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Universal Orlando’s newest park, Volcano Bay, is just what’s needed to beat the Florida heat. There are more than 20 water slides and several pools to cool off in at this new water theme park, which opened in May and includes everything from 125-foot tall trapdoor slides to chilled out lazy rivers. Next time you find yourself in Orlando, make sure to carve out a day to spend splashing around Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando. Here are the five rides you absolutely cannot miss, ranked.

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5. Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slide™

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Orlando

Lie down on your back and twist your way through this drop slide before being shot out into the pool. There are two slides to choose from: Ohyah, which lunges you out 4 feet above the pool, and Ohno, whose 6-foot drop is perfect for those looking for a little more height. (Universal Express Pass Accepted)

4. Krakatau™ Aqua Coaster

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Orlando

Krakatau is like no other water slide at Volcano Bay; rather than a raft, you board a four-person canoe. The canoes twist their way through a dark volcano before plunging through a waterfall. (Universal Express Pass Accepted)

3. Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides™

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Orlando

Maku means wet and Puihi means wild and that is exactly what this ride is! Enter a lava tube path on a six-person raft as you make your way through the volcano and start spinning uncontrollably. Next thing you know, you’ll be hit with geyser blasts before shooting out into the pool! (Universal Express Pass Accepted)

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2. Honu ika Moana™

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Orlando

You’ll have two slides to choose from, Honu or ika Moana. Honu is for those looking to scream more, fly faster and go higher. Start with ika Moana, which is slightly tamer, and work your way up to Honu. Sweep up the massive walls in a four-passenger raft (Honu) or five-person raft (ika Moana), twisting and turning your way down to the bottom. Not only is this one of our favorite rides at Volcano Bay, but you no longer have to carry your own raft/tubes to the top. The rafts are brought up for you! (Universal Express Pass Accepted)

1. Ko’okiri Body Plunge™

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Orlando

Our top pick is a real thrill. Brace yourself for a 70-degree fall down a 125-foot slide that starts with a trapdoor dropping you right through the center of the volcano. Scream your lungs out as you make your way down the near vertical drop before the Ko’okiri Body Plunge sends you screaming into a clear sided pool of onlookers. There is no other ride for a better lung workout than the Ko’okiri Body Plunge. Universal Express Passes are not accepted on this ride, so it’s advised to make this your first ride of the day.

Tips for visiting Volcano Bay
If an adrenaline rush is what you’re seeking, we suggest getting to the park early and prioritizing our top 5 rides. If falling through a trapdoor down a volcano isn’t your thing don’t worry; there’s a lazy river and several beaches to lounge at all day. Lounge chairs are first come first serve and there are also cabanas available to rent for the day.

Another feature of Volcano Bay is that there is no more standing in lines; use your TapuTapu wearable bracelet to wait in line for you. Tap your wearable bracelet at the ride and it’ll alert you when it’s your turn. You can also use the TapuTapu bracelet to make purchases and even rent lockers. For more details check out the complete Volcano Bay guide. Also, be sure to download the Universal Orlando Resort app and set up your Taptu pay account to save time at the park. No need to carry a soggy wallet around the water park anymore!



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