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Apulit Island Resort

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Location, amenities and staffwise are excellent but the Manager is a deal breaker for this El Nido Resorts offering in the other side of Palawan. He is very unaccomodating and not drone friendly. I asked the front desk for information on when is the time there is least amount of guest roaming around the resort and was told around 10 am when guest are preparing to check out of the rooms as I was eyeing for an opportunity to do a drone shot of my family during our stay, so as to minimize photobombers and to avoid inconvenience to other guest but the Manager would have none of it despite this being our 4th El Nido Resort stay on our belt. Yes - we have already stayed at their other 3 resorts in El Nido area - Pangalusian, Lagen and Miniloc. And by far his demeanor is came nothing near the hospitality extended by the Managers of the other resorts. It surely crushed my vacation experience with El Nido Resorts. Had they listed being not drone friendly during my booking - that is before my payment - I would have spent my hard earned money elsewhere. Even their resort feature on their website showed drone shots! For drone hobbyist avoid this place like a plague!

If you ever want to stay in paradise, book this resort and GO ! From all the places I've ever been (and I can assure you, that's already a lot ), is this the one that made the best impression. Splendid cabins with airconditioning, clear blue sea with beautiful coral reefs (recommended for scuba divers !), an outstanding buffet every breakfast, lunch and diner, perfected with the most friendly staff people you can ever desire. Therefore, a perfect stay at a perfect place! About the price, you will be positively suprised. However, I advice you to book via a Philippine travel agency in order to get best prices. All year good !!

Despite the negative reviews, my family booked at this resort and was not disappointed at all. Lots of daily activies included in the payment. Service is simply great! Staff are very courteous and attentive. Food taste is not as excellent, but there is variety and always something even for picky pallets. Rooms are very spacious especailly the cabanes with a second floor. Ideal for families with small children. The far end cabanes (No 1-10) are very quiet. Complimentary wifi is fast. NO TV. We love this! I hope TV installation will not be part of renovation in July. Snorkling is possible right under the rooms! Pool is child friendly, though I hope a life guard is present. Overall, it was a great vacation for us! IMPORTANT NOTE: This resort is not in El Nido proper. It is in the Taytay district, so the toutist-sought iconic El Nido lagoon is not accessible when staying in this resort.

The simply awesome. The island is a paradise. Pros: - Staff were excellent. Very attentive and always on hand if you need anything. - The waters are clear and teeming with life. My family stayed at the loft cottages and sting rays to baby black tips were swimming about. There was even a 5 foot barracuda a swim away. - Lots of wild life on the island too from naughty squirrels to kingfishers and etc. - It really is all in. Buffet meals plus a number of activities from sunrise till sundown which you reserve for during dinner the day prior. From kayaking, paddle boarding, nature hikes, rappelling, snorkeling at Isla Blanca and Nabat reef, gears all included. You only pay extra when you want a private tour, private beach dinner or a massage. Cons: - I thought people were simply too picky with their food when some reviewers complained about it. It really is a hit and miss. Some meals were mouth-watering delicious and some were... just edible. Consistency could be improved. - On our way back to the mainland. Too many people left the island at the same time so there was a shortage in space perhaps? Me and some family members sat on the area of the boat with no roof. So no, I didn't get sunburned on the island with all the activities I enjoyed. I got sunburned on the way to the mainland. Maybe if another boat had been allocated that would have helped. It was the Holy Week so peak of peaks for Philippine tourism.

A lot of activities to do and its for free. We had amazing time with the food and how attentive are the waiters are. The star in this restaurant is Chef Rico who consistently cook for us at the live station and bringing the foods personally to our table. All the employees will greet you anywhere anytime. Upon arrival, staff will sing, dance, with welcome drinks. Amazing water cottage room that directs us to go for snorkling to the ocean. 60 meters high rappelling experienced is a must.

