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By Sandy Kirkby

Building on the momentum of our new hotel search experience, we’ve redesigned our hotel property pages to make it faster and easier to get to know each hotel inside and out.

The new layout consolidates all the key information a hotel shopper needs on a single tab, including photos,interactive maps, and room descriptions. Now you can fully experience what each hotel has to offer on one scrollable page.

Among the other helpful research features:

1. New, interactive photo viewer: This slick tool lets you breeze through hotel photos and launch virtual tours with ease.

hotel photo viewer

2. Upfront customer reviews: Capture the reviewer score and some first-hand insights at the very top of the page. Plus, we’ve flagged reviews posted by verified Orbitz guests with a special green icon.

hotel guest reviews

3. Location and neighborhood details: The main hotel property page now hosts the interactive map with the hotel plotted plus Google Street View, so you can get a better understanding of the hotel’s surroundings.


hotel street view

Just last month, we unveiled a new hotel search experience that includes filtering search results by  price, star rating, reviewer score and amenities, and comparing details of several hotels side by side without ever leaving the search results page – something you cannot do on other travel sites.

That enhancement, along with revamped hotel property pages, aims to bring key information to the forefront of your hotel search experience  to make it faster and easier to find the property that’s best for you. Know more about the benefits of booking hotels on Orbitz.

Sandy Kirkby, a Product Analyst at Orbitz Worldwide, is an avid traveler whose favorite vacation spots include the Cote d’Azur and St. Lucia.

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