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Note: All travel is subject to frequently-changing governmental restrictions—please check federal, state, and local advisories before scheduling trips. 

It’s finally time to pack your bags and put pedal to metal. Whether you wanna dig into current social justice issues, contemplate queerness in spirituality, or simply tap into your wanderlust and have a few laughs, these queer podcasts will keep you entertained on your next long road trip.

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Bad Queers Club

Kris and Shana, two queer women of color who work for the HER app, aim to reach those “who feel like they came out of the closet and got placed in a box.” With hilarious banter they share stories and  “messy advice,” about identity, community, relationships and more. You’ll also walk away with the latest lingo from the queer urban dictionary. Warn the ladies: “You will be offended and inspired and wanting more.”

Las Culturistas 

Drag, Brittany Spears, comedy, COVID-19, and Jimmy Buffet are all part of the repertoire of hosts Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, the first Chinese-American cast member of Saturday Night Live.  This best-friend duo hosts thinkers, writers, and comedians to masterfully unpack all things pop culture.

A Story Most Queer 

Called “pocket-sized queer stories,” these fictional tales from queer authors featuring queer characters come in varying lengths so you binge for a long stretch or just until you get to your next pit stop. Produced in an audiobook style, these are ideal for those who love to be engrossed in an imaginary world.


This weekly podcast hosted by Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz has been tackling one gay stereotype per episode since 2017. While they will make you laugh, they will also leave you contemplating your beliefs. Their debate and discussion with a range of guests is sure to spark some great car conversation.

What The Trans!?: The Transgender News Pod

Learn about transgender activists, issues and stories from the United Kingdom and around the world. Michelle and Ashleigh host guests and talk about how trans folks should speak to journalists, what anti-trans bills are popping up around the U.S., how being trans is better than anything else, and more.

LezGo! Experience 

Married couple Char and Amerilis talk food, beer and whiskey, budget travel, and culture. Episodes discuss travel in places like  Paris, New Orleans,  the Domincan Republic and more, and cover topics like solo travel, being an expat, and study abroad. They conduct interviews and share stories and tips from their perspective as queer women of color.

Queer as Fact

From the Land Down Under, the four queer Melbourne-based hosts of this show educate listeners on queer history from around the world. They discuss well-known figures like Frida Kahlo and Audre Lorde, plus highlight other important queer folks you won’t learn about in history class.

The Gay Travel Podcast by Out Adventures 

Travel lovers will relish these queer guides to some of the world’s most popular destinations, like Berlin, Tokyo, and Greece; you will leave clicking “book now.” If you’re looking for travel hacks and other important topics like ethical travel, this offers plenty of intriguing episodes. While many queer travel podcasts focus on cis gay men, this podcast also gives space to queer women and trans travelers.

Gays Do the D: An Unofficial Disney Podcast

So you think you love Disney? The hosts of this podcast, Adam and Patrick, will put trivia ego to the test: Labeling them “Disney enthusiasts” would be an understatement. Their interviews and stories take you to all corners of Disney parks and teach you history and facts along the way.

Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being

Through in-depth discussions with a diverse set of theologians and thinkers, this podcast is for the queers who want to engage with topics of spirituality and religion and where they fit into all of it. Host Matthias Roberts is a therapist and theologian who geeks out with his wide ranging guests, including priest and pastors, a professional soccer player, and doctor raising their children without gender. Pairs well with an introspective and thought-provoking setting.

Queerantine + Chill Podcast

With one of the most entertaining theme songs in podcasting, this show hosted by Vincent Jones aims to cover variety of topics related to the queer community, from New Zealand’s Mr. Gay World to an interview with an LGBTQ+-identifying luxury travel advisor based in Colombia. Yes, the name references 2020’s pandemic quarantine, but fear not: this won’t bring back your worst COVID-19 memories.

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