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As romantic of a notion as exploring Europe by train may sound, we’d like to argue that the best way to see it is by car. With your own wheels, you have ultimate mobility and you’re on your own schedule to explore the best sights on the continent. A road trip allows for explorations beyond the big cities and get out and see the beautiful countryside. Here are our top picks for the best road trips to take in Europe.
European Road Trips

Come see Neuschwanstein Castle at the end of the Romantic Road | Photo by

Germany’s Romantische Strasse
Meander your way along Germany’s nostalgic Romantic Road, which is lined with castles, churches and picturesque villages. The traditional starting point is in Wurzburg, where you’ll then wind your way all the way into the far south of Bavaria. The road concludes in grand fashion in the village of Füssen, home to the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle, which sits beautifully perched upon a rugged hill. Along the way, take in the country’s best preserved medieval villages and stunning castles in Germany. And don’t let the Autobahn frighten you: Driving in Germany is fairly straight forward, just a little fast at times.

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Get lost in the land of fire and ice on Iceland’s Ring Road | Flickr photo by Moyan Brenn

Iceland’s Ring Road
As its name suggests, the Ring Road runs along the outer edges of the island in a circle, connecting visitors to all of the best things Iceland has to offer. Most people start and end their trip in the capital city Reykjavik, and allow one week for the journey, although two weeks would be ideal to take in all the magic of Iceland. The Ring Road is all paved and no specially equipped vehicle is required. Plus, Icelanders drive on the right just like us, and you’ll likely see more horses and sheep than other vehicles. A few spots not to miss are the staggering Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, the Blue Lagoon thermal pools and the other-worldly ice caves in the south.

European Road Trips-Flickr

Get lost among the grapes in the French countryside | Flickr photo by twin-loc

The wine-dy roads of the French countryside
Leave the lights of Paris behind and set out to see the rural parts of France where you’ll discover bottles of wine directly from the source. Your route map in France may look a bit like a wine trail with stops such as Bordeaux, Burgandy and Champagne. With a week’s worth of vacation, you can carve a path that follows your favorite French wine regions and have time to enjoy the local charms of each. With a longer trip, you could dip down to explore the seaside towns before bringing the car back in. If you time your trip right, you can even see the vibrant purple lavender fields in bloom during the summer around Provence.

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A view of Dubrovnik from the coastal road high above | Photo by

The Croatian Coastline
With more than 1,000 miles of coastline on the calm and clear Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a perfect place for a coastal road trip. Take this trip north to south or start in walled Dubrovnik and work your way up. You’re sure to find your favorites along this stunning drive full of dramatic cliffs and coastal vistas. However, be sure to get out and stretch your legs in Split—and Dubrovnik is non-negotiable.

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Take a ride on one of the most unique roads in the world—the scenery isn’t bad either | Flickr photo by Roman Königshofer

Norwegian Arctic fjords road trip
Nature lovers will fall for this stunning stretch of roadway. The western fringes of Norway are full of majestic fjords, quaint fishing villages, and breathtaking landscapes. Your Norwegian road trip wouldn’t be complete without driving the Atlanterhavsveien, which is a ribbon of a road on the Atlantic coast with bridges that seem to defy gravity.

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A road trip around the Ring of Kerry will leave you in wonder | Flickr photo by Anthony Gonzalez Reyes

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
The only road on the list that is a bit backward for people visiting from America and most of Europe, is in Ireland, as they drive on the left side of the road. Not to worry: The traffic in this part of the country is minimal and you won’t make it far without stopping for a picture. En route, Kerry‘s coast offers up green and rocky islands swimming the rough Atlantic, traditional pubs, and no shortage of panoramic landscapes.

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