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USA! USA! USA! Sorry, we don’t mean to sound overly patriotic, but we’re just gaga for this country and the occasion of our nation’s 241st birthday is yet another reason to show off our pride. While you were out beaching and barbecuing we put together a list of essential experiences that scream America. How many have you crossed off your list? Test your patriotism now!

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The Great American Travel Quiz
Have you earned your travel stars and stripes?

As America turns 241 this year, ask yourself whether you’ve earned your American travel stripes by truly exploring this great nation from sea to shining sea. Have you…

1… marveled at Mount Rushmore? (Keystone, SD)

2… walked the Freedom Trail? (Boston, MA)

3… said hello to Lady Liberty? (New York, NY)

4… strolled across the Golden Gate Bridge? (San Francisco, CA)

5… marveled at the Grand Canyon? (Flagstaff, AZ)

6… tasted Memphis, barbecue (Memphis, TN)

7… stared into the eyes of a gator? (Everglades National Park, FL)

8… remembered the Alamo? (San Antonio, TX)

9… snapped a selfie with Mickey Mouse? (Orlando, FL)

10… gazed westward from inside the Gateway Arch? (St. Louis, MO)

11… driven magnificent Pacific Coast Highway? (San Francisco, CA)

12… thrown beads at Mardi Gras (New Orleans, LA)

13… Watched the fish fly at Pike Place Market? (Seattle, WA)

14… hiked to the Delicate Arch? (Moab, UT)

15… chowed down on a Chicago-style hot dog? (Chicago, IL)

16… admired the Hoover Dam?

17… paused at the Washington Monument (Washington, DC)

18… said, “Hurray for Hollywood” (Los Angeles, CA)

19… seen the crack in the Liberty Bell (Philadelphia, PA)

20… watched a traditional Luau? (Oahu, Hawaii)

21… drank in a Key West sunset? (Key West, FL)

22… rooted for your favorite team at a ballgame?

23… heard the blues?

24… seen a Broadway show? (New York, NY)

25… gotten your kicks on Route 66?

26… enjoyed the fabulous Las Vegas Strip at night? (Las Vegas, NV)

27… gone a little bit country? (Nashville, TN)



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Jason Heidemann

Jason Heidemann

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