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Grupotel Mar de Menorca - All Inclusive

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Came here with the whole family (Mum, two teenage sisters and 4 year old) This is the first full out holiday we have had together in serveral years and we had a blast. The food and drinks were always there whenever you needed them. They had a kids club that ran for serveral hours on certain days which made it abit easier for packing up when our holiday was over. They also had various partys in which my 4 year old loved and even made some friends. Being the time of year we went it was hard to get a sun lounger but the pool was lovely to cool off as it hit 30 degrees or above most days. Didn't rate the entertainment much as couldn't really stand the heat of the room it was done in to actually watch it. The selection of food for vegitarians was small and mainly the same at all meal times which was abit of a disappointment for my sister. Aside from that the area itself does have much to offer of any interest so if paying out loads of money for serval day trips is planned or just sitting by the pool then this is your place

Had 2 weeks here in June 2017 If we had taken the grandkids we may have had a better experience. Loads for kids to do but limited appeal for adults. Food was ok and varied but a bit of a free for all with unsupervised children. The room we had was large and modern but the door lock on the outside looked as if someone had tried to break in.There is no obvious security on site. Not sure if this place is rated as 3 or 4 star but I would say 3 is more than fair. As I said not for us but I can see the attraction for families. By the way beware of the hotel tax , we weren’t aware of it before we went cos we thought all inclusive was ALL INCLUSIVE , this tax is a rip off.

We stayed at this hotel for a week end of sept. Plus points: Lots of things to entertain small children. There is a baby room near the pool area which is brilliant when you have small children. This had a nappy change area, microwave and a cot. Nice complex-pool areas were clean and had life guard in attendance every day. The complex itself is lovely and set in a residential area so it's very quiet which gives the hotel a relaxed feel. Rooms were basic but clean and housekeeping came every day. They had a walk in shower and small kitchen area with a microwave oven. The TUI entertainment team were fantastic with the children and gave 100%. We found all the hotel staff to be very friendly and helpful. Mahon is a 20min bus ride and there is a bus stop outside the hotel. There's a small beach cove 10min walk away but with small children we preferred to stay round the pool. Basic selection of food and a section for children to select their own food too. By basic I mean fish, meat, pasta, chips. They had some themed nights in the restaurant we found the Spanish one to be the best. There is a snack bar from 10am-5pm with pizza, chips, hotdogs and burgers. The restaurant is open 8am-10am for breakfast, 1pm-3pm for lunch and 6.30pm-9pm for dinner. Negative points: As other reviewers have noted there were flies and wasps around food and beverages but they were more in the snack bar area than the restaurant. Although there is a selection of food in the snack bar when we went to use it there were always flies on the food which put us off. If you are traveling with small children and using a buggy request a ground floor apartment as there are no lifts. We had to leave our buggy at reception which was a bit of a pain. Other points: Check in is 3pm, our room wasn't ready on arrival but we were told we could use the complimentary room To change for the pool. There is an island tax, Thomson didn't make us aware of this, 15€ payable on arrival. The pools are great for kids but freezing!! If you are taking a baby I'd say they would be too cold for them. We travelled with a 2yr old and 5month old; the 2yr old was ok but the 5month old didn't go in the pool. If you are self catering there's only one small shop on site which sells the basics. We stayed in Aries block which had a pool side view but was very close to the entertainment and you could hear it all. This didn't bother us but if you have a baby who wakes up at the slightest noise you might want to ask for a block further away. Thomson rate this as 4* but the official rating is 3*. Overall: We had a great time at this hotel and our little ones really enjoyed the pools and the entertainment. The complex was lovely, staff are friendly and helpful the only downside was the food choices and flies. Overall a very enjoyable experience.

Spent a week here in the mar de Menorca hotel it’s fantastic the apartment was very spacious and the bathroom was excellent couldn’t have wished for more! Cleaned every day and nice soft white towels. The staff are lovely and the animation team are marvellous! The food was delicious plenty of choices and desserts were scrumptious well done to you all your wonderful 😘

Spent 1 week here mid September 2017 , our first family holiday which we saved all year for was ruined when our 11 month old son contracted hand , foot and mouth disease and became very ill and was hospitalised with an acute respiratory infection - brought on by the disease we became aware a few days into our holiday that the hotel and Thomson knew they had a problem with the disease and had for some time - a full year looking at past reviews on here and newspaper articles from other poor family's , yet they don't seem to be doing anything about it! It's a shame as this hotel has the potential to be really nice and the local area is quiet but very pretty, I never leave reviews like this and have never had to complain before and have travelled a lot! I feel that Thomson should be making people aware when they book about the problems they are having with this virus so people at least have the option to move hotel as I would not have come here had I known and risked my little boy getting ill like he did, I feel it's negligence on their part , a rep said it must just be one child that has arrived with the virus and then others have caught it, but the problem is much bigger than that and something is not right if it has been going on for a year!

