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The past decade saw some of the greatest fields baseball has ever known close their doors forever. The ever-churning machine of modernization has flattened historic place like Yankee Stadium (1923-2008), Tiger Stadium (1912-2008), and not even Astro Dome (1965-2006) was futuristic enough for today’s world. The house that Ruth built may have fallen, but all is not lost. There are still a handful of stadiums where you can catch a game surrounded by baseball history. Here are our top picks for the best old-school baseball stadiums to visit this season.


Best Old School Baseball Stadiums-Fenway Park-Flickr

If you love baseball you need to make your way to Fenway Park | Photo by Chrissy R. – Flickr cc

  1. Fenway Park, Boston — September 25, 1911
Home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, has been around for 105 seasons and is the oldest operating ballpark in the country. Boston fans can take in the field’s quirky features like the “Green Monster” of left field and its resulting “the triangle”—these are things you just can’t find in modern ballparks. The seats might be limited and the field far from normal, but the Red Sox’s fans wouldn’t have it any other way. In the 1990s the owners at the time announced plans to build a new Fenway Park, which fans fought and eventually won.
Best Old School Baseball Stadiums-Wrigley Field-Flickr

Come get lost among the ivy and history of Wrigley Field | Photo by Phineas Jones – Flickr cc

2. Wrigley Field, Chicago — April 23, 1914
The country’s second oldest place to catch a game is none other than Midwest favorite Wrigley Field. The Chicago venue first opened its gates in 1914, but not for the Cubs. First play here were the Chicago Whales of the Federal league – which would collapse just two years into the new stadium. In 1916 the Cubs moved in and have played at Wrigley ever since, making their world championship 2016 their 100th season in the stadium. After finally shaking ‘the curse of the goat’, will the Cubs ever leave the crumbling Wrigley field for greener pastures? Most hope not, but it’s best to put this American classic on your short list of stadiums to visit this season.
Best Old School Baseball Stadiums-dodger stadium-Flickr

Take in a game at the newest stadium on this list that turns 55 this year, Dodger Stadium – Photo by Corona – Flickr cc

3. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles — April 10, 1962

The stadium that stole the Dodgers from one coast to the other turns 55 this season. The last stadium in the country that is eligible for a senior citizen discount is Los Angeles‘ one-and-only Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers have called L.A. and this field home for as long as most can remember now. They left landlocked Brooklyn to build a new stadium on the warm west coast. Dodger Stadium has stood the test of time and was built to withstand several major earthquakes that shook the city. It seems the city is in no hurry to get rid of the classic venue because in 2009 the council voted to name the small area around the stadium “Dodgertown”, even granting it its own zip code. Many hope the stadium will stand for many years, but fashions change quickly in L.A.
It’s not easy holding on to these old relics; many times more money is spent keeping them alive than knocking them down to build a modern ballpark. But in many ways, these old stadiums exemplify the traditions of baseball and are part of the reason so many Americans love the game. They’re a glimpse back into history and are definitely worth a visit.
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