Second time visitor of El Nido Island Resorts (first time; Miniloc in 2013). Twice the size of Miniloc. Absolutely beautiful when you arrive, whether its the lunch-time check-in, mid afternoon or last batch, you get to see the multiple shades of blue or the gorgeous sunset as you arrive. A great way to welcome you and start your vacation. Many optional activities to choose from [rock-climbing, abseiling, snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, island hoping, sun-bathing, swimming in the beach or pool et al]. Diving and spa treatments do incur a charge. Games hut for children including billiards, table tennis and fooz-ball. Everything you could expect from an island get-away. Pristine water, beautiful views, animal sightings local to the island for alittle bit of excitment. To top it off, the hospitality of the staff is amazing. They make you feel like you are the most important guest at the resort. Expect to put on weight with a 3x daily buffet meals and super cheap local beers and cocktails as well as the buy 1 take 1 happy hour. El Nido Island Resorts are real value and experience for money with the inclusions. Very family and LGBTQ friendly. All accomodation is over water :D Get an early start as there arn't many daybeds/ cabanas by the beach.

From the moment when you land at El Nido airport until you leave Palawan, El Nido Apulit staff will take care of you. It's a long transfer from El Nido airport to the island resort comparable with the other El Nido Resorts (Miniloc or Lagen) but being the only resort on the eastern side of Palawan it really worth the effort of travelling more. From El Nido resort you will be transfered in a minivan for 1.5 hrs to Taytay port. From Taytay port if you are lucky a speedboat will take you in only 1/2 hr to the island. If a pump boat will be available for the transfer the journey time triples. When you arrive at the island resort you will be welcomed by the resort staff with local songs and a lemongrass calamansi drink which was one of our favourite drinks during our 5 days stay on the island. Check-in was very fast and we received the water cottage that we asked for, in range 41-50. Our water cottage was located not very far from the pool and restaurant but the reason why we have chosen this area was the view and the great sunsets. You could see the beach, the other cottages located between the pier and the restaurant and most important the sunset. Water cottages are far from being luxurious. We didn't choose the resort for the rooms but for the nature and activities they provide. There are things that have to be improved in the room and this probably will happen starting from July when the resort will start a complete renovation. Water cottages There are 2 types of accomodation: water cottages and loft water cottages. Loft water cottages are much more spacious than the water cottages being built on 2 floors and having direct access to the reef. The reason we didn't choose a loft water cottage was because there are 2 accomodation in one building so if a noisy neighbour will stay near you you could hear everything from your room which is not the case for stand alone water cottages. The room facilities include a noisy A/C, a ceiling fan, a minifridge (drinks and snacks are charged extra) and a small bathroom. There are indeed things that will annoy you like limited towels in the bathroom, sewage smell from time to time or the noisy A/C but if you came here for nature and activities then you can simply ignore them. There is no Tv in the room and wifi speed is average, something usual in The Philippines. The balcony of the water cottage is truly amazing and you could see the sunset, the rocks that made Palawan so famous, the clear azure water and The Milky Way during the night. The weather during our stay in April was perfect, lots of sunshine and no rain so we highly enjoyed it. Activities This is the main reason why we have chosen this island and not Miniloc or Lagen. The resort has a very good reef that starts in front of the pier and continues until it reaches the West Beach. We saw lots of fish and corals including a huge school of big eye scott fish. Near the pier and in front of the cottages we saw parrots, butterfly fish, false clown annemone fish, tomato clownfish, titan trigger fish, jackfish, a giant grouper, moray eel while on West Beach we snorkeled with black tip reef sharks, bat fish and