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Resort Grande Baia

4.0 out of 5.0
  • Free in-room wired Internet
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Recent guest reviews

Hotel is 4 km away from the main road, renting a car is a must if you want to move around. Despite the superior pack and without previous notice, time at the spa was limited to 2h/day. Music and activities at the pool: too noisy. Beach: not terrible. Room cleaning at random hours. Photos on site too artistic, hence quite misleading. Wi-fi connection: good only in the room. Bar: too expensive. Breakfast: plenty, but could be a bit diversified from one day to the other. Good: car parking, 4-course meal in the 'à la carte' restaurant in the evening.

Our experience is very sad: beautiful island, wonderful location, very nice buildings and rooms... but! The service is so law... 1. reception: English is let's say somewhat higher than the average Italian. They do what they have to, but no smiling, no extra effort... later I will comer back to this point. No question at the end, if we liked it (we spent there 10 nights) - maybe they were aware that they would not get a positive feedback. We asked about internet several times, they saying that it is very good quality and speed, - believe me it is not. (This unswer was the only time, when they were smiling.) The AC went wrong in our room, they did not help. 2. Management: the whole resort is full with stupid, and redundant rules, just a few examples, we had to face against: there is a bar next to the pool, and a pizzeria, you can have meals during daytime in this 2 establishments. The pizzeria is also quite close to the pool. We wanted a pizza with ham for the kids next to the pool. They could only provide margerita. We asked them kindly to put a ham on it. It was impossible to solve. We asked them, where the pizza comes from: they showed us, that form the pizzeria next by. OK, my husband went there and asked for a pizza with ham to take away. We wanted to have it next to the pool (in the pizzeria even the small kids need to wear a top - rule again) and our meal supposed to be a salad from the pool bar (it was 16 euros and done 2 days ago I can tell - but at this point we were hoping the best). So as a family we wanted to have our meal together... They did not want to let the pizza in, what we delivered ourselves from the very same place they would do, if we could accept the one without ham. :))) Come on! On an other day we wanted to eat in the pizzeria, and after our meal we asked for an espresso. They told us they don’t have coffee in the restaurant. Only in the bar (the closer bar is closed all day, opens at 7pm only the pool bar is open). They can't serve an espresso in Italy... what? My favorite in the very same pizzeria: on Thursdays there is no pizza. yes, in the pizzeria. However the meals were not cheap, but you could not have what you asked for. There was no coffee, ice tea, ginger ale, and prosecco. 4 stars, Italy... 3. Food: Unfortunately we asked for half board as we planned a family vacation with convenience and did not want to travel every evening to the city which is 15 minutes by car. Very big mistake! I really believed, that in Italy, you can't have bad food. I was wrong. Very wrong. The food was tasteless and it was highly overcooked. Sometimes I was crying what had they do with such a fine ingredient (angus in thikness as a paper to be fired to be hard as a tread etc). It was just bad. Almost every single meal. They had a concept about the dinner: they have 4 dishes in order. Every dish had a selection of 2, or 3 meals, You could choose. Nobody explained this method to us when we arrived, but they were expecting us to understand and behave regarding to this. On the menu there was no explanation or sign which meal belongs to which dish we could only conclude form the price range later when we develpped a rutin by ourselves. So on the very first eve, when were tired as hell after a 48 hours trip, I was ordering 2 from the antipasties and the waiter, who actually did not speak a word on English got angry with me and in Italian he said half quiet: such a mass.... and then he turned back and started to ignore us for the rest of the stay. 4 star hotel, just telling again.... We asked to have prosecco for the dinner. Every single evening we were told that they ask the manager, and then returned empty handed or with Banfi spumante (what is nice indeed, but has never been a Prosecco, and I know this even I'm just a tourist...) We did not give up, asked them every singe night if they have Prosecco and the miracle did happen: on the 8th night there was. (in the beach next to the village there was prosecco during daytime, and in Lidl as well). During we were suffering to consume our tasteless and overcooked meal, a lady was singing so bad, that even the staff was a laughing on it. Breakfast: this trauma is so close, I just don't want to talk about it.... 4. rooms: we did like our rooms. It was nice, huge, it looked like on the photo. It was relatively clean, the towels are not, but the rest was OK. But! One of my kid's soft toy was taken away from the room. It was not on purpose (we later realized that this is a quite common thing there!), but they did not show any empathy, not saying a sorry, keeping us hoping, but did not help at all (they told us to keep asking every morning in person, but they did not make a call...), not giving a compensation - not a thing! (This is what I wanted to put down in detail regarding the work of the reception desk. We are talking about a kid (actually not one kid, as we later realized, that they have more photos about missing toys) loosing his favorite toy.... 5. beach: you have to walk around 12 to 15 minutes to reach the beach in 40 degrees on a dusty way up and down. Then, you are at the beach, where there is no toilette, only a toi toi (4 stars-remember) and no bar. You would spend a day there with kids, but you can't have a glass of water or an ice cream, not to mention using the toi toi is not what I hoped when I was make my reservation is a 4 star hotel. They have a shuttle in every half an hour, shame on my sons, that they wanted to pee or drink at 15 or 45 all the time. :DDD You need to visit other beaches, there are wonderful ones nearby but you have to pay for parking, and umbrella etc. We was originally looking for a resort to avoid this. 6. Animation: it was how it was, I don't want to hurt them, I'm not really into this thing, but I could tell, they really care and did they best and worked a lot. Some movements were also completely unnecessary: like line-up in front of the restaurant and shout out "Bona Sera" - I guess, another silly management expectation -, but at least, they were all nice and not lazy. 7. excursions: they have an office recommending excursions near by. We wanted to go for a dolphin watching trip. We were waiting for 6 days for a positive feedback but could not get only on the 7th day. It was too late, we went by our own and saved 30 euros. Good for us! 8. pool: it is good in general, need some reconstruction, as the bottom is falling apart and my kids were diving to collect the peaces, but is ok. On the pics you can see multiple pools. There are not only one this is true, but 3 from the total of 4 is in the wellness and spa area, which is prohibited to visit by people under 18. So the kids could lurk over the bushes 2-3 times a day walking by and detect that there is no a single person using them (this was the case in 90%). In general: It was a shame what they did with the food, and there were a lot unnecessary rules what has no sense at all except for making the guest feel bad. Maybe the guest is their enemy? I would change the management and their silly rules 100% and it could be an amazing establishment, as the resort itself and the area is very nice. I would build a toilette, and a bar next to the shore. If you choose this facility, you need a car unless you will stuck in the middle of nowhere with no likable beach and bad food.

