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As 2016 is rapidly winding down and vacation calendars for next year start to fill up, we wanted to give some photo inspiration on why we think Thailand is worth your precious paid time off. Thailand is a rare blend of amazing food, rich culture, stunning beaches and untouched jungles—all affordable once you actually get there and all waiting to be explored. Here are 17 photographic reasons why Thailand should be on your 2017 travel calendar.

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From north to south, the country of Thailand is much more diverse than most people realize. In the far north, you have the cultural capitals of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. In these northern cities, there seems to be a temple just about everywhere you look. Chiang Mai alone has more than 200 temples and Chiang Rai holds the beautifully ornate White Temple.

In the middle of the country, you have the bustling city of Bangkok. Full of skyscrapers, whiz by tuk-tuks, amazing street food and, most importantly, an energy like no other. In between the action on the streets, there are countless peaceful temples full of stunning architecture. Don’t leave Bangkok without taking in a sunset from a sky bar perched atop a 50-story building.

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Throughout the country, you’ll find amazing food with a wide range of regional twists and flavors. Along with the temperatures, the heat and spice rises the further south you venture. Savory-sweet herbaceous dishes in the north transition to fiery and flavorful curries that the Thais are known for in the country’s bottom half.

In the far south you have magical islands made of jagged rocks, covered in dense jungle and surrounded by some of the most beautiful water on earth. Catch some sunshine on the stunning white sands of the set from the movie The Beach and party the night away on Koh Phi Phi. At the very bottom of Thailand’s border, you have a relatively untouched archipelago. These islands are home to the virgin rainforest of Koh Adang and the island of Koh Lipe—the jewel of the south. Known as the Maldives of Thailand, this cluster of islands lives up to its name and should be on any good Thailand itinerary. Rest your head at night at Salisa Resort right on Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe, nothing beats waking up to an amazing sunrise right outside your room.

If these 17 photos don’t have you packing your bags to Thailand next year, we don’t know what will.

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