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If you’ve never been to Utah, you don’t know what you’re missing. For most people, the Beehive State is kind of a blank slate. Maybe you’ve heard of Salt Lake, but other than that, isn’t the rest just kinda dry, flat and boring? At least that’s what we thought before a recent road trip to this surprisingly awesome state. Here are 11 photos that show why Utah needs to be high on your U.S. bucket list.

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Anyone who has road tripped or even just driven through Utah can probably tell you what’s on the Utahan’s license plates. For those who haven’t, it’s the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. This chunk of rock is probably the most famous in a state full of amazing rock formations and landscapes. You can see this precariously balanced set of stones for yourself at Arches National Park. While you’re there, don’t miss the other 2,000 or so sandstone arches inside the park’s borders.

For even more bizarrely shaped rocks, point your car toward the sparsely inhabited southeastern corner of the state. What this area lacks in population, it makes up for in massive rocks protruding straight into the sky. Monument Valley is home to a huge number of spectacular red rock buttes. With just a little imagination you see the resemblance between these otherworldly rocks and everyday objects. One of the most famous is the Mitten Rock, shaped like—you guessed it—a hand inside a glove or mitten.

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If you’ve had your fill of oddly shaped rocks then head over to Zion National Park in the Southwestern corner of the state. This park is a perennial favorite among National Park enthusiasts. Serious rock climbers come here to tackle thousands of vertical feet every year. There are plenty of hikes that will get you just as high as the climbers, but without the ropes. Angels Landing is a top pick, but not for those with a fear of heights. If you’d rather be behind a camera than in a pair of hiking boots, Zion has countless epic landscapes begging to be photographed.

Make sure to plan enough time tovisit all that Utah has to offer, which is probably more than you thought. These are only a handful of highlights with plenty more National Parks and Monuments left to explore. No matter the season, Utah has something special going on.

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