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Most people’s idea of Indonesia is the island of Bali and that’s about it. However, there are around 18,306 more islands within the Indonesian archipelago. Seriously, there are that many islands. Another fact that surprises many is that Indonesia is the 4th largest country based on population. Indonesians make up about 3.5% of the world’s population at around 260 million people. What we are trying to say is that Bali is awesome, but there is so much more. Here’s photographic proof that Indonesia needs to be on your shortlist of countries to visit, and promise us you’ll make it further than just Bali.

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Among the most exotic sounding location within Indonesia’s borders is the island of Borneo. Indonesia shares the island with Malaysia and Brunei, and a few thousand wild orangutans. Take a trip down the Sekonyer River to Tanjung Puting National Park and catch a glimpse of these playful and intelligent primates. Alongside the orangutans, you’ll find hundreds of different species of birds and other animals.

Located a few islands to the east of Bali, you’ll find some of the most infamous creatures on earth, the Komodo dragons. Said to be among the closest living relatives of the dinosaurs, you can only find them in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. A visit to see the dragons is sure to be a trip of a lifetime. In addition to hosting the Komodo dragons, the island also boasts remarkable green hills surrounded by turquoise waters.

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Even further east from Bali and Komodo in the turbulent Banda Sea lie thousands of islands so remote they are sometimes called the Forgotten Islands. Among the forgotten that are closer to civilization (using the term loosely) is Wakatobi and the cluster of islands holding the same name. On these small islands, you can find people living the way they have for centuries, including men fishing from small wooden boats and families living in small bamboo huts suspended over the sea. Places like Wakatobi are becoming increasing hard to find in modern times, which is what’s most enjoyable about it.

We’d be remiss not to discuss Indonesia without mentioning everyone’s favorite island—Bali. Located near the center of the archipelago, Bali is a bit of an anomaly being the only predominantly Hindu island in the entire country. The beautiful Hindu temples and warm friendly people of the island are a large part of why it’s so beloved. The center of the island is filled with giant volcanoes and peppered with tranquil green rice paddies. The shores are a favorite with surfers from around the world with turbulent seas driving waves to pound the shores most of the year.

These 17 photos barely scratch the surface of all the amazing places in this massive country so go see Indonesia for yourself!

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