Last day here at this resort and we have had an excellent time. Upon arrival the room wasn't available until 3pm but we were given a key for a room to change into our swimsuits. Reception is immaculate and juices, water , fruit and biscuits are offered on arrival. When we got to our room it was spacious and once again super clean. Bathroom with a huge shower. The storage accommodates all our family's belongings. Food isn't Michelin star but it was fine, plenty of selection for everybody. Fresh fish and meat cooked daily as well as buffet selection. Breakfast there are omelettes and pancakes cooked fresh for you. The area is fabulous, a lovely little cove is a short walk away with a restaurant at the bottom (also has a cigarette machine which is helpful as no where else sells them locally) We went on a trip to the zoo and to son bou beach, the day was amazing, a perfect amount of time was spent at each location with no hassle. The island is beautiful. The entertainment team work unbelievably hard in this hotel and they have made our holiday. The have kept us busy from 10am until 11pm every day. We need to thank Adam (team leader) and his crew for such an amazing time, we have laughed and laughed all week. Just to name a few a special thanks to Georgie, Max , Jenny and camilla. Kids club is great they interact fantastically with the children and hold party nights 3 times a week such as chocolate party, fright night and pizza party! 7 euros each these nights cos but it's so worth the money as the children state this is the best holiday they have ever had. It's the end of season and the hotel is practically empty which gives us a more personal approach with the staff but we're not complaining. We have had absolutely no problems staying here and would 100% come here again.

We made a rookie mistake when booking this hotel.....we booked first and researched after and what we read put us off so much we looked into to changing our holiday!!! I contacted Thomson about some of the concerns we had and they basically told us we were on our own and they didn't really care. To start the transfer time is 10-15 mins from Mahon Airport, upon arrival we checked in and where given all the documents we required and paid the tourist charge of which we were made well aware of before we went, this was around 15 euro for two adults for 7 days. The receptionist informed us we had missed dinner as it was after 2100 but there was a cold buffet in the restaurant. Checked into our room which I'll admit was on the basic side, two single beds In the bedroom and two sofa type beds In the living room. Beds were made up but the sofa beds had only a sheet and an itchy blanket for covers and they were most uncomfortable. We were quite lucky as we were on the ground floor in Aries block therefore two steps from the pool, 4 from the bar and a hop to the restaurant!! On the second night we discovered that the bedroom windows could be opened from the outside and as we were on the ground floor with children this was very concerning, however a quick late night trip to reception and someone came and sorted it. Housekeeping come everyday to make the beds and replace the towels. The flys and wasps are constant until the sun sets then they all buzz off! They are attratced to the sticky sweet stuff and perhpas if people took their empty glasses back to the bar rather them leaving them in the sun it might discourgae them. The bar staff were constantly wondering round collecting glasses from tables, chairs, the floor and even in the bushes!! The resturant is exaclty what one might expect from an all inclusive, kids section is very good for the little ones, means they can help themselves! Live grill was good and yes sometimes you had to wait for the food to cook. The fresh pizzas were amazing! Puddings got a bit boring after a couple of days. Always a good selcetion of food through out the day. My son is Gluten free and were were happy to discover he was well catered for during all the meals. The staff in here also very effienct. The entertainment and reps are what made the holiday, the whole set up is very much aimed at families and I did feel for those who had wanted to relaxing time but then it is a family life hotel so this should be expected. Always something going on to entertain the kids during the day and around the pool and my two loved the evening entertainment espcieally coco and charley and download! We had some good local acts in the evenings aswell. Pool was ok, lifeguards always in attendecne and were very quick to act if someone was not following the rules, water was always cold and kids couldnt spend long in it. Always plenty of loungers but then we did visit in sept. On the last day our return flight was not until 2200 and our check out was 1200 so we were very worried about what we would do, however we were able to store our luggage free of charge, we were still able to use all the facilities and eat in the resturant all day, there is also a courtesy room with a shower that you can book before you leave to freshen up free of charge and you are given fresh towels!!! The advertised cove is a 5 minute walk from the hotel, and there is a small beach but its not really accessable for those who cannot climb steps. Water is clean and clear but sand it a bit meh.....however it is very pretty and can get busy. Supermarket under the hotel is well stocked as is the gift shop. There is a bus into Mahon and the times are a bit hit and miss, but a taxi can be booked by recpetion and costs about 18 euro each way and takes about 15 minutes. All in all we had a fabulous week and loved every minute, we would definatly go again despite all the small negatives. It would do people well to remember this is a TUI Family Life resort and therefore everything is geared up for families and there will be loads of kids present.

