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The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I’m not usually very critical of all inclusive resorts as long as there’s a pool, bar and a view...which I can’t argue, this place has. However, it doesn’t really offer much more relative to the cost. We stayed for only one night because we had engagement photos taken there. It was a nice touch, they have a package specifically for this. Right after we checked in, the concierge started to tell us about “a secret door” where we can find refreshments and snacks. I was all excited. I was like “there’s a hidden bar in the rainforest? I’ll find it! “. We looked for it for a day just to find out it’s a refrigerator in a fake tree stump with coke and yam popsicles. This is no’s a refrigerator. Any “chill” I attained from my massage was lost because I checked out after that. When we got to the car we realized we left something in the room. After waiting over 10 minutes for someone to come to the front desk, they claimed to have sent someone to the room. Another 15 min later she returned and claimed she couldn’t find anything. I insisted she take me to the villa to check for myself. I was in the villa all of 6 seconds and found what i had left. They obviously never checked. Lastly, the only reason they get 3 stars is because of Jeff’s Cellar. Dinner was amazing, the service was awesome. All around highlight of the visit.

Pros -friendly and helpful staff -amazing view -breathtaking scenery -cooking atmosphere -lovely private pool Cons -a bit pricey -food’s bad -overcrowded Overall a good experience. Highly recommended to anyone looking to go for a short getaway from a hectic working life front the city.

We couldn't have enjoyed our stay at the Banjaran more. Our stay (in Villa 12) was the perfect get-away. The GM, Alex, was so friendly and introduced himself and gave us a tour during our check-in. The Director of Operations, Raymond, looked after us each time he saw us and the rest of the staff was well trained, courteous and pleasant the whole stay. Because we had a private pool and geothermal spa in our villa, we didn't use the public areas that much, except for the "foot spa" with fishes and daily yoga with the lovely Doctor that runs the spa and wellness center. My husband bonded so much with him that he participated daily (which is a high accolade, I assure you). Breakfast was part buffet, part a la carte, which was nice. Everything we tried was delicious and plentiful. We chose to Uber into Ipoh for cheap eats at dinner (see my other reviews) but that was mainly because we get many "fancy" meals in California and wanted the local dining here. I went running one day and noticed a few local restaurants and shops in the mini-malls across the road where I got a fantastic haircut and shave at a barber. The excursion to Lost World animal and water park was worth the time as well - with free admission to Banjaran guests. In the end, the staff couldn't have been more lovely and made the stay worth every penny.

I am impressed with not a handful but all of the staff in the resort who takes initiative to offer their kind assistance. From sending us to the nearby eateries to allowing us to take a shower after checking out time. Such goodness will be remembered. Of course not forgetting the wonderful villa we had.

We booked a wedding photoshoot package which cost us more than $700, incl a water villa, set dinner for two and a massage session. First of all, the dinner was under average. Starter was a chicken thai salad but there was only raw lettuce (a lot of it) with a few pieces of shredded chicken that tasted just plain. Second course was a choice of salmon or burger so we went for salmon and burger to try both. The burger was ok, not too bad but the salmon was horrendous. It was cold and tasted like old frozen salmon. However, the dessert (chocolate lava cake) was absolutely amazing. It wasnt in the menu but since i couldnt eat white chocolate i asked for something else and they switched to chocolate lava cake which i was so happy about. Noone told us about we have been booked at 6pm for our spa session. I even called them in the afternoon to inform them that we would arrive late, about 7pm and even at check in no one let us know they have booked spa for us at 6pm. When the lady butler who checked us in sent us to our villa, she said that since we have missed the spa, we only had choice of 12pm until 2pm next day. I asked her for 1pm next day, she was on the phone with the spa, and confirmed it was ok. Then after our dinner, someone called and said that 1pm has been booked out so we could only do 12pm or 3pm. I mean, we came there and paid so much money for 1 night for the photoshooting, it was the main purpose, and check out was at 12.30 (we tried to extend) so we couldn't make it at 12pm and we missed the spa. So it was a completely waste of our money. Even thou they offered to change our session to 3pm but we needed to leave to go home. It was such a disappointment. Another thing is our package include minibar but the minibar was locked??? until we called someone to open it for us. However, to be honest, the resort is beautiful and the villa is amazing. You just need to work on services...

What can I say? I was only visiting some friends from UK and fell in love with the place. It's hard to imagine that there exists such tranquility and serenity just a few miles away from the busy city of Ipoh. Staying here is a truly immersive, yet a surreal experience. Utopia!

