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We’re declaring 2019 the year of micro-trips.  To the unfamiliar, micro-trips are periodic three-day weekends that are good for your productivity, mental health, and—importantly—Instagram feed. But the best reason might just be that you can travel more for less this year without cashing in all your PTO in one shot.

“Micro-trips are on the rise as customers search for ways to travel more, no matter how much PTO they have,” says Orbitz Brand Director Carey Malloy.

We combed through two years of booking data to chart the cheapest weekend trips now through the end of 2019, looking specifically at three-day weekends with a Saturday, Sunday and either a Monday or Friday stay. The handy charts below denotes the weekend, travel days, dates and least expensive destinations for both vacation packages (hotel + flight) and airfare.

“With just 10 days [of PTO], travelers can explore so many great destinations on our list, including hot spots like Austin and Charleston and up-and-coming cities such as Cleveland, Minneapolis and Providence,” says Malloy.

September is the best month for vacation packages with great deals to Raleigh, Austin and Cleveland. November tops the charts for jetsetters with low fares to Providence, Minneapolis and Oakland. Travelers everywhere should mark October 25–27 on their calendars: It’s the cheapest weekend to fly and book a vacation package. Myrtle Beach shows the best deals for that weekend with roundtrip tickets averaging $240 and vacation packages as low as $315.

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