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Kauai is known as Hawaii’s Island of Discovery, so whether you’re traveling solo, in tandem or as a family, you’ll find plenty of adventures for travelers of all ages and interest levels. The island rules as a top honeymoon destination, but there’s so much more to Kauai than strolling white sand beaches hand-in-hand. We looked at the island’s top activities, hotels and restaurants and ranked them according to appropriateness for singles, couples and families!

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Hawaii’s Napali Coast | Photo: Beth Graham

Napali Snorkel Sail
Kauai’s Napali (meaning “the cliffs”) Coast is rugged and picturesque with bright green valleys, hidden waterfalls and secret beaches. One of its wide coastal valleys made its film debut in a scene in Jurassic Park. The best way to fully appreciate the beauty and diversity of the coastline is via catamaran, where you can get up close to the nooks and crannies, see the secret coves and enjoy a bit of snorkeling along the way.
COUPLES There’s nothing more romantic than sailing the beautiful blue water of Hawaii and taking selfies, with a cocktail in hand, against the backdrop of this iconic coast. 8/10
FAMILIES The waters along the coast can get pretty rough so children, and anyone subject to motion sickness, are better off snorkeling from the beach and skipping the boat. 2/10
SOLO It’s definitely a party boat atmosphere with a festive crowd and free-flowing drinks, so even outgoing solo travelers can mingle and make new friends. 6/10

Steelgrass Chocolate Farm Tour
This three-hour guided tour takes visitors through the farm’s botanical gardens, chocolate orchards, and sugarcane and pineapple plantings, with frequent stops to learn about and taste tropical fruits in season. You’ll learn how cacao is grown and produced before ending with a tasting of 10 different kinds of chocolate.
COUPLES The farm is a great place to commune with nature and enjoy with a bit of decadence. Bring your own Champagne along if you like. 8/10
FAMILIES With its farmy feel, kids will love being in the great outdoors, and even the pickiest eaters will enjoy the abundance of chocolate to taste. 8/10
SOLO Tours are generally small groups but everyone can bond over chocolate, right? 6/10

Waimea Canyon; Beth Graham

Waimea Canyon Bicycle Downhill Tour
It’s all downhill from here is given new meaning as you gaze out over the vastness of the canyon known as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” You’ll board a van before the sun comes up and ride to the top of the canyon where breathtaking views of mountains and cliffs await. It’s a slow-paced, downhill ride with frequent stops and guide who share Hawaiian culture and history along the way. As you near sea level, the views looking out over the Pacific Ocean are magical.
COUPLES There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun rise over the Pacific. Be sure to take plenty of selfies with the ocean as your backdrop. 9/10
FAMILIES The minimum age for bikers is 12 and with a pre-dawn arrival time, we suggest sleeping in and taking the kids for a short mid-morning Canyon hike. 4/10
SOLO The bikes aren’t tandem so everyone is a single on this trip. The guides are filled with funny stories and have a knack for photo bombing, so buddy up to one of them for some fun photos. 7/10

Woman enjoying a fun zip line tour in the jungle while on vacation

Poipu 8-Line Zipline Adventure
It seems that every destination has jumped on the ziplining trend, but we promise you’ve never experienced it quite like this before. Get a bird’s eye view of Kauai’s stunning back country as you soar over gushing waterfalls, mountains wrapped in vivid green and even clouds at an adrenaline-inducing speed of 50 mph!
COUPLES If Kauai’s thrilling scenescapes don’t inspire amore, we don’t know what will. Plus, they offer in-tandem ziplining. How’s that for romantic? 8/10
FAMILIES: If your children are under age 15, this might actually be a little too intense. Stick to horseback riding instead. 4/10
SOLO There’s not much in the way of city life on sleepy Kauai, making adventure activities the ideal way for solo peeps to explore the island. 9/10

Kauai ATV: Waterfall Tour
Kauai’s rugged terrain is perfect for some off-roading where you can explore famous movie sites, secret waterfalls, lush jungle regions, and even a hidden tunnel.
COUPLES Bumping along the dusty trail is not necessarily the most romantic experience; opt for the horseback ride along the ocean instead. 3/10
FAMILIES Kids love to get dirty, so open air off-roading is a great family adventure. Riders must be at least 5 years old. 8/10
SOLO This adventure is probably more fun with friends so singles might better enjoy taking a surf lesson. 2/10


Waterslide at the Grand Hyatt; Beth Graham

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa
This property has so much to offer, you may never want to leave. Set on the white sands of Poipu Beach, there are 50 acres of lush gardens to explore and numerous family-friendly pools, as well as two adult-only, no cell phones allowed (yay!) pools. If lounging by the pool isn’t your style, the resort offers a daily schedule of activities like a sunrise fitness walk, wildlife talks, golf and scuba lessons.
COUPLES There’s a reason this is one of Hawaii’s top honeymoon resorts. 10/10
FAMILIES In addition to the beach entry pool and waterslide, kids will enjoy the Koi Fish Feeding, Wildlife Walk and Parrot Time. There’s also a Camp Hyatt for children. 10/10
SOLO You’ll find yourself spread among families and honeymooners so consider opting for a boutique property like the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort instead. 7/10


Shave Ice at The Fresh Shave; Beth Graham

Food trucks are plentiful on Hawaii and they often congregate in groups, making them the perfect solution for a family meal where everyone gets what they want. You’ll often find yourself dining among the island’s overpopulation of chickens, and they’re rather adept at stealing food so keep your eyes on your plate!

Warehouse 3540 on the island’s Southernmost side is a small food truck village with a few local artisan shops.

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a touch of romance, head to Gaylord’s, housed in a 1930s Tudor mansion. The food is superb and the views of Mt. Waialeale aren’t so bad either.

Everyone will appreciate the shave ice stands. Tege Tege in Kapaa and Fresh Shave at Warehouse 3540 are the most popular.

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