We had a wonderful time during our 5-night stay at the Banjaran Hotsprings. The setting and service really made it a special experience. We had originally booked to stay in the water villa, but were pleasantly surprised to receive a complementary upgrade to the garden villa on arrival. The service we received never let down that positive first impression. Staff remember your name and say "hi" if they see you. The Director of Operations is always chatting to guests to make sure they're happy. On the welcome tour, our attendant took a photo of us at the geothermal lake. We were overjoyed to find a framed copy of the photo waiting for us in our room a day later. Through our stay there were lots of little things like this that made us feel like special guests. The Banjaran is centred around a geothermal pool, nestled within three nearly-sheer mountains. To get a feel for just how the mountains frame the location, do yourself a favour and look it up in 3D view on Google Maps. Believe the photos. If anything the location is more impressive in real life. In many ways, the water villa was our own little self-contained resort. The outdoor area was spacious and comfortable, as was the bedroom. But the real highlight was having our very own pool *and* geothermal hot-tub. The whole villa is completely private, walled off from the outside. Wifi was really important to us, and we were very happy with the coverage. In our 5 days, we experienced maybe an hour of unstable connectivity. It looks like each villa has its own dedicated wifi access point, and the coverage is good across the rest of the retreat. Mobile phone reception was also fine. Probably the only thing that didn't blow us away was the food. Dinner in Jeff's Cellar was lovely, though outshone by the location (a stunning limestone cave). The food at the Pomelo, though, wasn't special. It certainly wasn't unpleasant, and we found a few things we liked on the menu. We just felt it just wasn't that different from what you'd find in any old resort. Given how extraordinary the rest of the Banjaran is, the Polemo being just "ordinary" stood out more than it otherwise might have. Overall, we had a wonderful, relaxing time at the Banjaran. The villa and service were unlike anything we've experienced before, and we'll be pining to return to that gorgeous setting.

Took an accomodation, food and massage package. Own villa with pool, hot springs jacuzzi and lots of privacy. Fine dining in extraordinary surroundings. An ideal place to relax and unwind. With the package, we got everything and more! Very generous and no nitpicking from the establishment (as opposed to AirAsia where anything and everything costs you $$). Pricey, but we loved it. Should try at least once in a lifetime. The staff were polite, efficient and unobtrusive.

