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Capella Ubud, Bali

5.0 out of 5.0

Capella Ubud, Bali

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We pushed the boat out to stay in Capella because it is expensive but there wasn't one moment when we regretted our decision as every little detail surpassed our expectations. I'm going to start with the staff, in case you read no further...they were outstanding. Kind, genuine and warm. They made the WHOLE day that we spent playing pool and cards in the 'Officers Tent' (hard to imagine a cooler and yet antique venue for a day of beers and cocktails) seem totally normal and acceptable. They were brilliant. Dedy, our 'personal culturist and assistant' was amazing and easily accessible and made everything seem reasonable and justifiable. He arranged for treatments, reservations, day trips and our airport transfers without any stress. He was great fun too. We stayed in the Translators Tent ..XXII....You can't imagine the beauty of the tent. It felt like we had been transported into another world. You get to go through a carved wooden gate onto a rope bridge and you arrive on an open deck looking into the jungle complete with daybed so you can read with the sounds of the jungle around you. The attention to detail is remarkable. The four poster bed, foldout travel chests that miraculously become a coffee dock or a gorgeous bar (we are dying to try to do something even remotely similar if we ever had a dream house), the outdoor shower, the plunge pool in the jungle and the unbelievably comfortable freestanding brass bath make this the most incredible room you will ever find. We did the Lavascape day trip which started at 4am and found us bouncing along in an antique 1963 Range arover Defender to seek out the sunrise over THREE volcanoes followed by an insanely fun drive over black volcanic sands and then onto a picnic breakfast by the volcanic lake. Our guide and driver were exceptional and we were so glad that we went. Remember to bring a jacket and not to wear shorts if you do that one! It's cold up there. The chef made us the best hollandaise we've had for a long time when he found us the day after our day of games and beers in the Officers Tent and we didn't even have to seek him out to request it, the menu changes daily. The manager Mark was available by WhatsApp when we realised that we wanted more time to hangout downtime on our last day even though he was arranging for a lift POST bill paying which was taking us to another hotel. Overall this hotel is worth every hard earned cent that you choose to spend and we really really hope that we get back there some day. Thank you to Dedy, Mark, Matt, Vishnu, the spa ladies, Buddy our ranger and all of the staff for an insane trip.

Capella Ubud is not a hotel, or lodge or a luxury resort. Capella Ubud quite frankly out of body experience. And it begins the very moment you cross over into the property.. Entering Capella Ubud takes everyone one of your senses on a transformational journey into another world. The place is literally carved out of the rain forest/jungle. There are 23 total 'tents'. "Tent' is an understatement and then some. The entire property is magical, like you have been transported back to another "Hemingway-like' time period that no longer exists. Yet, at Capella, it does exit. From the magnificent rice field entrance, to your first foot steps into 'the jungle' and all of the sights, sounds, smells, and other all consuming feelings that take over from head to toe. The staff simply could not be more friendly or more genuine in their never ending desire to create a personalized and magical experience for the guests. Including local outings they escort you on for the perfect local experience.The attention to detail in the rooms (aka tents), dining areas, social spots and the property grounds themselves would require a 30 page novel to write down.. I also had the pleasure of chatting w Mark, the manager of the property. He is outstanding and clearly the right man for the job. I've not stopped thinking about returning for my next trip from the moment I arrived and am already looking at dates w my family to bring them back with me.

Capella redefines glamping and 5 star resort at the same time. From the moment we were greeted at the airport, we knew we were in for an extremely unique experience. The property is INSANE - the grounds, the rooms, the decor, the attention to detail is unmatched. We took advantage of almost all of the amenities because we honestly didn’t want to leave as soon as we drove through the front gate. The complimentary house made rum in our tent (#25 -Puppet Master) was a welcomed surprise after a 24 hour travel day, as was the flower filled bath tub. Our morning breakfast at Mads Lange kept us full throughout the day on both western and Indonesian favorites. We had the most relaxing time hanging out by The Cistern pool (so unique) and enjoyed a couples massage at Auriga. We actually pulled ourselves away from the relaxation a few times to enjoy the Armory for a workout and even took a yoga class led by Bodi. Our nightly routine consisted of playing cards on our terrace bed over looking the Wos river - followed by making our way up to The Officer’s tent for cocktails and conversation with the other guests as well as the incredible staff. We have had the best time at Capella and we are so sad to be checking out today. Overall: this resort is made for those who are looking for something truly special, a unique slice of paradise (my husband would say Capella makes him feel like Indiana Jones - which is a good thing -LOL) We plan on coming back for an anniversary in the near future!

