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By Julia Caranci

View of the beach in Sayulita, Mexico

View of the beach in Sayulita, Mexico

I’m tempted to say it rains all the time in Sayulita and there’s nothing to do because part of me wants to keep this amazing Mexican village all to myself.

In fact, Sayulita is a gorgeous coastal town just 45 minutes by car from Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Once a tiny fishing village, it is today a growing Mexico vacation destination, with a beautiful beach and well-known surf break that boasts predominantly sunny warm weather from November to May.

The main beach in Sayulita is just over a mile long, and has something for everyone.

The “hub” in front of the surf break is where vacationers can rent a surfboard, boogie board or beach chairfor the day and dine at any number of fine restaurants while keeping all ten toes firmly in the sand. Beginner surfers love Sayulita, although the break is challenging enough to draw professional riders and tournaments to this Mexico vacation destination. Surf shops like Lunazul offer boards and lessons for all ages and levels.

Downtown is centered around the main square, with its welcoming arch, quaint church, shady trees, garden, benches and gazebo. Sit and people watch by day; then enjoy the drummers and fire dancers after dark. Walk the cobbled streets in the lazy afternoons and see the amazing array of homes being built here, many with panoramic views of the Pacific.

paradeOne of the liveliest times to plan your Mexico vacation in Sayulita is Dec. 1-12, during the Virgin of Guadalupe Festival. Each night locals parade through town carrying candles, and children pose as religious figures on truck “floats.” Fireworks light up the night and the square is alive with dancing horses, live music, ethnic foods and laughter. The week of Feb. 24 marks Sayulita Days, when a grand fair comes to town and the entire town celebrates.

While it remains a village, Sayulita offers many of the services of a larger community, with a number of tiendas (grocery stores), a cell phone store, wireless Internet cafes, a car rental office and more.

There are few hotels here, but many homes have rental units and there are accommodations to suit all tastes and price ranges. Hostels like Casa Amistad and Venado Azul, rent beds for $50 or less a night. High-end optionsinclude the beautiful Villa Amore Hotel, offering breathtaking views of Sayulita’s main beach and rugged jungle coastline.

Hungry? If you want a fine dining experience on your Mexico vacation, try Don Pedros on the main beach or Calypso, which boasts a great view of the square. Paninos is a quaint bakery serving up cinnamon buns, muffins and fresh breads. ChocoBananais a travelers’ favorite for breakfast, as is Rollies, which serves mouthwatering home fries and eggs “al gusto.”

Taxis will take you directly to Sayulita from the Puerto Vallarta airport, or you can cross the street and catch the green and white Compostela bus for 20 pesos. The truth is, I can’t keep this Mexico vacation spot a secret forever because everyone comes back to Sayulita.

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