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Thirteen may seem like a strange number of photos to convince you that you should pack your bags for Oregon, but the state itself is a little quirky. Some of its biggest highlights, for example, have names like the Devil’s Punchbowl and Cannon Beach. Oregon’s biggest attraction, Crater Lake, is a giant hole in the earth left over from a volcano and also happens to be the deepest lake in the country (betcha didn’t know that!). If that’s not enough to make Oregon part of next summer’s plans then how aboutsome giant phallic shaped rocks to stare at? Still haven’t peaked your interest? Maybe Portland’s abundant supply of microbrews and laid-back hipster vibe will pull you in? If all else fails, here are a few of our favorite photos to fuel some wanderlust for this quirky Pacific Northwest gem.

Get in touch with nature along the 363 miles of Oregon coastline | Photo by
Mmm, beer | Photo by
Food carts seem to be everywhere you turn in Portland | Photo by
Some of the tastiest brews in the country come from this region; make time to thoroughly sample your way around the city | Photo by
Head down the trail to the shoreline at sunset | Photo by
The swirling waters of the Devil's Punchbowl | Photo by
Oregon Sand Dunes at Sunset | Photo by
Amazing Crate Lake | Photo by
Hey look at that rock, it look like a... rocket | Photo by
The islands of Crater Lake just barely poke through its surface | Photo by
360 degree views of stunning Crater Lake National Park | Photo by
Oregon sure likes its oddly shaped rocks | Photo by
You can't help but feel small when standing on the rim of Crater lake | Photo by


No place in Oregon, if not the whole country, is more off-beat than the state’s biggest city. Portland holds the record for most breweries within the city limits in the entire world, and if there was a record for the highest percentage of bearded men, they’d probably win that, too. Along with the beer, Portland is home to more than 700 food carts full of one-of-a-kind local eats. When you have had your fill of Portland head on down the road to see what therest of the state has to offer.

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Straight west from Portland is one of coastal Oregon’s most iconic scenes. Cannon Beach consists of a few massive boulders plopped down on the sandy shore of Oregon’s coastline. Behind the beach is a cute little town full of shops, restaurants, and small vacation homes perfect for a few days of seaside relaxation.

Further down Highway 101 is the aptly named Devil’s Punchbowl. Inside the round, open-topped rock formation, water gushes in through a small hole in the wall. The swirling and churning tides inside this unique set of rocks are most definitely worth pulling off the highway for. A bit further down the road are the Oregon Sand Dunes. This rolling dune field is a great place to watch the sun make its way toward the sea at the end of a long day exploring the state.

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The last stop on our visual tour of the Beaver State is none other than Crater Lake. Around 7,500 years ago the top blew off of Mt. Mazama leaving behind a gaping hole that filled with water. A few islands poke up from the surface adding to its photo appeal. Aside from the crater, the area also includes the lesser visited and infinitely more strange peculiar shaped rocks on the outskirts of the park.

This short list barely scratches the surface of all the great state of Oregon has inside its borders. We hope we inspired you to see Oregon for yourself sometime soon!

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