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Not to be a Cassandra or anything, but as much fun as traveling can be, it’s also rife with potential pitfalls (think hurricanes, ski accidents and food borne illnesses). In moments like these, a potential loss can be made less devastating with the help of travel insurance. But do you really need it and does it really work? The truth is that travel insurance can be a lifesaver, but it’s completely situational. With the help of Orbitz insurance provider Aon Affinity, we invite you to play the game of travel to determine whether additional protection is right for you!

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Play the Game of Travel

The suitcases are packed, the little ones buckled in and poolside cocktails are practically within reach. But travel mishaps—let’s call them hiccups—can and will happen. Whether it’s a fender bender in Boston or luggage lost at Laguardia, you might be asking yourself: Is travel insurance the right solution? Play the Game of Travel and find out. Ready… set… let’s go on vacation!


Finally, vacation is here! Everyone’s packed and ready to go! Advance 1 square.

Grandma came down with a bug and can no longer go on the family vacation. Is her trip covered by insurance? Yes, immediate family members on the same itinerary would be covered either by the Flight Cancellation or the Package Protection Plan. Advance 2 squares!

You’re off to pick up your brother. Oops! He was just laid off from the phonebooth factory and can’t swing a vacay right now. Will travel insurance cover the flight you booked for him? Yes, involuntary job loss would be covered under the Flight Cancellation Plan or the Package Protection Plan, as long as long as he was employed for one year or more. Advance 2 squares!

On the way to the airport, you’re rear ended and miss your flight. Is your family covered for the cost of the flight change? Yes. Advance 3 squares!

Finally—vacation! The whole family takes surfing lessons, but your oldest bails and breaks a finger. Is she covered? Yes, the Total Protection Plan covers up to $5,000 in medical expenses. Advance 4 squares!

A day of sightseeing yields a ton of Instagrammable photos. Advance 4 squares.

Mom went a little crazy at happy hour, and then cannonballed into the shallow end of the pool. Doh! Are her injuries covered? No. Accidents aren’t covered if the insured was intoxicated. Go back 2 squares!

Kudos to you, you adventurous foodies, for trying that roadside fish-taco stand! Too bad that pescado’s not sitting so well. At all. Are your medical expenses covered? Yes, under the Total Protection Plan. Advance 3 squares!

After a day of rock climbing, dad’s lower back pain kicks in and the resort physician recommends a sports massage. Is this covered? Yes, as long as a qualified doctor diagnoses him, the Total Protection Plan covers the cost. Advance 3 squares!

You discover a wounded sea turtle and alert authorities who nurse him back to health. Advance 3 squares!

You’re excited about island hopping, but a tropical storm cancels the catamaran tour you booked through Orbitz. Does insurance cover the loss? No, but most tour operators will compensate for bad weather. Be sure to read their policy before booking. Move ahead 1 square.

You surprise the kids on the last day of vacation with a theme park day and score major parent points. Advance 2 squares!

What a vacation! You’ve just arrived back at your home airport only to discover the airline lost your luggage. Are your lost sarongs and “Life’s a Beach” T-shirts covered? Yes. The Total Protection Plan reimburses up to $1,000 per insured. Advance 4 squares!

Congrats! You’ve crossed the finish line and arrived home tan, rested and the envy of all your friends on social media. Thanks to your wise decision to purchase travel insurance through Orbitz, you’ve taken the trip of a lifetime your family won’t soon forget!


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