Absolutely best resort. Empathy people. Proper management. Good service.Lovely beach. The best place for charging “life battery”. Resort is very friendly for families with kids. I’m sure returning in next season.

This nice facility deserve much better sevice, kitchen/food and staff. Clear and nice rooms. It is a shame that one of the kid’s small toy aminal has disappeared and never returned. But at least the reception took several notes on this but not even a “sorry!”. Unexpectedly complicated staff. Had to visit several time the reception for help in the laundry (to show how the washing mashine works) “will send a colleague right now”, someone finally showed up after the 3rd visit. Also had to visit them several times asking for a dolphin watch boot trip. It seems that the guests are for them and not the other way around. The kitchen and the food is a clear dissapointment. For years we never had such a bad experience in Italy. Breakfast is annoying, lunch and dinner is complicated: “- two glasses of prosecco please - we don’t serve wine in glasses only in bottles and we ran out of prosecco” (and the stock got only refilled after 6-7 days. Come on, without Prosecco in Italy?!?!?) ... “- can we have two coffees please? - sorry we don’t have coffee in the restaurant. Only in the bar. (Which was not open at that time.)” ... “-you cannot bring pizza (from the pizzeria of the same resort) to this pool bar. -???” Anyhow the food in the restaurants is overcooked and lack of real favours. It is a real shame in Italy! If you’d like to eat good food unfortunately you have to get into your car and visit other places. The pool is OK, but has to be renovated. The beach is small and nice but there has to be a small bar and restrooms like almost anywhere else we have been. Mobile toilettes (ToiTois) are really not something that one dreams of. So it could be a great place after serious changes in attitude, knowledge in gastronomy and some development. Currently would not recomend.

