals in Las Vegas that cater to three uniquely distinct demographics: singles, sweethearts and seniors.

For singles: Palms Casino Resort
Vegas is a great place to see and be seen, and perhaps no better place exists in the entire town than the Palms Casino Resort, a place so obviously hedonistic in nature that there’s even a Playboy Club inside. Try finding that anyplace else. But there’s a lot more happening here. There are five other clubs and bars just within the Palms itself, and with fantasy suites with names as colorful as the G-Suite, Kingpin Suite, and Director’s Suite, you know this place is gunning for a specific clientele. Not that thisis a terrible place to bring the wife and kids if you happen to win a free night’s stay, but you might be better off at Circus Circus. Anyone who’s ever been to Vegas on more than one occasion can tell you that the Palms is not only one of the great hook-up nexuses in town, but also one of the best deals in Las Vegas for nightly rates.

The Bellagio’s sparkly fountains set the scene for romance.

For sweethearts: The Bellagio
Here’s a secret you won’t find anywhere else: If it feels better to throw on a fake accent to pronounce the name of the place you’re going to stay, it’s a good sign that you’re in for a romantic atmosphere. The Bellagio is one of those places that’s got not one, but two wedding chapels — yet another sign that the place is bustling with so many love vibes that they actually had to build a second chapel to keep up with demand. If you’ve got a sweetheart and you want to take them to the most romantic Vegas has to offer, skip all else and head for The Bellagio where you can stroll out front to see the fountains perform, take in Cirque du Soleil, have your pick of half a dozen classy restaurants, or play your luck in the casino. All that, and we haven’t even talked about the elegantly decorated suites upstairs. Trust us, Las Vegas vacations don’t get much more romantic than this.

For seniors: Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
There’s a big difference between old school and dingy, and sometimes in Las Vegas it’s easy to reach for one and accidentally grab the other. If you want to have yourself a classy yet old-fashioned time in the heart of old downtown within the glow of historic Fremont Street, make your stay at the Golden Nugget, one of the best deals in Las Vegas.

Highly regarded by both locals and out-of-town visitors as the jewel in the crown of the older end of town, the Golden Nugget is both luxurious and easy on the wallet. Nightly rates are usually around $60 which make this hotel one of the odds for your money in town.

Don’t forget that you can offset your potential gambling losses by booking your hotel room, flight, and rental car together to save money — that way you never have to feel bad about trying your luck at the tables and not walking away a millionaire. Hey, every little bit helps.

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Vince Font is a freelance writer born in Puerto Rico and currently escaped to Utah. When not dreaming of interstellar travel, he’s on the hunt for weird, wacky, and off-the-beaten-track vacation destinations. Next stop: The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast.

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