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There are plenty of reasons Seattle makes for the perfect long weekend getaway. The city is like no other in the United States. It has striking urban landscapes surrounded by natural beauty and is injected with a one-of-a-kind Pacific Northwest vibe. It’s easy to fall in rhythm with Seattle, and here is how to spend 3 perfect days in the city.

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Seattle’s famous public market is a must visit | Photo by

Day 1: Market day

There’s no better place in the city to start your three days in Seattle than at the famous Pike Place Market. It’s is the oldest covered market in the U.S. and a favorite among both locals and visitors. The sprawling complex consists of around 24 buildings housing everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to local arts and crafts, and even fresh fish.

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Have a cup at the birthplace of Starbucks (Pike Place Market, 1912 Pike Pl) | Photo by

If you need a little pick-me-up in the morning, head to the original Starbucks located right on 1912 Pike Place. You may have had countless cups of the brand’s popular “Pike Place Roast” without knowing that it’s a reference to the market where it all started. The line for a cup ‘o’ joe directly from the source can be hefty, so if you are short on time snap your pics, gander at some of the memorabilia from the world’s most popular coffee purveyor and grab your cup elsewhere. As good as it is, it’s the same coffee here as at the rest of the locations.

Continue on your tour of the market which, with nearly 500 stalls, shops, and restaurants, could take you the better part of a weekend. Be sure to hit the highlights like the famous flying fish over at Pike Place Fish Market (which is nearly right under the big public market sign). What are these flying fish, you ask? Well, the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market load and unload their stock by passing it through the air in a sort of aerial ballet of hurling fish. In case you need a further demonstration, there’s even a live stream webcam to view them in action here.

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park

After exploringthe market, make your way down to Seattle’s Waterfront Park. Along the shore is a small amusement park complete with carnival rides and a large Ferris wheel named the Seattle Great Wheel. Even if you aren’t up for the rides, you’ll want to come down here to drink in uninterrupted sunset views over Elliot Bay. From here you can watch the sun sink behind the peaks of the Olympic mountains in the distance.

A great place to rest your head while exploring the city is at the Motif Seattle with its great central location and nice views of the city and the bay.


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Nothing screams Seattle more than the Space Needle | Photo by

Day 2: All things uniquely Seattle

In Seattle, you are never too far from good coffee. The city is home to more than 1,600 coffee shops scattered across the metro area. Coffee buffs might be interested in one shop in particular, La Marzocco Cafe. If you’ve ever sipped an espresso, then you’ve more than likely enjoyed it from a La Marzocco machine, which has its roots in the city. Inside the shop, there is also an Espresso Lab where enthusiasts can learn more about the science behind the brown rocket fuel. La Marzocco is also conveniently just a short ways away from the next very iconic stop.

Nothing says Seattle more than the 1960s futuristic Space Needle. This iconic city landmark looks like it’s straight out of The Jetsons. The architects of this 605-foot über futuristic tower may be disappointed that in 2016 we are still not flying around in our personal hover crafts, however, you can still take a ride to the observation deck (520 ft) and at least pretend for a little bit. You can also dine high above Seattle at SkyCity Restaurant which spins around giving stunning views from 500 feet as you eat.

Gum wall

Gum wall

A lesser known and certainly more quirky Seattle landmark is the Market Theater Gum Wall. If you can imagine a 50-foot stretch of wall covered from top to bottom in blobs of old chewing gum, that’s exactly what thegum wall is. The wall started around 1993 when theater patrons began sticking coins to the wall with a piece of gum. After several failed attempts to keep the wall clean, in 1999 it was deemed as a tourist attraction. Then, in November 2015, another cleaning attempt was made as workers removed 2,350 pounds of the sticky stuff, to no avail—more gum started appearing within days.

For a uniquely Seattle dinner or happy hour check out the bizarrely named and decorated Unicorn bar. This quirky themed bar has a one-of-a-kind menu with several types of corn dogs and other twists on carnival food.

Finish your day with a hike up to the north end of town to the top of Queen Anne Hill for some epic views of the city skyline at sunset. Located in Kerry Park, this vista offers some of the best views of skyscrapers in the city, including the Space Needle and across the bay to the Olympic Mountains.


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Perfect reflections of Mt. Rainier at sunset (Photo Location: Reflection Lakes in the south of Mt. Rainier National Park) | Photo by

Day 3: Further afield

If you’ve had your fill of urban entertainment, grab a cup of coffee on the way out of town and head to one of the many natural wonders nearby. Seattle is surrounded by some of the country’s top National Parks, including Olympic National Park to the west and Mt. Rainier about an hour southeast. Get lost among the trees and take in the impressive mountain filled landscapes.

Museum of Flight

Museum of Flight | Flickr CC: Cord Rodefeld

If you fancy yourself more of an aviation geek than an outdoorsy-type, you’ll want to set a course for the Museum of Flight. Seattle has a long history of aviation and is home to one of the world’s largest aircraft makers in the world, Boeing. The museum includes restored vintage planes along with exhibits on the history of flight.

No matter how you plot your course, you’re sure to have a great long weekend in this vibrant Pacific Northwest gem!

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