Highly recommended by closed friend who always like to drive his Ferrari or Lamborghini looking for gastronomic heaven in whole of Malaysia, we decided to spent some time with this resort without any hesitation. Once booking was confirmed, I received calls from the resort, asking my food preference and allergies. I was surprised as this is usually a practice for 3-star Michelin restaurant like my favorite Joel Robuchon. So I was putting a high expectation to the resorts and couldn't wait sample their exquisite masterpieces that my friend described to me. However, there were too many unpleasant incidents happened on first day of my arrival that I could have thought of giving this resort rating of 2. Luckily the resort was having a wonderful lady in charge named Theng that managed to turn my frustrated & disappointed holiday to a wonderful indulgence. Her sense of priority, practicality and follow-through hospitality is truly an asset to Sunway group. Initially I just wanna leave my comment in the guest feedback form (which usually available in other hotels room) when I check out, but I couldn't find any form as such in the villa. After calling the Guest Service, the voice over the phone sounds sincere eager to make my stay as comfortable as possible. Then only I shared my experience with them over the phone. To my surprise, they really took immediate action and accommodated all my requests, even far beyond my expectation. So here is my tips for traveller to ensure a wonderful memory at this Resort: 1. Fully utilise the jacuzzi in guest's villa: Given the vast area of natural surround, I was too excited about their steam cave, natural thermo heated pool etc that I didn't even realise the stone pool inside my villa was an excellent private jacuzzi till the next day. Enjoying such a natural heated stone jacuzzi with powerful jet, and then jump into another private big pool with few rounds of swimming in green lush where monkeys playing around above your head, is just an unforgettable life time experience! Good thing was the staff changed pool water in front of me, rest assured it was not any leftover used water by previous guest. 2. Bring your own towels and mineral water: As a spa and hot spring lover, I patrons many well-established hot spring around the world. Most of the natural hot spring resorts separate their outdoor towel and bathrobe from in-room usage. But not here at Banjaran, you hardly find any towel or amenities outside your villa, not even at their common changing room. After finished my steam bath, I was struggling around looking for towel with my messy hair and wet body. I wonder how was other guest surviving and then I met another guest with water non-stop dripping from her hair and body in swimming suit too, walked along the pathway and we greeted each other with embarrassed smile. Another guest was carrying a big recycle bag that full of towels, comb etc along with him. I thought I only have to do this when I visit family theme park or free access public beach... To share my experience, we usually cover ourself immediately after steam bath, replenish body with plenty of mineral water, relax and rest till heart beat back to normal, sweat till no more, tidy ourself up a bit. Then only ready to call for service of another drink and finger food. For dear management information, we really would like to tidy ourself before we can meet anyone else. There are other resorts keep their towel & amenities in a sensor locked cabinet which can be accessed using our room key sensor. So at least things can be properly accounted for in-house guests only. 3. Buggy service is always available: Imaging after 6 hours drove from south of Malaysia to this town of Ipoh, mind & body was tired. The resort buggy can take you to your destination with prompt & good service, you just have to "ask". Special thank to friendly girl, Willi who took me buggy around the resort looking for my misplaced item. 4. Dinner at Pomelo restaurant My package included a candle light dinner at Pomela restaurant. The setting was in a over-water pavilion, remind me of the sweet memory candle light dinner in Maldives with great food and soothing music. However, not here at this restaurant. I hardly see any words on the menu as the lighting was too dark. (I should have bring my iPhone along so that its touch light function could be used). My dinner ended up with mosquito attack in empty stomach with unattentive service. To share my experience in Maldives, the menu is equipped with small electronic lighting when ordering so that diners are clear of what food being served. Proper mosquito prevention are in place. 'Call for service' button is available on each pavilion so diners can enjoy the privacy, yet without compromising the service required. For travellers who wanna ensure a wonderful dinner at this restaurant: - please request the staff to light up the cute frog-shaped mosquito coil, or request another complimentary bottle of repellents spray before they leave you alone. - repeat your food allergies to each restaurants as the resort do not share information between restaurants. 5. Jungle walk, good try. I was informed by resort's night time front desk staff that I had to checkout in order to join their 'guided jungle walk' activity. Why check out? "It is hotel policy". But why?... I was so curious and wondering the whole night as to whether I gonna give up my other pre-paid activity to join the jungle walk?! Or how could it possible by joining the jungle walk that make the guests couldn't come back in time?! Is it similar to my Himalaya mountain hiking experience in Nepal that guest may lost his way back?! Is it so dangerous (any risk of animal attack) that guests may get injured and end up in local hospital?! Or shall I bring along the tiger toy?!...bla bla bla..My day ended with a sleepless night. In fact the so-called "jungle walk" is an extremely safe morning jogging in less than 10 minutes. It gave a good starting so that I did my own morning walk on 3rd day, feeling great amid the plants and waterfall with negative ions, accompanied by soothing music along the walkway. Incredible! the best time of my day. 6. In room breakfast: To enjoy total privacy and avoid unattentive service at Pomela restaurant, they served breakfast to my villa with great variety of choice. Special thanks to front desk staff, Ida who brighten my day & made my "breakfast by the pool" memorable & wonderful. The day shift front desk hospitality was great and Ida's immaculate service belongs to 6 star hotel standard. 7. Dinner at Jeff's Cellar: I had similar dinning experience inside the cave in Europe, but this restaurant ambient was just stunning with table so close to limestones. My favourite was the specially-made apple dessert by chef. This recipe should be included in the Michelin star dessert collection. 8. Respect the resort privacy policy: Similar to my experience in Burj Al Arab Dubai and Maldives resort, it is glad to know that at least there is one resort in this country that put privacy at utmost important. It is just not the type of ordinary hotel that public can simply walk in and out with infants crying. With some improvement in place, perhaps adding a private jet drop off area, it can be a proud of Malaysia. Oh ya, the complimentary pomelo at my villa tasted superb, the best I'd ever tried. I also wonder how the villa's outdoor patio and pool walkway were kept spotless clean. Excellent housekeeping team!

You know sometimes when people say "it's so good, it's bad..." That's exactly how amazing the short little retreat was. Ever since we left Banjaran, we've never had such an amazing sleep again. Everything was smooth from arrival to check-out. The staffs were really friendly, trying to make sure that we were well taken care off. Although we were told that the place was fully booked, you don't see the place being very packed, which also means that you generally get a lot of privacy even when you're enjoying the amenities provided such as the hot spring dip pools, the reflexology & dr. fish spa, the caves etc The private villa is so lovely (we got upgraded which truly was the cherry on top). Oh and have I told you the bed is amazing! After getting in and out of the geothermal jacuzzi in the villa and enjoying the other amenities in Banjaran, we had the best sleep of our lives. I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed this place. But I think whoever is reading this should go experience it yourself to find out. Hope to be back soon!

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Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located within a leisurely stroll of Lost World Tambun, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is within a 10-minute drive of Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park. This 25-room, 5-star hotel has private in-room plunge pools along with a full-service spa and an outdoor pool. It's in the mountains and also close to Kinta City Shopping Centre.


Enjoy a bite to eat at the hotel's restaurant, or relax with a drink at the bar/lounge. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with room service. Start your day off with full breakfast, available for a fee.


The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat's 25 rooms are air-conditioned and provide private plunge pools, private spa tubs, and minibars. 49-inch LCD TVs come with DVD players, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and down comforters, and bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Coffee makers, free newspapers, and free bottled water are other standard amenities.

Property features

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat features a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a health club. There's free parking, and an airport shuttle during limited hours for MYR 650 per vehicle one way. Front-desk staff can answer questions 24/7, and assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this adults-only hotel include a sauna, free WiFi in public areas, and a meeting room.

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Water Villa ( No Child Allowed)

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Garden Villa ( No Child Allowed)

King 1 | Sleeps 3

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