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Smack-dab in the middle of Italy lies the Umbria region, charming visitors with a rustic countryside vibe that’s led many to call it the “new” Tuscany. Just a little over an hour’s drive from the hustle and bustle of Rome, it’s easily accessible. And reaching Rome from the US is easier than ever, with new flights on Turkish Airlines from Los Angeles and other cities. Their onboard service includes meals curated by Do&Co and prepared and served by the airline’s inflight chefs, while back on the ground, the airline’s experiential lounge provides another opportunity enjoy the epicurean delicacies.

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Tili organic wines 
What’s a visit to Italy without sampling its wines? A visit that requires a do-over, clearly. When in Umbria, a visit to Tili Farm in Assisi is a must. Tili has been in operation since 1978 with one mission in mind: That their organic wines travel to the furthest on earth for those who desire the very best. Today, they are fulfilling their mission by producing nearly 100K bottles of wine annually that are sold worldwide. When visiting Tili Farm, you’re certain to meet some of the Tili family who will give you a tour of their winery and bottling operation. In addition, bring your appetite because you’ll enjoy a wonderfully authentic Italian meal – and each course will be paired with some of the wonderful varietals produced by Tili.

Olive oil tasting 
In addition to wines, Italy is know for its bountiful olives and olive oil industry. When in Umbria, visit Marfuga  (located between Trevi and Spoleto). This company produces high-end extra virgin olive oils from organically grown olives. A visit to Marfuga includes the opportunity to sample oils, each having a unique flavor palate. From their limited edition and award-winning L’Affiorante Monocultivar Moraiolo oil, to their Mixed Spices flavored oil, you’ll find that Marfuga’s oils are full of flavor and an experience that is uniquely Italian.

San Gemini
The quaint towns and villages of Europe all have two things in common: history and charm. This is truly the case with San Gemini. From its narrow shop-filled streets, to its historic and religious monuments, there’s something to experience at every turn. Additionally, San Gemini is known for its mineral-rich water served in many high-end restaurants. Be sure to enjoy this local “treat” (with or without gas) when visiting.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Sangallo

Hotel Sangallo Palace
This hotel sits in an ideal location: It’s not far from Sangemini and just a quick, 5-minute walk to the city center of Perugia. A luxury property with traditional sensibilities, the Sangallo is far from being ostentatious and yet it has modern amenities one is accustomed to in trendier properties.

Ristorante La Rosetta
Located in a small alley near the city center of Perugia, Ristorante La Rosetta offers guests an authentic Umbrian & Perugian dining experience employing a farm-to-table (they refer to this as: Short Supply Chain) approach to its culinary mission.

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San Pietro a Pettine
Traditionally, when we think of truffle hunting, most imagine pigs digging for the truffles. While this is true for most of Europe, things are different in Central Italy. When you visit San Pietro a Pettine in Trevi to experience truffle hunting, you will find that very happy and eager dogs are utilized to hunt the truffles. For these canines, truffle hunting is a great deal of fun and it quite a game for them (since they receive rewards for every truffle they dig up).

Castello di Gallano Resort
Ever wanted to stay in a European castle? Roughly 30 minutes from Assisi in Perugia, the Castello di Gallano transport visitors to a time where fairy tales reign supreme. With its lush and panoramic surroundings, you’ll find that your stay in Gallano Castle to be one that surpasses your dreams. For those of who prefer a more modern accommodations, no worries! The Gallano provides 32 apartments, each with distinctly different floorplans.

Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi
For many Catholics, a bucket-list must is a pilgrimage to Assisi to visit the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. The two-level basilica opened in 1253 and is the final resting place of St. Francis. The basilica is also an active church which also serves as an edifice that tells the story of St. Francis, the history of the region and more. The architecture of the basilica mixes Romanesque and Gothic styles and is indeed a glorious sight to behold!

Perugia – Via dell’Acquedotto (Aqueduct street)

In addition to being the capital city of the Umbria, Perugia is very rich in history, arts and culture. It is also home to a famous brand of chocolate: Baci by Perugina. Visit the Perugina Chocolate Factory to learn how they make their famous chocolates and sample some of their goodies via numerous tasting stations. With all of this wonderful chocolate, it makes perfect sense that Perugia is also home to Italy’s annual Eurochocolate Festival every October. Also, if you’re a jazz lover, you’ll appreciate the fact that Perugia hosts one of two jazz festivals in Umbria every year: Umbria Jazz Festival which takes place in July (The Umbria Jazz Winter Festival occurs in Orvieto every late-December to early-January)

Altarocca Wine Resort
This ultra-luxurious property sits on 20 lush acres in Orvieto that includes vineyards and olive groves. This full-service resort is nestled on a mountainside and has views of Umbria and nearby Tuscany and Lazio. In addition the the amazing views, the accommodations surpass that of long established 5-star properties! No detail has been overlooked—from the bedding, to the bath amenities to even a rain shower (that has an EPIC water flow). Even meals in the restaurant are an absolute triumph!

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