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flightsBy Joe Brancatelli


Cincinnati, Delta’s odd hub out: When Delta Air Lines and Northwest merged, travelers looked at the combined carrier’s big hubs inDetroit and Atlanta and then glanced at the airline’s small hubs in Cincinnati and Memphis and realized that something would have to give. And despite Delta’s repeated claims that it had no plans to close any hubs, it is clear that Northwest’s old hub in Memphis is relatively safe and the big loser is Delta’s Cincinnati hub.

Even before the merger, Delta was downsizing in Cincinnati, where it once operated more than 400 daily flights. Now five additional destinations are going atop the previously announced cutbacks planned for February.

Gone will be nonstop flights to Montreal; Oklahoma City; Des Moines; Providence, Rhode Island; and Tri-Cities, Tennessee. By February, that will reduce what was once Delta’s second-largest hub to around 180 or so daily flights and service to 70 nonstop destinations,down from 120 cities just four years ago.

The FlyAway bus service to Los Angeles airport has a new destination: Irvine Station in Orange County. Irvine Station is also home to Amtrak and several Southern California rapid transit services. The Irving-LAX nonstop route has six daily nonstops using 22-seat buses.

Attention fliers in San Jose, California: JetBlue Airways, Continental Airlines and United Airlines have shifted into Terminal A.

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