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When it comes to London, you’re no novice. You’ve been to the Tower and you’ve crossed the bridge. But now it’s time to travel deeper into the city. Here are the pubs, museums and spots worth that second, third and tenth visit to England’s dynamic capital.

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Photo courtesy of The Milestone Hotel

London hotels

You’ve already stayed at: The Ritz

Now stay at: The Milestone Hotel

Why: Because this is a true British hotel with serious royal ties. In the 1600s, the original building was occupied by Foot Onslow, who was a commissioner of excise for William III. George Davenport, an officer in the royal bodyguard, also lived here. Bonus: It’s across the street from Kensington Palace, and walking distance from Royal Albert Hall.


Trover photo by Margaret

London attractions

You’ve already toured: The Tower of London

Now tour: Dennis Severs’ House

Why: It’ll also bring you back in time—in a little more elegant fashion than the Tower (no executions happened here). This home recreates the life of an 18th-century silk weaver. You’ll actually feel like you stepped inside a time capsule as you walk through the 10 rooms, which will stimulate each of your senses (no joke, you’ll even smell the food cooked back then).


Trover photo by Benjamin Willard

London museums

You’ve already checked out: The British Museum

Now check out: The Horniman Museum and Gardens

Why: It’s a crowd-free natural history museum alternative set on 16 acres of gardens. They have a collection of more than 1,500 musical instruments, some dating back to 1555, along with a nature trail, an African art gallery and an aquarium. Our favorite: the life-sized stuffed walrus. This is also a fantastic place for lazing around on a fall day, as the gardens are stunning, with breathtaking views of the London skyline.

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London art

You’ve already been to: The Tate Modern

Now visit: The Crypt Gallery

Why: Originally, the crypt at St. Pancras was used to bury coffins in the 1800s. But in 2002, it was transformed into a gallery, where art is displayed within underground corridors in St. Pancras Church. Yes, it still looks like a burial chamber, but that’s part of the fun. Every exhibit looks a little more intriguing this way.

London day trips

You’ve already done a day-trip to: Windsor

Now take a day-trip to: The Cotswolds

Why: This is the English countryside beauty that you see in those British films and PBS programs—the landscapes, the gardens, the flowing green grass and the country pubs. It’s the essence of England, and it’s only about 1 ½ hours away from London. The Cotswolds still has those 300-year-old cottages, the cobblestone streets and the pubs that look as if they haven’t been touched for centuries. It’s true England.

London dining

You’ve already eaten at: Regency Cafe

Now eat at: PowderKeg Restaurant

Why: It’s an out-of-the-way, traditional British restaurant up St. John’s Hill in Battersea, in the back of the conservatory, beyond the bar. But when you arrive, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Dickens novel. This is a totally dark, romantic, totally old-fashioned English eatery. All the ingredients are local, and our fave is the pork belly with kale. The wines are fab, too.

London parks

You’ve already wandered through: Hyde Park

Now wander through: Chelsea Physic Garden

Why: It’s a botanical garden next to the Thames in Chelsea dating back to the 17th century, and unlike crowded Hyde Park, there will be few people at this hidden gem. The Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in 1673 to train physician apprentices to use medicinal plants, and there are about 5,000 herbal, medicinal and edible plants to discover, each clearly marked. The garden is walled in, so you’ll have a reprieve from the craziness of London.

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