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Thailand is home to over 300 jaw-dropping islands scattered along its coastline. While just about all of the islands are stunning in their own right, there are a few that were made for postcards. Here are our favorite Thai islands that just might make you want to quit everything and move to Thailand.

Sail the Andaman Sea in search of lost islands | Photo by

Koh Phi Phi
The Phi Phi islands are among the most famous in all of Thailand. This cluster of islands was where a young Leonardo DiCaprio gave us Thailand wanderlust in the 2000 movie The Beach. Here impressive limestone cliffs surround calm bays of turquoise waters. During the day there’s more than enough day trips and sunshine to keep you busy. After the sun sets, there are lots of good restaurants and a lively bar scene in the main tourist area.

Best Thai islands - Flickr

Find yourself walking through fishing villages seeing the real Thailand | Photo by Henrik Berger Jørgensen – Flickr cc

Koh Lanta
For those looking for a quieter island, Koh Lanta gets you back in touch with nature. Koh Lanta is one of the last larger Thai islands that still hasn’t seen a lot of development. Wander through fishing villages, visit national parks or just lounge on empty beaches. If it’s a peaceful nature inspired holiday you’re after, then Koh Lanta might be your island. It’s is a great place to start a Thailand island hopping adventure.

Best Thai islands - Flickr

Follow the white sand road to paradise in Koh Tao | Photo by irumge – Flickr cc

Koh Tao
Long known as Thailand’s top diving destination, Koh Tao is the place to be for divers. It is almost as beautiful above the surface as it is below. Just off the northwest corner of the island is one of the most stunning island formations in the whole country: A small string of sand connects a cluster of tiny islands a few hundred feet from the shoreline of Koh Tao. Diver or not, Koh Tao is worth checking out.

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Best Thai islands - Flickr

The party’s over here – Koh Pha Ngan – Photo by Thomas sauzedde Flickr cc

Koh Pha Ngan
Attention party people: if you haven’t already heard, Koh Pha Ngan is home to one of the best-known parties in the world. Every month visitors flock to the island to take part in the famous full moon party. While its popularity has chipped away at some of the event’s authenticity, it’s still a sight to see, and one heck of a party.


The beautiful longtail boats sway on the shores of Koh Lipe with Koh Adang in the background | Photo by

Koh Lipe
Regarded by many as Thailand’s most beautiful island, Koh Lipe is a true gem in the country’s far south. It is the southernmost island in all of Thailand, set in some of the most stunning water you’ll ever see. Its location has kept it off the main tourist path. However, it’s impossible to keep these stunning white sand beaches and aquamarine waters a secret forever. True beach lovers should make the voyage out to Koh Lipe for some of the best beaches in Thailand.

Best Thai islands - Flickr

Catch the chill vibe of Koh Chang and stay for the natural beauty | Photo by Karolina Lubryczynska – Flickr cc

Koh Chang
A long time favorite among backpackers, Koh Chang has missed the radar of a lot of other travelers. The island is also known as Elephant Island and the second largest island in all of Thailand. Koh Chang is great for both beach bums and adventure seekers. Those that prefer the beach should head toward either Lonely Beach or the appropriately named White Sand Beach. While the adventurous will want to explore the expansive rainforest and mountains in the interior or the island.

Best Thai islands - Flickr

See one of the most recognizable islands in the world, “James Bond Island,” for yourself | Photo by Michaela Loheit – Flickr cc

Khao Phing Kan (James Bond Island)
Another island that has graced the big screens of Hollywood is Khao Phing Kan, but most call it James Bond Island. As you may have guessed, or recognized by the pictures, this island was featured in the 1974 film The Man with the Golden Gun. The remarkable shape of the rock formations are out of this world. This grouping of islands is easily reached as a day trip from Phuket or other popular resort destinations in the south of Thailand.

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  1. I went to Koh Tao. Thousands of people coming and going. Feral dogs roaming everywhere. Tourists bitten by the dogs who have no rabies shots. Garbage everywhere. No trash pick up. They ask you not to use toilet paper. That’s because there is no sanitary waste treatment. Bathroom sewer pipes​ go straight into the ocean. The beach is covered with trash that washes in. Took a snorkel trip. They unloaded us in a bay right on top of a sewer outlet.

  2. As disgusting as that sounds, it could have been far worse. Imagine being unloaded in the center of the US Capital when Congress is in session. No amount of scrubbing could ever remove that taint.

  3. U are so right. I have been to many places around this planet and one of the things people forget before traveling to these spots is the status of toilets and fresh water. I always inform folks that 39 % of global population suffers from inadequate or non-existent sanitation, over 2.5 billion people. Huge problem.

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