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By Samantha Chapnick

The Lego store at Downtown Disney keeps the kids busy for hours and doesn’t cost a cent. That is, if you can get away without buying them anything.

This ranks as one of my favorite Orlando vacation freebies.

Outside the store — officially called the Lego Imagination Center — are mammoth sculptures made from Lego. A family with two dogs taking photos of the lake, a Loch Ness sea monster and some friendly dragons dressed in colorful duds practically scream "Kodak Moment!"

dInside is a Lego-holic’s dream. Bins hold bricks, small people and specialized pieces to use in the free play areas. There are enough spots for multiple kids to play at the sametime and I didn’t see anyone waiting or lacking a spot when we were there.

Best of all, the staff encourages children to play and stay as long as they would like. A salesperson sat down with our child for a few minutes to show her some "Lego moves."

Of course, this is not all altruism.

We saw many a parent paying the price when it was time to leave. Almost all the kids begged for a bag of Legos or a set on the way out.

Do you have any other favorite free things to do in Orlando?
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