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By Patrick O’Neil

Over Bastille Day in July, my wife and I took our girls — then ages 6 and 8 — on a 10-day Europe vacation to Paris. We chose to stay in the 17th arrondissement because it was comfortable and near the food markets on Rue Cler. We found the kids had many more entertainment and play options than expected. We had great times at Champ du Mars, Tuileries, L’Orangerie, and Luxembourg gardens. Here are some photos of our Europe vacation with the kids.

Europe vacation

Bastille Day fireworks near Champ du Mars

Europe vacation

Playing with boats in Luxembourg Gardens

Paris hotel

Pedal-powered go-carts at Champ du Mars

Paris hotel

Marionette shows available in the Champs du Mars

Paris hotel

A 100-year-old, hand-cranked carousel

Europe vacation

The kids were surprised when they watched a car drive in to the Seine and become a boat! House boats are in the background. One boat has its own car.

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Patrick O’Neil and his wife love creating opportunities for their girls, ages 7 and 9, to enjoy and appreciate the adventure of travel — whether driving to Boston and New York, or flying to Miami and Paris.

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One thought on “Europe vacation: Finding family fun in Paris”

  1. Oh, what a charming holiday! My husband and I are wanting to take our five year old to France next year (my husband has business over there) so your blog has given me some fun ideas to keep her occupied. With that said, were many of these activities Bastille Day related – or are they available all year round?

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