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Jump start your next dream getaway by letting your horoscope decide your vacation fate. Trust us, it’s written in the stars!

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Admit it: You’ve read your horoscope and heeded its advice on love and life. Now imagine if you applied that to travel. Orbitz asked astrologer Janusz Donatowicz to chart each sign’s astrological journey, and where it might lead travelers in the near future. Read on to discover your vacation destiny!


Due to Jupiter, the planet of travel, being in Sagittarius most of the year, you’re likely to have high energy with plenty of surplus initiative, but especially so in the late summer months. Expend your energy! Forge new paths!

Destination: Machu Picchu, Peru
The crowds at this 15th-century Inca fortress start to thin in early September, so it’s a great time take on the Inca Trail’s most challenging peaks, including Dead Woman’s Pass, with an elevation of nearly 14,000 feet. The reward for this bucket-list accomplishment is the stunning, unforgettable views of these picture-perfect ruins.



Venus (your ruling planet) in Capricorn, and Mars in Taurus form favorable aspects at the end of February to make for an excellent winter sports getaway, offering the excuse to stay inside a cozy cabin with a loved one.

Destination: Denver, CO
Hit the slopes at nearby Echo Mountain and Loveland, then head to downtown Denver for a night of romance including a horse-drawn carriage ride along the 16th Street Mall, a bottle of bubbly at Corridor 44 and a couple’s massage at a luxe spa.



It might be a run-of-the-mill year or a hardworking one with reduced horizons. Though Jupiter is in Sagittarius nearly all year, the promise of a journey may seem far off. Consider something calming with people or a place you can trust instead of foolhardily rushing off into an adventure.

Destination: Belize
You need rejuvenating calm in your life, and Belize offers a burgeoning wellness destination full of new spas, yoga retreats and jungle eco-lodges. Even better, the official language in this beachy, tropical destination is English, so you’ll be able to mingle with confidence.



The naturally worried Cancer may have less to worry about this year. Most planets are doing their business outside of your sign, while Pluto in Capricorn opposing your natal sun may mean the time is ripe for a transformative, all-out sort of journey. Do whatever it takes to feel alive!

Destination: Varanasi, India
Cancer, you need to get yourself to the birthplace of yoga. Head to the country’s spiritual epicenter, Varanasi, where you’ll find inner calm exploring charming winding lanes, taking a sunset boat ride, visiting some of its 2,000-plus temples—including the famed Golden Temple—and witnessing holy ceremonies along the ghats, or steps to the Ganges. 



Jupiter in Sagittarius has a positive influence on already expansive Leo. You’ve got more energy at your disposal to meet your goals, or convince your friends or family with your charisma to fly off to a far-flung destination. This year will bring you luck in travel; just don’t overdo it.

Destination: Las Vegas, NV
Vegas is in your future! In the spirit of not overdoing it, book a lowkey room and make safer bets by avoiding the casinos. Instead, light up the night at the Neon Museum, rack up high scores at the Pinball Hall of Fame and discover spicy eats in Chinatown!



The year ahead promises to keep industrious Virgo industrious! Mercury in retrograde from March 6–29, July 8–August 1 and November 2–21 aren’t the best days to plan a getaway. Take the edge off, but do something out of character. A complete break is the best kind.

Destination: New Orleans, LA
We can think of no better place to get a little crazy than the Big Easy. Imbibe some spirits at a N’awlins ale house, then use that liquid courage to lead your very own second-line parade through the French Quarter (it’s easier to arrange than you think)!



Trepidatious Libra, you are bound to have an urge for something beyond your usual comfort zone. Jupiter in Sagittarius also gives you an extra boost this year. Flaunt your free time and pamper yourself in an unusual location that will goad your coworkers into a state of envy.

Destination: Western Australia
Ready to have your Instagram feed be the envy of all? Cosmopolitan Perth offers beaches, culture and spa time. Then there’s Lake Hillier, a body of water that’s deep pink in color, the rugged and wild Kimberley region, the jagged limestone pillars of Nambung National Park and so much more.



Power-oriented Scorpio, who likes to keep control, will have a hard time bottling up their emotion this year. This sign needs a vacation to be empowering, centering or just plain soothing. Soak up ancient sources of power, transcend and refocus.

Destination: Hawaii
Scorpio, get thee to the Aloha State where you’ll find rejuvenation while watching the sunrise over the Haleakala Crater in Maui, snorkeling with manta rays on the Big Island and exploring remote beaches, waterfalls and scenic lookouts along Kauai’s famed Nā Pali Coast!



This is your year! Book the trip you’ve always been waiting for, as the stars are opportune to fulfill your burning desires to delve into different cultures and lands. Jupiter in Sagittarius means the trip that always seemed huge and impracticable is finally beckoning you from your doorstep.

Destination: Route 66
Different cultures, different lands? Head to Chicago and rev your engines—Route 66 awaits! As you follow the Mother Road from the Windy City to L.A., you’ll encounter kitschy landmarks, jagged mountains, adobe dwellings, expansive prairie, an ancient crater and more!



Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus point to a hardworking, somewhat tension- filled year. Tank up on sun and relaxation to keep your spirit and body vibrant for the hard work still ahead of you after your hard-earned break.

Destination: Fort Lauderdale
A ritzy beach town, cheery Fort Lauderdale is a mecca for sun worshipers offering 7 miles of beaches and 165 miles of waterways. It also offers posh shops and galleries along Las Olas Boulevard, an enticing Riverwalk and a robust performing arts scene.



Uranus in Taurus this year is likely to cause some tension. It might be hard for the already restless and communicative Aquarius to settle down, so pick a trip that can work off some of the stress, but build some bonds: Hike with friends, travel to a foreign city or take a spa-cation!

Destination: Bali
Aquarius, a vacation to Bali is in your future. This fabled Indonesian island is bursting with local culture, ancient temples, outdoor activities like hiking, beaching and sunrise yoga and numerous spa resorts where your restless and stirring soul will finally be calmed.



Neptune’s continued journey through Pisces, plus Pluto and Saturn residing in Capricorn, may spurn the deep-seated need towards altruistic actions inherent in Pisces’ character. Instead of getting away from it all, concentrate on getting even deeper into what really matters and feeling involved.

Destination: New York City
Perhaps a volunteer vacation? Book a trip to New York City where you can volunteer at city icons like the High Line Park, the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx or at the annual New York City Marathon—all the while enjoying the trip of a lifetime!

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