Firstly would just like to state. I started writing this review the day we arrived. And had been in our hotel room for 10 minutes. We arrived 23rd September at 9am. At the airport the Thompson reps didn’t give us a “welcome pack” so we didn’t know when our welcome meeting was. Nor what trips there were available day to day. We then got a taxi with another couple to the hotel, which was a short trip approx 15 mins. When we arrived to the hotel, I wouldn’t really say it was a welcome. Nothing like “welcome to...” no drinks offered. No “welcome pack” We were told we could not check in until 3pm, but it maybe be ready between 1-3. We were told we could leave our luggage in the luggage room. Which the door of the room was left wide open the whole time. We then went to a “courtesy” room so we could change and head to the pool. Which was not clean at all and the smell was unbearable. Me and my partner then headed to the pool area. Which was nice and quiet. Plenty of sun loungers and space. We went back down to reception about 1:30 to be told it still was not ready. So we headed for lunch. Which the restaurant was nice. Plenty of choice to eat. After lunch we tried reception again and room still wasn’t ready. We returned at 3pm, finally for our key. Arrived at the room. To find a travel cot mattress and sheets just thrown on the patio right out side our door. Went to open the door to our room, to find the key wouldn’t come out of the door. Finally got the key out after a struggle. We entered the room and it was not clean!! Hair on the floor as well food crumbs. Dirty marks all on the walls. My partner went to reception to complain. Which they then sent out a cleaner. Who went into the room. And had a micro fibre cloth and went round on the floor and wiped round with the cloth. Come outside and shook the cloth, then went back into the room to wipe round the floor again. Which to me that isn’t cleaning it properly. Nor up to the star standard in my eyes. The evening we had our dinner. Which is pretty standard all inclusive. I am a little disappointed as I am gluten intolerant. And it did state on the booking website it catered for gluten free. And I have not seen anything that says “gluten free” since being here. Food is not hot either. Which put me off eating as I like to eat at least warm food. Me or my partner never finished our food as it was always stone cold! Even though we were normally at the door at 6:30pm when the doors opened. So I would at least expect it to be hot at that time. The deserts were amazing, plenty of choice. Were always delicious. We watched the entertainment in the evening, which I cannot fault. It was amazing. Went on for an hour. And loved every second of it. On one occasion we arrived back to our room we could not open the door to get into our room. The key was jammed, managed to get in to then couldn’t lock it from the inside. We rang reception to which they said the technician had gone home for the day. To ring back In the morning for them to sort it. My partner was messing about with the door for a while to try and get it to un jam and lock so we could go to sleep peacefully. After a while he managed to get it to lock. Someone come to look the next morning after ringing the reception. Our nights sleep.. the beds are so uncomfortable. Tossing and turning all night. The headboard isn’t attached to the bed. So every time you move it bangs against the wall. Had to stuff a pillow down in between the headboard and mattress. We got the bus from outside the hotel (€1.70 each) to Mahon. Which was a lovely town. Lovely walk around. And some great little shops. We did go there around 7:15pm I would recommend to go earlier as most of the shops were closed. We then got a taxi back to the hotel. (€17.00) as the bus stops running at 7:15pm We took a walk from the hotel about 10 minutes down the road and found a beautiful cove. Which was very quiet . Not many people there, there are spectacular views. Got some amazing pictures. The pools very always nice and quiet, plenty of sun loungers, drinks near by for you to help yourself. Overall I would not return to this hotel.

