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Smooshed between Switzerland and Austria lies Lichtenstein, a tiny country and constitutional monarchy that packs a wealth of things to see and do in just under 62 square miles. If you like eating well, spending time outdoors and learning about storied pasts, it just might be the destination for you. Ahead of its 300th anniversary in January 2019, here are a few of the reasons why we love Liechtenstein, and you will, too.

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1. Schellenburg Ruins

Liechtenstein has a selection of medieval castles, most of which can be found in ruins today. Two of the castle ruins are located in Schellenburg: Obere Burg (upper castle) and Untere Burg (lower castle). Obere Burg was built in 1200 whereas Untere Burg was built shortly after around 1250. Both castles served as residences until the 16th century, then were left as ruins after their use as military bases expired. Today, they are open to visitors and their upkeep is the charge of Liechtenstein’s Historical Association. 

2. Hiking in Malbun

Liechtenstein is a hiker’s dream with an Alpine skyline that offers a wealth of trails and byways to explore. Malbun is one of the best hiking areas in Liechtenstein with several trailheads, some of which have been constructed to be wheelchair and stroller accessible. These include the Sareiserjoch, Heita, Sass-Seelein and Pradamee trails. Longer and more challenging trails include the Fürstin Gina Path, running just under eight miles through an Alpine wonderland or the Augstenburg trail which takes you up to Augstenburg peak.


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3. Käseknöpfle

Lovers of macaroni and cheese rejoice: The Liechtenstein version of this favorite treat is widely regarded as one of the country’s most classic dishe. However, Käseknöpfle doesn’t come out of a box; it’s a heavy pasta-like dish with Appenzeller and sour cheeses, complete with fried onion rings on top. Typical sides include greens or apples, to balance the heaviness but sometimes it’s served with a potato salad, so get ready for a satisfying helping of starchy comfort. 

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4. Skiing in Malbun and Steg

With the jagged Alpine environment comes several opportunities to go skiing. Whether you favor cross country or downhill, you can always find a place to snap in. If you are more fond of downhill skiing, head to Malbun to check out the slopes. There are a few downhill routes, mostly intermediate in difficulty, stemming from the three lifts Hochegg, Täli and Sareis. However, if you’d rather go cross country skiing, head over to the Steg ski resort area located in the lovely Valunatal Valley; here you’ll find ski trails in a variety of lengths. 

5. Hofkellerei

Wine lovers will definitely want to check out Hofkellerei. This is the wine cellar of the prince, located just through the vineyards outside of capital city Vaduz. You may sample the wines here, but it’s recommended you book in advance and be part of a group visit. Get your friends together and go wine tasting like royalty. 

6. Red House

For a view of quintessential Liechtenstein architecture and the opportunity to learn about the history of buildings in the area, visit the iconic Red House in the Mitteldorf district of capital city Vaduz. Easy to spot due to its color and tower, it represents housing styles of the 15th century. While the house has had many occupants since its construction, one of its purposes was to serve as the Saint Johann Monastery. However, the house is open and accessible today. 

Vaduz, Liechtenstein top view. Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein and also the seat of the national parliament.

7. Citytrain in Vaduz

Getting around Vaduz is best done by the colorful Citytrain, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. This 30-minute tour takes visitors past all of the main attractions in downtown Vaduz as well as the outer vineyards. The ride also stops at the Red House and Vaduz Castle and whisks passengers away to the beautiful surrounding countryside. The Citytrain is ideal for visitors who want a stress-free, guided taste of Liechtenstein in under an hour. 

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