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On any given day nearly 2 million Americans take to the skies and hundreds of thousands more are criss-crossing the country via car or rail. That’s a lot of people who may miss the chance to have their voices heard on November 8.

That’s why Orbitz is partnering with Google to give travelers information on where and how to vote absentee before they travel to make sure everyAmerican—even jet-setters—has their voice heard on Election Day.

Looking for more info on how to vote absentee? Make sure your voice is heard this November!

*Click here to register

*Click here to vote early

*Click here to vote absentee

See below for more voting stats and remember to #votebeforeyougo.

Election fact for absentee voting

Only 56.5% vote in person at polling places
Nearly 22 million (or 16.6%) of domestic voters cast absentee ballots
Uniformed and overseas citizens accounted for 600,000 or .5% of votes cast
Voting by mail accounted for 6.5 million or 4.9% of votes cast
Early voting accounts for 11.8 million or 9% of all votes cast
The state with the highest voter turnout rate is Minnesota
The state with the lowest voter turnout rate is Mississippi
The states with the highest amount of absentee voters are Colorado, Arizona, Montana and Georgia

Source: * 2012 polling data

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Jason Heidemann

Jason Heidemann

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