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By Lena Katz & Samantha Chapnick

At night in Cabo, there’s only one place for the hip kids to be, spring break or anytime …

Nikki Beach, the hub of trendy nightlife for Los Cabos vacationers. A live Latin-Caribbean band rocks the house early in the evening, giving way to groovy DJ-spun house music later on. Mini-skirted blondes and Latina lovelies lounge on red velvet sofas, batting their eyelashes at broad-shouldered hotties from the Deep South. Shimmy, shake it, and see who wants to buy you a mojito.

If your scene is less mojito, more tequila shot, you’re in good company in Cabo. Most of the beach bars cater to the no-shirt, no-shoes, no problem crew. We call this category "Cheesy, but you gotta go" — and here are a few of my favorites:

El Squid Roe: A crazy, jam-packed meat market where table dancing is de rigueur and the waiters are armed with spray bottles of tequila.

The Office: Smack on the sands of Medano Beach, this landmark has been around since the ’70s, and is an any-time-of-day-or-night standby for Mexican-style seafood and ice-cold drinks. Don’t miss Thursday’s Gran Fiesta Mexicana — a party with free tequila shooters for one and all.

Then, of course, there’s Cabo Wabo Cantina. Sammy Hagar owns this joint, and unlike many other celebrity restaurant/bar owners, he makes his presence known. Not every day … but we’ve known a few people who’ve been sipping beers in Cabo Wabo, only to see Sammy and crew roll up on stage and stage an impromptu rock show. More than just a watering hole, Cabo Wabo now serves a full dinner menu in addition to breakfast and lunch. If you’re only going to visit once in your life, make it around October 13th during Sammy’s annual Birthday Bash and Cabo Wabo Meltdown — and give yourself three days to recover afterward.

Perfect for people who are still wondering "Who’s that other guy in Van Halen*?"

* This line is taken from "1985", a great song by Bowling for Soup. Anyone who can remember that year should play it before heading out of your Cabo hotel for the night.

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