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Where can you find room to park 900 trucks, get your dog groomed and have a cavity filled, all in one place? It’s Iowa 80, the world’s largest truck stop, located just off of I-80 on the eastern side of Iowa near Walcott, and about 25 miles west of the Mississippi River. At this trucking mecca, you’ll find a lot more to explore than at your typical roadside oasis. As the world’s largest truck stop, it offers a lot for families, big rig drivers and pretty much any road warrior who needs to stop driving and start walking. (Don’t worry, there are smaller parking spaces for cars and vans, too.) Here are all the unexpected things this massive truck stop has to offer.

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Get a shave and a hair cut

Hair getting in your eyes while you drive? Make a stop at Iowa 80, head to the salon and have them take just a little off the top—no appointment needed. Irene’s Barber Shop is open until 10pm nightly.

Take a crack at your back

Driving can make you stiff. Or maybe it was lifting a couple of suitcases or that tent gear. Stop in at the truck stop’s chiropractor and get an adjustment. The chiropractor welcomes walk-in customers Monday through Saturday, and on Sunday mornings by appointment. There is also a 24-hour call number, so you can contact the chiropractor for an emergency appointment.

Fill up on gas—then get a filling

Has all that road trip junk food taken its toll on your dental work? If something goes crunch and it wasn’t the candy, stop by Iowa 80’s full service Interstate Dental. They accept walk-ins, and have an emergency number for those times when you REALLY need help. Open Monday through Friday at 8:30am and Saturday at 8am; closed Sundays.

Marvel at some pretty super Super Trucks!

If someone on your road trip is a fan of chrome, shiny paint and monster tires, then the Super Truck show room is the place to be. Check out America the Beautiful, the Blue Ox and the Cornpatch Cadillac—three full-sized trucks that are parked indoors and carefully maintained. The show room also has items for sale, like different light setups you could add to your rig—or sedan, if that’s your ride. Trucking accessories, books and a Verizon kiosk are all right here, too.

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Wash Fido

If your traveling companion is of the canine variety, you’ll want to hit the Dogomat Pet Wash to give your pal a bath. This groomer is a 24-hour service station with multiple shampooing options, and tick, flea and skunk rinses. The dog wash is self-service, so you’ll have to do the scrubbing. But you and your pet will both appreciate the results.

Flickr CC: John McManaman

Bask in road side history

Visit the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum. The antique toy collection has everything from a mail carrier to Kroger grocery truck. There are truck videos, Petroliana (gas station memorabilia) and plenty of other interesting things at this specialty spot. From a 1913 Rambler to a 1919 Pierce Arrow (check out the solid rubber tires), this is the place to relive the good ol’ days of trucks.

Get down at a truck party

If you’re passing through in mid-July, you’ll be just in time for the Truckers Jamboree. This fest includes music, a Super Truck Beauty Contest (semis only, no go karts, scale models or modified golf carts, please), Trucker Olympics, and a pork chop cookout. The event is designed to be a great big thank you to all the big rig drivers who keep things rolling. Admission is free, and there is a fireworks display in the evenings.

Scrub a dub those duds

Stop by the laundry facility if you accidentally added a ketchup splash to your favorite shirt, or if it’s just getting too hard to slam the car door on the laundry bag. Up on the third floor, you’ll find self-service coin-operated washers and dryers. There’s also a laundry soap dispenser, just in case you forgot your own. The Laundry is always open.

Have a home-cooked meal

Okay, so it wasn’t cooked in your home, but it sure beats eating in the car. Stop by the Iowa 80 Kitchen—open around the clock—to have a real, sit-down meal, choosing from either the menu or from the extensive buffet. Savor a hot sandwich or take the time to enjoy eating a fresh chef salad, without trying to catch bouncing croutons with a plastic fork at 70 mph. You can even reserve their banquet room, for a real get-together with friends and family. If fast food is more your style, check out the many eating options on site: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Orange Julius, Dairy Queen and more.

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