Very enoying staff especially at the managerial level. If you need something involving maintenance better catch the workers in person and ask for help. No water provided to the customers. The only way to drink is if you buy the shops over priced bottles of water.

We had booked 2 rooms for family with 2 teenage daughters. Starting with the positive: - rooms were large and clean and well serviced. - Location is good if you’re prepared to drive around and see other parts of the north and east coasts of Sardegna - Surrounded by mountains and great local flora Now to the real issue behind this ‘resort’ - completely disorganised - Truely arrogant and rude at front desk from checkin to all interactions - Unhelpful and dismissive for what are most basic requests such as an additional key (other than the single one we were issued) - Unable to manage restaurant or any booking system - Quality of food at bar and the resort generally is very very poor (processed and prepackaged) Note the food and people of Sardegna are truely beautiful. Go to the towns and villages and do your homework. Stay away from anything that looks too touristy - it is not Sardegna! This resort is frustrating - it has an opportunity to be something so much better. However the staff at front desk and reception are being lead by incompetence and arrogance which sets the tone from the beginning of your stay to the end. Interestingly the staff that do the everyday running of the facilities are lovely and they also make it very clear there is a real problem at the front desk. They roll their eyes at anything front desk needs to do and try hard to work around management. A basic issue, their own welcome information ‘pack’ (1 A4 page) is incorrect eg breakfast opens at 7am and people plan their tours and excursions around this. However it actually opens at 7.30am - front desk simply shruggs their shoulders they couldn’t / wouldn’t do anything. Finally, watch all the extra hidden costs. A daily per person service charge is applied for the ‘services’ - once again no one noted this at checkin or at anytime of our stay. Clearly management sees any tourist as an annoyance, a bother, as difficult, too demanding. Go stay somewhere else where you are at least treated as a paying customer or even a guest. There a plenty of other lovely locations, hotels, apartments and resorts - your break should be made up of more than just amenities .... the Italian people are so much better than this poor example. (PS - I’m of Italian heritage and I was embarrassed of their behaviour)

the service of the hotel is average.the towels are not changed every day, we stay with the same towels for the duration of the stay. In addition, I suspected that the sheets are not changed between two visitors. they give you the shower gel and shampoo once. they require you to take the club card which costs 5 € / pers / day to access the pool of the hotel ,at the reception they didn't tell us that we have to pay this at the end of our stay. the staff is generally friendly and smiling.

We’ve just got back from spending 10 days at grande Baia. We had a lovely time. We arrived very very late so they had dinner waiting for us when we arrived which was a total surprise and much needed. Breakfast buffet was lovely, lots to choose from although very busy we were always guided to a table and seated. Staff are lovely, the main two men that host are amazing. Really friendly, was great with our two girls. Always made sure we had everything we needed, asked what we were up to during the day. Took an interest. We only spent two days at the pool as we were off out discovering all the beaches around. Which are stunning. You do need a car in Sardinia and especially for this hotel as it’s pretty much in the middle of no where. Day entertainment consisted of the kids club staff. We didn’t let the girls go to kids club, we’ve never done it before and didn’t feel the need to do so but they did a few things around the pool like aqua aerobics that the girls and I enjoyed to join in. They also did a limbo competition and a football thing. Both good. They did an evening disco/dance class kinda thing. Same songs every night, taught the kids a dance. Very repetitive which is fine for the kids they didn’t seem to mind but the same songs and dances every night was a bit much. The evening entertainment for the adults was also repetitive and in the end exhausting to listen to. The singer was.....not great!!! And didn’t know the words to the songs, and she had the same play list every night!!!! Defiantly need to get new entertainment in or ask her to learn new songs. One night they just played music and oh my it was lovely!!!!! We had a la cart food every night in the restaurant. This was 4 courses. A starter, a pasta dish, a meat dish and a desert. It was different every night, in 10 days we didn’t get a repeat meal. We tried some weird and wonderful things. Seafood was always fresh, and every meal was well presented. And again the boss man and the staff really lovely. Most of the waiters and waitresses are not great with English, and they love it when you try and speak a bit of Italian. I went to the spa for a massage, I didn’t get to stay for the two hours as I had the children but it looked lovely. I paid £35 for a half hour back massage. It was lovely, room was relaxing, clean well worth it. The room we stayed in was a junior suit. It was very big, high ceilings. Big bathroom, walk in wardrobe. We had a massive double bed and the girls slept on a large sofa pull out bed. Was very comfortable. Room got cleaned every day, bathroom was always spotless, and clean towels. The pool was great, simple, one pool which was good as I could see the girls all the time. But it was broken, all the tiles underneath were broken even gave the life guard a tile. He didn’t do anything about it, stubbed our toes so then went to tell the reception staff and they didn’t seem to bothered either. Whether it got sorted when we left I don’t know. They also only let you have two sun beds per family, not that we were bothered we shared but something to think about if you have a bigger family. All in all we loved grande Baia just not the evening entertainment. Thank you Ashleigh parry

