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Sunshine and cool breezes slowly turn to sultry, starry nights. This is the beach vacation of your dreams, where you’ll reach that blissful state of ‘ahh’. Your stress-free, no-itinerary days may include lounging at Myrtle Beach resorts or swimming with dolphins on your Hawaii vacations. But whether your trip is romantic or rooted in family fun, we’ve got the perfect beach resorts for you.

Beach Vacations to Mexico


Whether you prefer a good siesta or fiesta, there are enough beaches in Mexico to satisfy every travel whim. The beaches along Cancun, for example, thrum with activity all day and night, but those of Tulum can lend some much-needed peace. And Orbitz has plenty of beach resorts all over sunny Mexico that beckon with soft, white sand and those beautiful ocean waves.

Beach Vacation Hawaii


Sure, there’s more to Hawaii than its countless beaches, but we’re pretty sure they’re still one of this state’s best features. Get the most out of your beach vacation at one of Orbitz’ many Hawaiian beach resorts, and kick back with a drink. Or a massage in the sand. Whatever floats your proverbial boat.


The panhandle between the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean is pure American paradise. And it’s lined with Florida beach resorts from Clearwater to Jacksonville. So grab the whole family, hit the road and settle in for some long days lounging on that gorgeous sand.


Made up of nearly countless beautiful islands, the Caribbean is a global go-to destination for beach vacations. Whether you decide to get lost on Martinique, party down in Punta Cana or relax on idyllic St. Lucia, Orbitz has the Caribbean beach resorts to make your trip magical.


True paradise can be really close to home. And Orbitz’s California beach resorts are really, really close. Step from your room and onto the sand anywhere from San Diego and Los Angeles to Catalina Island and beautiful Bodega Bay. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.


The Bahamas are practically made of beaches—the string of 700 islands and cays offer some of the world’s best scuba diving, snorkeling and sunbathing around. And many of these islands are lined with beautiful beach resorts for every type of traveler. So whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or family trip, pack your bags and book with Orbitz!

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Whether you want to castaway with your partner on a romantic Maldives island, dance to the party vibes at a Miami beach hotel, or take the little ones to a kid-friendly Caribbean resort, you can book it easily at Orbitz.