sting rays. Corals makes snorkeling even great so leaf, brain, cabbage or black corals were part of the scenery. Water activities included also kayaking and it's really great to kayak near the water cottages and further away near the limestone rocks. Rapelling is another activity that you shouldn't miss because you can see the whole island from the top and because the descend is not for the faint hearted. Aldrin from hotel staff did a great job keeping us safe and encouraging us all the way up and down. Hiking takes place in the afternoon and starts close to the pool area. For 20-30 mins you will climb mainly near the rocky wall of the little mountain that dominates the island. If you are lucky you can spot monitor lizard or mouse deer. I only saw skinks but later after sunset I saw a big monitor lizard at West Beach. There are 2 daily boat trips to the nearby islands, trips included in the room rates. Isla Blanca located just 30 mins by pump boat from the resort has a nice beach with great views of The Marine Park. There are no facilities on the island either than toilets and some wooden tables and benches where you can hide from the sun. The reef is good but the fish are mainly juveniles because extensive fishing reduced significantly the big fish. There is a nice hammock on the beach where you can take some unbelievable pictures. Another great boat trip is to Nabat reef which is by far the best reef in Palawan area. The trip is strictly designated for snorkelers so if you want to stay only on a beach this trip is not for you. Nabat reef, only 20 mins by pumpboat from Apulit was compared with a giant aquarium due to its diversity of corals and fish. Moorish idols, sting rays, clownfish, parrots, butterfly fish, squids, surgeons, moray eels, groupers and even the poisonous white banded sea snake all live here in a great underwater community. By far this was the best snorkeling trip we had in Palawan and we decided to take a private trip for 3000 PHP and we came back to be only us and the fish. There are also sunrise and sunset trips included in the room rate, we didn't enroll in any of them but we experienced the sunset from The West Beach together with a solitary monitor lizard which we considered a better option. The sunsets are truly amazing and during April when it's summer in Palawan we took amazing pictures. There is no spa on the island but there is a cabana massage so we experienced 2 times the aromatherapy massage which definitely worth the money well spent. There is also an infinity pool but for us it was better under the sea... All the activities (free or chargeable) have to be booked together with Bel which was always smiling. Food and drinks Room rate includes all meals and drinks come extra. Food is generally good even the most fussy travellers will find something to eat :) I was impressed by the diversity of food at all 3 meals of the day. During breakfast Rico can prepare the eggs as you like and he will bring them directly to your table so we really appreciate it. The fruits were very fresh and there was no meal without trying pineapple, watermelon, guava or mango. We were dissapointed by the fruit juices which didn't taste great so here is a point where the hotel can improve. During lunchtime and dinners Rico was always preparing grilled chicken, pork, beef, fish or squid which really tick our boxes. Also the fried rice with vegetables was highly appreciated so thank you very much Rico for the great job. Not far from the restaurant there is a bar where Patrick was always serving us with double espresso. The view from the bar is better than the postcards with Apulit so we were always enjoying our coffee here. We also tried the local rum, we didn't like Don Papa which was too sweet for our taste but Tanduay was much better so we bought a bottle from Cebu dutyfree when we have returned home. Staff Most of them enjoy their work and they are really respectful so a big thank you to Vladimir, Rico, Bel, Patrick, Vanj, Apple, Aldrin, Billy, Ener and all the others that contributed to our great holiday. There is also a small shop from where you can buy souvenirs, snorkeling kit, t-shirts, pants, sun lotion, toothpaste. In the end I would like to highlight that the island is not about luxury but about nature, great activities, good food and local hospitality. So if you are a nature lover and not a fussy traveller your holiday spot is definitely here.

