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Roughly 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina lies a small, postcard-perfect island called Bermuda. While the British territory only comprises 21 square miles, Bermuda has plenty to offer. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the island boast a stunning shade of turquoise; truly some of the clearest waters you’ll see anywhere. With beautiful scenery and 12 months of great weather, here are 5 more reasons this year-round destination should be at the top of your list.

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1. Some of the most crystal clear water in the world

It’s impossible not to find every shade of blue and green imaginable in the waters of Bermuda. Stepping into the ocean, you’ll not only feel the sand between your toes, you’ll see it too. The water is incredibly clear, which means it’s a great place to snorkel, too. From late spring to early fall, warm water makes this an ideal beach destination. The water becomes refreshingly cooler in the winter, since Bermuda is much more north than your other favorite Caribbean jaunts.


2. Plenty of leisurely hikes and trails

The best views often require a bit of work to reach, and Horseshoe Bay is one of them. While it’s more of a rock climb than a hike, you’ll see the prettiest sights from high above the famous beach. Climb carefully to the top and gaze down at your stunning surroundings. The pink sands of Horseshoe Bay really shine from this vantage point and you’ll be amazed at how clear the water is from so far above.

3. Golf courses galore

On Bermuda’s 21 square miles, you’ll find 6 gorgeous golf courses, so be sure you pack your clubs and high socks! Not only are the courses well designed, they all offer stunning island views, as well. The Port Royal Golf Course has hosted the PGA Grand Slam seven years in a row and the Mid Ocean Club Gold Course, designed by the famed C.B Mac Donald, is regularly ranked by experts as one of the best links in the world. Tucker’s Point Gold Club is one of Bermuda’s oldest courses, and was recently redesigned by the renowned Roger Rulewich. Pair a beautiful course with a few rum swizzles and you’ve got yourself a perfect afternoon.

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4. Winter weather is mild

One of the best parts about visiting Bermuda is enjoying the awesome weather. The hottest month is usually August when highs hover in the mid 80s. That means summer is a great time to visit; you’ll be able to enjoy swimming, sunbathing and a multitude of water sports. However, the season change doesn’t necessarily mean Bermuda is off limits. Temperatures are typically still in the 60s in February. The island is refreshingly quiet this time of year, and for a lot of folks, like us, that sounds like perfect golf weather!


5. The colorful capital of Hamilton

The capital city of Hamilton is known for its brightly colored buildings; you won’t find any boring brick facades here! Instead, a rainbow of vibrant blues, pinks, yellows and oranges greet you at every turn. Most of the buildings are from the 19th century and the Bermudians haven’t been shy about keeping those facades full of cheer. Be sure to pop into Barracuda Grill, one of the best restaurants on the island, for dinner after strolling the streets of this beloved harbor-side capital.

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