I'd read the reviews after booking and I was a bit concerned about the food reviews more than anything as our son is autistic and he is super fussy with his food, but.... it was wasted. The food was superb and plentiful. Loads of options at all sittings. Vegetarian, pasta, pizza, seafood and fish, local dishes, meat cooked fresh in front of you. Children's section. Salads, fresh fruits, breads, desserts etc, etc, etc. There's loads of choice and a theme selection each night too. Sure it's noisy but its a family holiday resort however, if you sit around near the cakes and fruit it is a bit quieter. 15 minutes once the bus left the airport and we were in reception. I was a bit surprised with the Tourist tax we had to pay up front but I never read the small print and apparently this is normal. We arrived at 11am but couldn't have access to our room until 1500 but we were offered a courtesy room key to have a shower and get into our swim gear so we used the pool until we could check in. You get a free towel for the pool which you can exchange for a clean one for 1 euro each day if you wish. If you leave after check out you'll need a towel as you give the resort ones back, if you use the courtesy room they give you fresh towels and there's shower gel etc in there. I'd suggest you book the courtesy room on the morning of your departure if you are leaving later. We went to the snack bar for a bit of food, true it's not the best but it filled the gap until the evening meal. The alcohol is a bit watered down but seeing how some guests were throwing it back it's probably a good call We had an upgrade to a two bed apartment in Aquaris block. It was much better than we had expected. A lovely balcony, reasonably well appointed. You'll need some washing up liquid if you are washing baby bottles etc and a brush. There's a good size under counter fridge, a hob and a microwave. There's a small reasonably priced market on site for milk, bottled water (which I'd suggest you use in the kettle, the tap water is quite harsh) and most everything you'd need. A few other shops plus a bar and car hire. There's a self service laundry too. I believe 4 euro for a load of washing and 3 euros for the drier or vice versa. There's a dispenser in the shower of shower gel/shampoo which is very nice to use. The beds were OK but after a busy day by the pool you sleep fine and there is a daily maid service if you want it. The electric sockets are all European but you can buy a USB charger for all your gadgets with 3 plug ports on eBay for £3-4 before you go. The main pool area is noisy with people and music, there are announcements about volleyball, water polo and entertainment fairly often. The children's pool is a little quieter. Sun loungers....despite signs up saying not to reserve any there are people out at 10-11pm throwing towels down after the cleaners have gone or up at silly o'clock to bag them. I did see some towels left there after the day but the were folded up by staff and put aside. The children's entertainment after dinner was a little cheesy but the kids loved it so no complaint really. It was nice to sit and have a drink while the kids are entertained for an hour before bed. The staff were fabulous, both Thomson and hotel staff especially reception and catering/service guys and girls. Really helpful, polite and good fun, although there was the odd muppet that was rude and demanding of them they took it in their stride and ignored it. The grounds are very clean and there are staff wandering around picking and tidying all day. This was the first time we'd tried all inclusive and it was a very pleasant surprise. We normally do long haul stuff but we just wanted to sit by a pool for a week to chill out as my partner and I work in the emergency services so it was what we needed, kids in the pool where we could watch them and relax. There is a pleasant walk down to the fishing harbour which has a small beach in a sheltered cove and a bar restaurant before you go down the steep steps to it. There are loads of excursions, most look quite fun but we weren't there for that and there is a bus stop right outside reception that goes to Mahon 4x a day. It wasn't the perfect holiday but you'll never please everyone and we may not go there again as we try different places every holiday but I would recommend it. We had a great time and it was up there for what we wanted.

Just returned from a week at the mar de menorca. Was a bit unsure as we'd not done a "tui family life" hotel before but we had a great time. There was just me, the wife and our nearly 2year old son. As the name suggests it's perfect for families, hotel is split into many different blocks so has the feel of a smaller/quieter hotel. The hotel is clean and modernised throughout. The all inclusive buffet is decent, lots of different options well presented. If i have to complain the only negatives I can give is the late check-in time of 3pm (if you have an early flight) and the generators on the roof of each block could be noisey in the very early hours (we could have just been unlucky based on the location of our room). The entertainment team were great and are a credit to TUI and the hotel. I will definitely return to this hotel and would recomend to any young families.

Cala Canutells, s/n Mahon Menorca

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free wired Internet in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool

Located in Es Canutells, Grupotel Mar de Menorca - All Inclusive is a short stroll from Canutells Beach and within a 10-minute drive of Calo Blanc. This 278-room, 3-star aparthotel has free breakfast, an outdoor pool, and a rooftop terrace. It's also near Cales Coves and Xoroi Caves.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. Sit down for a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite buffet restaurant, or enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service.


The 278 apartments feature kitchens and balconies. Guests can expect free wired Internet and TVs. Safes and phones are also standard.

Property features

At Grupotel Mar de Menorca - All Inclusive, guests enjoy features like an outdoor pool, a children's pool, and a rooftop terrace. If you drive, take advantage of free offsite parking. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with concierge services and luggage storage. Other amenities at this all-inclusive aparthotel include a free kid's club, an arcade/game room, and laundry facilities.

Room options

Studio for 2 people

Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

Apartment, 1 Bedroom (2 adults)

Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

Apartment, 1 Bedroom (2 adults + 1 child )

Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Apartment, 1 Bedroom (2 adults + 2 children )

Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

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