We are so glad we decided to stay at Apulit. The views are breathtaking and you can even spot baby sharks just right out of your room. Even though you are in an island they have a bunch of complimentary tour and fun activities so you won't get bored. But if you just want to relax, is a perfect place to do it as well. Coral reef is just right there so is perfect for snorkeling. Food is good and tasty. Staff is nice and helpful. I want to give a special thanks to Oyo who was our waiter for our romantic dinner, he was polite, nice and helpful. Another special thanks to the manager Heidi and her staff for helping us to solve our flight problem. Thanks to them we will be on time at home! We definetely will come back again.

This Island is so beautiful! The best snorkling ever, great food, beautiful rooms, a balcony over the water and direct access to swimming from the water loft huts. We could easily have stayed longer! It was really worth the money!

We felt taken care of from the time we landed in El Nido, till we left. From the moment we have reached the pier, greeted by the welcoming song performed by the hotel staff, refreshing lemongrass drink, we knew this is a very special place. We couldn't leave the camera down, we felt like taking pictures even before our check in, that excited we were. Eventually we left the camera and took in all the beauty in our memories. Check in was done very quickly and efficiently. We had a water cottage - number 46 - from its balcony we watched the sunset every evening. Sure that some furniture and fixtures are dated, but with that view who cares?! Maybe only fussy people who cannot enjoy the beauty around them and dweal and complain, but not us. We stayed at 5* hotels, but in the end you do not live inside the cottage - you go out and explore. Anyway it is amazing to be above water and have aircon, electricity, running hot water, etc. And to wake up, open the doors and to see such a clear water and the reef is speachless. The sunsets were the most amazing that I have witnessed - maybe in Flores Indonesia and Seychelles. Just take a look at the pictures - no filter. Food - was ok, we are not fussy. The cook Rico was great, preparing fried eggs or great omlette in the morning or fried vegetables or whatever was on the menu that day and then he was coming with the food personally at our table with a big smile. Thank you Rico! At the breakfast the juices were not that great nor the coffee. But they had a great cold water& lemon and we had espressos at the bar. Thank you Patrick To be honest, the hotel earns another star because of the staff. From my point of view the location is 5*, hotel itself 4*, but the staff is 6*. So they can and will do refurbishmet from Jul-Dec, and they can bring the hotel to 5* level, but the staff they should take care of them because this is what makes the hotel more special, beside the location. Activities - so many included in the FB cannot get bored. From snorkelling around the island, west beach to taking excursions to neighbour islands - Isla Blanca - where you can rest on the beach as well, Nabat - only snorkeling out of the boat with amazing corals - unfortunately due to illegal fishing we did not see so many big fish in Nabat nor Isla Blanca, but around the Apulit Island as it is protected -oh, another story - I saw 3 adult black tip reef sharks, giant grouper, a lot of Nemos, moray eel, a lot of school fish, some with hundreds of them, butterfly fish, you name it..some guest did see hawksbil turtles also. We saw a big monitor lizard on West beach, a lot of squirels & birds. You can kayak around the island and get some amazing, amazing views. My husband did rapelling of a high peak - if you choose to do that go with the right shoes, not in flippers as some guest- it is rock climbing and the rapel out of a sharp stone and can get hurt easily. You are always protected, but bruses are inevitable if you are not paying attention. You need to be sort of fit to do this, I am so sorry I did not, all the effort so rewarded by the most beautiful view of the island from above. We even played fusball, table tennis, shoot some pool. We had 2 massages - one aromatherapy and one signature massage. Even if it can be done in the room, I recommend the massage spot where they have proper tables, enough room to move around, nice relaxing music and even bird trills. On our last dinner in Apulit, I got a really nice surprise from the staff there. Spoiler: Even if there were 2 more days until my birthday, they came with a minicake and a candle and a lot of staff singing Happy birthday and I will stop here not to ruin the surprise for you if I did not do it already. That got me very emotional, being also last evening there! Thank you Patrick, Rico, Billy, Ener, Apple, Bel, Sheng, Aldrin, Vladimir and the rest of the amazing staff from Amazing Apulit! I would return there in a heartbeat!

Taytay Apulit Island Palawan

Apulit Island Resort places you next to Apulit Beach and Apulit Port. This 4-star resort has 50 guestrooms and offers conveniences like free breakfast, a private beach, and an outdoor pool. It's on the boardwalk and also close to NoaNoa Beach.


Free full breakfast is offered each morning. Enjoy a bite to eat at Clubhouse restaurant, the resort's onsite restaurant. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with room service.

Apulit Island Resort's 50 air-conditioned rooms provide furnished balconies, sofa beds, and refrigerators. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and down comforters, and bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and free toiletries. In-room massages are available, and other amenities include phones and desks.


Guests staying at Apulit Island Resort enjoy access to a private beach, an outdoor pool, and free WiFi in public areas. Airport transportation is made easy with a free airport shuttle at scheduled times. Front-desk staff can help secure valuables, and provide local restaurant recommendations. Other amenities at this beach resort include a conference center, a business center, and an arcade/game room.

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