There is nothing quite like this place. Fancy hotels, Private Villa, nothing quite compared to this. Dewa was our Camp Navigator(Driver) picked us up from Seminyak to Capella Ubud. He was nice, informative and very helpful in emerging us into the culture of Ubud, and Keliki Village.Very cheerful and safe during our ride. Which certainly brighten our day. Check in was a breeze. We were being led to the main area, (Officer's Tent, Campfire, Gym, Mads Lange and Api Jiwa) So we could roughly know where were the locations before going to our tent. All private tents come with a beautiful saltwater pool. Unfortunately, we were met with a mild complication when we didn't get hot water at night when we were about to shower. We understand that the technicians were fixing it but we had waited for a few hours and an update wasn't given to us. Which we felt a bit disappointed as we are unable to understand how was the situation like and whether it will be fixed. We fell asleep after and the next morning they have to shift us to the other villa. They upgraded us to the Keliki Photographer's Tent, which had the best views. But we were more delighted to know there is hot water available in the shower for us. (Which was the most important part as we have not showered for a day..) Food is good and very delicious. Very homely and very fresh ingredients were used. We didn't managed to eat at Api Jiwa as we were so unwilling to leave the villa. (It is that comfortable) We hope we are able to try it next time! We had our spa as well, which is extremely comfortable. They even analyse your needs before starting the massage, which is very nice to hear. As we were able to let them know the strength and points we needed extra attention. (Please try the amazing spa when you are here!) Sleeping will be the best time for us. As there won't be noises. Just the nature and you. One of the best rejuvenating sleeps I had in a long time. Amazing interiors in the tent by the amazing Bill Bensley. Definitely a place that shouldn't be missed. Hopefully the next time we come, we have a longer trip so we could explore the Wos River Temple and amazing rice terraces! Shout out to Mark and the Team for the amazing anniversary cake and card. Very heart-warming wishes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts to every single one of the team to make this place so rejuvenating and relaxing. It will be nothing without your love and passion for the service industry.

From our first step into Capella Ubud, my wife and I were totally blown away by the helpful staff members (so sorry that we couldn’t remember all the names, but EVERYONE was so warm and eager to make us feel so comfortable) This was the first time we spent an entire day in a hotel/resort, and we loved every minute of it! Despite the weather not being very cooperative (it was rainy for the most part) we really loved the intricate details, and thoughts that were put into the decor of the place. It really brought out the character or this really charming place. Every piece of furniture and finishing just felt like there were part of a big jigsaw, which when put together, formed one big art piece. It was truly, a surreal experience for us. Instead of the usual villas or rooms, there were 23 “tents” (at time of review), and we were lucky to snag one for our stay in Ubud, Bali. We have never experienced something quite like Capella Ubud, and I have to say the hardware and the software worked together seamlessly to give us an experience of a lifetime This review really doesn’t give this place the justice it deserves, but I really do highly recommend this place to travelers whom want a brief escape from reality (you won’t regret this) There’s no place quite like Capella Ubud, and there probably will never ever be one like it again

