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Tucked into the northern shores of the Caribbean island of Haiti is one of the Royal Caribbean cruise line’s private destinations, one you’ll wish was just a little more accessible. No matter what your idea of a perfect port stop, Labadee, Haiti has something to thrill, relax or entertain you—from high flying adventures like zip lines and coasters to laid-back lounging along the crystal clear waters and calm bays. Here are seven of our favorite reasons to make sure your next cruise makes a stop in Labadee.

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Reasons to Visit Labadee Haiti-GettingStamped

Ride the world’s longest over-water zip line | Photo by

Dragon’s Breath: The world’s longest over-water zip line
Get harnessed up and fly down one of the tallest peaks in Labadee, all the way down to the beach. Along the way you’ll get so close to the water that you can almost dip your toes into it. These lines are different from traditional zip lines because instead of going between two peaks, the Dragon’s Breath drops you right at the beach.

Reasons to Visit Labadee Haiti-GettingStamped

Hold on tight on the Dragon’s Tail Coaster | Photo by

Dragon’s Tail Coaster
The daring can jump into a gravity-powered alpine coaster and jet down the lush hills surrounding the port. Speed along the winding rail system at a maximum speed of over 30 mph. The only thing standing between you and the max velocity is the brake lever clinched between your white knuckles and trust us you will squeeze it. Besides the thrill of the ride, from the coaster, you’ll also have stunning views of the beautiful turquoise bay below.

Reasons to Visit Labadee Haiti-GettingStamped

Get wet at the Arawak Waterpark – Photo by

Arawak Waterpark and giant inflatable iceberg
For kids (and kids at heart), there is a nice-sized water park with giant slides and even an iceberg. Another signature attraction at the Labadee port is the 300-foot-long Dragon’s Splash Waterslide that winds its way down the hillside, dumping guests into the waterpark.

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Come glide 400 feet above the sea | Photo by

For the best views of Labadee, nothing quite compares to parasailing. Soar high above your cruise ship and get a bird’s eye view of the bright green hillside and pristine bays below. The port of Labadee looks quiet and peaceful from 400 feet above. Believe it or not, this activity is on the tamer side of things; while still adventurous, it’s a one-of-a-kind way to see Labadee, Haiti.

Reasons to Visit Labadee Haiti-GettingStamped

Swim around beautiful coral reefs or just lounge on beach | Photo by

Labadee’s natural beauty
The relaxing side of Labadee shouldn’t be overlooked. While Haiti doesn’t claim as many visitors other Caribbean islands, this port is among the most beautiful in the region. While adventure activities often grab visitors’ attention, note the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding you. And having all this beauty just steps from the cruise ship is rare.

Reasons to Visit Labadee Haiti-GettingStamped

Live the cabana life in Labadee | Photo by

Cabana life
The best seat in the house is under the palm-thatched roofs of the cabanas of Labadee. Perched on the short rocky cliffs surrounding Nellie’s Beach are a few quiet clusters of cabanas ready for relaxation. You may never want to leave ever, but on your port day in here in Haiti, you definitely won’t have to. Personal servers can bring you drinks, food and everything you need for the perfect day on the beach. Recline your lounger and go full on beach mode.

Reasons to Visit Labadee Haiti-GettingStamped

Bring home something special from Haiti | Photo by

Local craft market
To ensure you don’t forget your time in Haiti, there is a large craft market featuring goods and wares crafted by hundreds of vendors from the local community. You won’t find any of these unique gifts anywhere else, plus it’s a great way to meet and help support local people. In addition to the vendors at the craft market, the cruise port employs hundreds of people from the local community, bringing much-needed jobs to the area.

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