We arrived late due to a mix up with our rental car. We were greeted by friendly welcoming staff who arranged for the restaurant to stay open so we could have a meal. The apartment was very spacious and lovely and clean. The staff at the hotel were all very pleasant and helpful. There are adequate facilities within the complex but a car is a must if you want to venture of the complex. We stayed self catering and the Euro Spin supermarket in San Teodoro is great value for money. The local restaurants in San Teodoro are great - lots of choice. La Cinta beach is beautiful !

The beach and surrounding area was beautiful and had stunning views. The pool area was nice and the staff were mostly friendly and helpful. However there are attention to details that lets this resort down. Firstly the apartment was clean and modern, but with a few faults. My radiator did not work in the bathroom. No plug for the kitchen sink. Had to call someone out about the ants. We stayed self catering on site. However the on site shop is a joke. Very limited. No basics like cheese, butter, ham, fruit, salad, milk, meat. What was available was very expensive. A jar of jam was 4.50 euros. A bottle of wine of which the choice was either red or wine! was 18 euros, in the bar a bottle of wine was only 15? So we took the shuttle bus to San Teodoro, which its self is a lovely little town, with a pretty square and nice bars and a few shops. There we found Eurospin which was a great super market with all you needed. However the shuttle service did not run between 1.00 and 4.00 in the afternoon? So you either had to leave at 1.00 or hang a round until 4.00! Not ideal as most shops in Italy shut at 2.00. I just feel that a few things could of made our holiday better. The lack of information regarding the restaurants, spa, entertainment, kids club and beach shuttle was annoying. Some example menus in the room with opening time and booking details would of been helpful. They boast 3 restaurants, but only the pool bar is open at lunch and if its raining no restaurant is open at lunch time at all? So it rained for a day, no ones fault you can't control the weather. But if there had of been a clear itinerary for the kids club for rainy days at least the kids would of been entertained. As we had no WiFi in the apartment and only a few news channels in English. We would of paid a supplement for WiFi. I would like to add that the evening entertainment was very good and no mater what language you spoke you got was going on. I think this resort needs to decide wither its a resort for families with children and self catering needs or a romantic get away for couples. At the moment I feel its failing at both.

Localita Montepetrosu SS 125 San Teodoro OT

Hotel highlights

  • Free in-room wired Internet
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located within a leisurely stroll of Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area, Resort Grande Baia is within a 10-minute drive of Porto Taverna Beach. This 288-room, 4-star resort has 2 restaurants along with conveniences like a full-service spa and an outdoor pool.


Enjoy dining at one of 2 onsite restaurants including Il Maestrale, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


An LCD TV comes with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free wired Internet. The bathroom offers a rainfall showerhead, hair dryers, and free toiletries.

Property features

Guests of Resort Grande Baia enjoy a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool. Free parking is available if you drive. A multilingual staff is on hand to assist with concierge services and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach resort include a health club, a steam room, and a rooftop terrace.

Room options

Apartment, 1 Bedroom, Terrace

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Economy Double Room

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

Comfort Apartment, 2 Bedrooms, Terrace

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Apartment, 2 Bedrooms, Terrace

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

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