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We know you THINK you’re the perfect hotel guest but as travel insiders, we’re here to tell you you’re not… and neither are we. While it’s easy to groan at other people’s unsavory hotel etiquette, it’s much harder to look inward. Nonetheless, let’s start by acknowledging we’re all guilty of at least some of these 58 common hotel (mis)behaviors.

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“I know I’m supposed to check in today, but is it okay if I cancel?”


1. Forgetting to notify the hotel that you have to cancel

2. Insisting on booking a place with a pool, but then never using said pool

3. Booking the cheapest possible room but then complaining about the size/view/amenities

4. Cancelling and re-booking at a lower price. Again and again.

5. Booking outside of the group block as a group member

“It’s 6am, it’s hilarious that this dude thinks I’m going to check him into his room this early.”


6. Sneaking the check-in agent $20 in hopes of getting an upgrade or other special treatment

7. Flat out asking for a free room upgrade at check-in

8. Grabbing at least one copy of every free magazine, brochure and coupon from the front desk, only to leave them scattered in your room at the end of your stay

9. Asking for all your rooms together… at check in

10. Trying to check in way before your check in time

11. Talking on your phone while checking in

12. Acting like you’re owed the world because you’re a loyalty member who stays at the chain twice a year

“You have to find the line between stealing and taking what the hotel owes you. For example, hair dryer.. no, no, no. But shampoos and conditioners… yes, yes, yes.” – Ross G.


13. Not tipping the bell staff when they lug your stuff up to your room

14. Pocketing all the toiletries, even though you’ll never use them

15. Getting flustered because you think your key card doesn’t work, only to have the magic touch on the tenth try

16. Sneaking in alcohol

17. Calling room service for ice even though there is an ice machine down the hall

18. Smoking in a non-smoking room

19. Hanging your unmentionables on the balcony to dry

20. Sneaking a pet into the room

21. Sneaking extra guests into the room

22. Leaving the water running

23. Playing music loudly or having the TV too loud

24. Breaking something and not fessing up

“I think I’ll walk from my room to the pool today wearing only my Speedo.”


25. Picking a place with free breakfast, and then sleeping through the free breakfast. Every day.

26. Irritating the staff by showing up 10 minutes before breakfast service starts… or 5 minutes before it closes.

27. Walking from your room to the pool in skimpy swimwear

28. Walking back to your room from the pool sopping wet

29. Speaking loudly or having your phone on speaker as you walk down the halls

30. Pressing “close door” on elevator when seeing another guest walking towards elevator

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“How many precious pool towels can I use all to myself today?”


31. Sneaking into pool/spa after hours

32. Peeing in the pool. (What? You know you’ve done it.)

33. Letting your kids run amok… and pretending like their not yours.

34. Hogging the one pool floatie for the entire afternoon

35. Rising at the crack of dawn to claim a pool chair using a towel… and then not returning for hours to actually use it.

36. Leaving your towels behind on the chaise lounge after you’ve left the pool area, so other guests are left wondering if those chairs are free or not

37. Canoodling with your sig-o in the hot tub—um, take that back to your room, pal!

“DO NOT DISTURB: Instagram photo shoot in progress.”


38. Leaving stinky food in the fridge

39. Ordering more towels and pillows than you will ever use

40. Using a towel once and throwing it on the floor

41. Using the bathroom to do heavy grooming because why dirty up your own bathroom at home?

42. Rearranging your entire room for Instagram/selfie purposes

43. “Forgetting” to bring the butler cart back to the front desk

44. Cutting your fingernails and leaving the trimmings in the bed

45. Throwing trash behind/under the bed

46. Making the staff change out the trash because you put one tiny item in it

47. Using hotel towels to remove mascara and make up

48. Sending away housekeeping because you’re still half asleep—sometimes more than once

49. Using in-room towels for the pool (when pool towels are available)

50. Not tipping housekeeping

51. Leaving trash all around the room instead of just putting it in the dang can

52. Unplugging lamps so that outlets are available for your devices and then not plugging them in again

“It’s 2pm in the afternoon; I wonder if I should checkout?”


53. Trying to turn a minor inconvenience into an upgrade or other freebie

54. Staying in your room way past checkout

55. Not telling the front desk you’ve checked out

56. Requesting a late check out… at your check out time.

57. Leaving miscellaneous items at the hotel then calling or emailing for them weeks after departure

58. Lying about ordering in-room movies or imbibing in mini bar items

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