There are a profusion of superb resorts in Bali - and the Capella ranks up there with some of the best. Nestled in the Keliki valley near Ubud, it is an almost two hour drive from the international airport. You are collected at the airport by a hotel car so it isn’t at all difficult and refreshments are available in the car so although a slightly tortuous ride where the car is navigating between the many motor bikes and other road users on often barely dual carriageway roads they have made it as easy as possible for guests. We arrived late - around 10pm - our arrival in the dark was quite interesting. Off the main road away from Ubud itself the road becomes quieter, darker and considerably more winding. Look and feel by day is very different so the night arrival only magnifies the mystique of the whole resort. The whole resort, on the face of it, is not particularly big BUT that is deceptive since it sits in a valley with stone paths leading down into the valley. The accommodation comes in the form of “tents” dotted around and in the valley each coming with its own sizeable plunge pool and an entrancing footbridge leading up to the tents front patio. Depending on where the tent is (there are 23) you get varying degrees of seclusion and privacy (ours near perfect). As you’re basically in the middle of Balinese jungle your view is essentially greenery throughout offering complete serenity accompanied by the sounds of local wildlife. Falling asleep and waking up to the sounds of nature - heavenly! The tents are huge offering a degree of comfort I didn’t think possible with a great deal of thought having gone into the design and decor (design by Ben Bensley). Arriving at night, everything appeared dark and subdued but even the introduction to our tent - we were given the Architect’s Tent (each is named) - was amazing with colour and detail popping out from every niche. We were initially a little worried that it might be too much for the eye as there was a lot to take in on arrival but waking up the next day offered even more in the way of additional detail but the colours all came together with no clashes. Service - friendly, engaged and thoroughly welcoming throughout - although a little more attentiveness would likely lift housekeeping services to the ultimate level (and that’s not to say that everything wasn’t immaculate). Management team were very warm and helpful. Food - really quite interesting. Under the capable hands of head chef - Matt from Australia - there is a lot of interesting and innovative cuisine on offer. The menus are really quite wide ranging as evidenced by the a la carte breakfast offering which was really quite impressive with a nice mix of Asian, local (ie Indonesian) and Western sections - so something for everyone really or if, like us, you could sample a wide range over the course of your stay. Not everything hits the target squarely but the effort that has gone into the design and the delivery is undoubted and really quite superb. The innovation came in the form of the special Omakase dinner. Advertised as 10 courses of Asian Tapas - it actually comes close to something like 15 courses if you count the canapés, amuse bouche, palate cleansers and other surreptitiously introduced dishes that appear out of nowhere. The innovation was on display in abundance - the presentation through out really quite delightful. Each dish accompanied by an introduction from the capable chefs who in addition are engaging in conversation and on display throughout as they prepare everything in front of you. As ever with innovation not everything works although a lot depends on one’s individual palate - my least favourite dish (sorbet served with caviar) was another’s hot favourite! Clearly a case of try it out for yourself and make your own mind up. I doubt you will come away disappointed frankly but I am sure you will come away (very) full and very appreciative of the effort that goes into making it an experience. Other highlights: Room slippers - quite honestly the most comfortable I have ever come across bar none! The Wos River Temple - at the bottom of the valley which meant traversing the many steps that lead you down to the valley floor. If you don’t like steps (especially uneven, occasionally steep and potentially wet) - this may not be for you. The Officer’s Tent - a communal lounge/bar housing an interesting collection of antiques - offering snacks throughout the day, afternoon tea and evening cocktails. The Cistern - the big pool along with a bar. Quite a sight when you first see it especially given its location in the middle of the jungle. I made use of it daily and loved it not least because the water was quite bracingly cold at times. The Throne - as it was introduced to us. I recall seeing something similar at Hampton Court Palace - basically the toilet which in and of itself is clearly a design piece. A normal toilet but embedded in a really quite ornate chair (and throne is really quite an apt description) that occupies one corner of the tent. Functional but really not very comfortable frankly (and hence not particularly conducive to its function). The mosquito net - the best and most effective one I have ever seen. Also designed in such a way as to make it an interesting centrepiece with a deep blue fading gently into white. Its coverage was absolutely perfect - nothing is getting through that! Room amenities - all non alcoholic drinks were complimentary as were the daily fruit, sweets and fantastic chilli/garlic/lemongrass roasted nuts. The mini bar set up - the most interesting design I have seen. All in all our stay - 3 nights - has been much needed and very chilled out. We didn’t really leave the resort apart from a brief walk and bike ride - didn’t have to.

plenty of room for improvements. did my wife and i come for a fabulous experience? we did. we wanted comfort in all aspects (room f&b spa tour). but did we? spa: we did massage and facial. they didn’t wear masks and breathed air in our faces? quality of massage was not any better than most hotels on this beautiful island ... the massage room/tent was basic. room: if this is the work of bill bensley, he’s not very good at executing his design. doors not sealed, mosquito window screens further reinforced by another layer of factory-plastic screens! there was a jar of ginger candies melting in the heat when i tried to unwrap one. another jar of peanuts was left untouched again because it tasted stale. ants crawling and dead spider skins in the bathroom drawers? my goodness they didn’t seem to know the amount of meticulous cleaning and care required for such design flaws. f&b: dinner was a disaster at api jiwa. most courses tasted and left unwanted. mark the gm was kind enough to waive the dinner charges. appreciated but our time was wasted just the same. tour: we had sudana our driver guide for 5 hours one day, and he delivered a very enjoyable experience. putra also was another great driver picking us up at the airport. personal assistants: they were all very good, but when we were assisted by four different personal assistants in four days? how personal does it sound to anyone? btw they upgraded us to its highest room category ie keliki which was was brighter, more airy, and had great views of the valley. thank you for that. all tents were identical except location and views. best of luck to the capella and guests.

My wife and I stayed at Capella Ubud to celebrate her birthday. First impression upon arrival: The property is absolutely stunning!! Every inch of this gorgeous jungle oasis is impeccably designed to create a unique, once-in-a-lifetime travel experience! The outdoor landscape is truly exquisite - you feel you have completely escaped deep into the jungle, but with all of the creature comforts and conveniences one would expect from a best-in-class luxury hotel! The indoor spaces (the “tents”) are each beautifully designed with exacting taste; special care was taken to ensure that each piece of furniture and accent piece (from the lamps, to the side tables, to the art) is consistent with the particular tent’s unique theme. Designing each indoor space to have a unique and individual motif must have taken a herculean effort, but it pays off in spades to make the guests feel like they are staying somewhere unlike anywhere they have ever been. We stayed in the “Princess Tent,” which was hands down one of the most amazing, romantic, and beautiful hotel rooms we have every had the pleasure to experience. Words cannot do it justice! From its suspension bridge entrance, to its emasculate interior design, to its inviting and spacious private outdoor shower, plunge pool, and substantial raised deck space with incredible jungle views, this “tent” was absolutely jaw dropping and the epitome of luxury. As for the staff at Capella, we cannot say enough to convey how grateful we were for their attentiveness and uncompromising hospitality!! Deddy, our “personal assistant,” attended to our every need at all times - recommending and booking excursions (for us, he arranged sunrise/lavascape, jungle trek, and waterfall touring, all of which were awesome and we highly recommend) and generally ensuring that we were as comfortable as possible at every turn and had whatever we needed/wanted to make our experience the best it could be at all times. As for the food, it was delicious!! Culinary Director Chef Matt McCool and his staff have outdone themselves - every meal was simply delectable and the dining experience and service at Capella is second to none. Matt even made himself available on extremely short notice to plan a custom menu for a private dinner for my wife’s birthday served on the deck of our “tent” and it turned out to be one of the finest, most enjoyable dinner experiences we have ever had!! Overall, we cannot say enough about Capella Ubud. It is an unreal, once-in-a-lifetime (although we hope to return, ha) experience. In sum, it is simply magic!!

Best vacation of my life! Amazingly beautiful property - it was like walking in a dream - beautiful beyond imagination. The staff was outstanding, always kind, warm, helpful, genuine. Food, exercise program, massage and excursions also the best. I have traveled widely in every continent, and have had the good fortune to see many divine things - this is the first time I've seen this combination of beautiful surroundings and flawless service. The trip was completely stress free from the moment i was met at the airport. Paradise on earth! Hope to return!

There are many spectacular hotels in Bali so to make a splash you need a crazily brilliant designer like Bill Bensley. Not often do I check into a hotel and get giddy from designs but he has done it more than once. I spent three days spellbound by the surroundings. In an era where we crave unique experiences, Capella Ubud delivered. The adventure starts when you get picked up at the airport by a comfy car equipped with wifi, hairbrush, mirror, fruits, cookies & magazines. I had a friendly and informative driver that gave me ideas of what else to see in Bali. Once you arrive at Capella, the fantasy glamorous 19th century expedition starts. The suspension bridge to your room, the camp survival kit and walking stick, the tent equipped with “mini bar”, the quirky bathroom etc. I was just blown away. Really felt like being in the middle of nowhere as the sounds at night especially with the rain were otherworldly, except for the occasional sound of a scooter that reminds you that the camp is really not far off from civilization. Should you need to venture out (ie for the fantastic Locavore restaurant), Ubud is only a short 15 min ride away. Service was excellent (Dedy even went out to buy wrapping paper for me), food was good, the unlimited breakfast, jazz Sunday brunch, and the highlight of it all—Api Jiwa (delicious omakase of grilled Japanese fusion by Matt McCool, I could have easily eaten there two nights in a row). Sunday morning 6ish I went down to the tiny Wos River temple and got to see some locals during their blessing ritual, a bit of authenticity here and not staged. For guests, the adjacent river deck would be great for meditation or yoga. This is not a perfect place if -You are wary of steps ( I was in translator’s tent & loved it), have to eat in air-conditioned buildings, or don’t like being surrounded by nature (dragon flies etc) In sum, this is so much more than just a place to sleep. I hope to come back again !

JI. Raya Dalem, Banjar Triwangsa Tegallalang Bali

Hotel highlights

  • Free cooked-to-order breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet parking
  • Onsite dining

Located in Sambahan, Capella Ubud, Bali is within a few miles (5 km) of sights such as Tegallalang Rice Terrace and Bali Pulina. This 23-room, 5-star lodge has private in-room pools along with 2 restaurants and a full-service spa.


Free cooked-to-order breakfast is included with your stay and awaits you each morning from 6 AM to 10:30 AM. This lodge is home to 2 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service, or make new friends over drinks at the bar/lounge.


Guests can expect to find free WiFi. Beds are dressed in pillow menus and the bathroom offers a soaking tub, a rainfall showerhead, a hair dryer, and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include a private pool, private spa tub, and a furnished patio.

Property features

Built in 2018, the brand new Capella Ubud, Bali features a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. You can take advantage of free valet parking, along with an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for IDR 1609300 per vehicle one way. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this luxury lodge include free WiFi in public areas, coffee/tea in a common area, and free use of bicycles.

Room options

Keliki Valley Tent

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Rainforest Tent

King 1 | Sleeps 2

River Tent

King 1 | Sleeps 2

The Lodge

King 1 | Sleeps 5

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