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Is it even possible not to have Fiji on your bucket list? Well, in case it somehow missed your bucket, we’re here to fix that. Tropical and idyllic, this group of 300 islands in the South Pacific really does live up to its reputation. From jungle waterfalls to the famously friendly locals, here are nine reasons Fiji belongs on your bucket list.

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White sand surrounded by coral reef and tropical waters – Photo by

The beaches

It should be a no-brainer, but the feature that draws most people to the tropical islands of Fiji are the beaches. There are more than 300 small white sand islands scattered in the warm waters of the South Pacific.



Diving in Fiji is among some of the best in the world – Photo by


With colorful corals, exotic fish and visibility that seems to go on forever, diving another major Fiji island should be on your bucket list. Not a diver? Not to worry: You can get certified on vacation here and start exploring everything under the sea—including Nemo & Dory.



Get a taste of local life in Fiji – Photo by

Island life

Something that sets Fiji apart from other resort destinations is that many times a resort shares a small island with a local village. That brings you closer to the famously friendly people who call these stunning islands home. While in Fiji, be sure to visit a local village to get a taste of local life. If you’re really lucky, you might get a chance to participate in a Kava ceremony. Sip on the local drink of choice, which may or may not have some hallucinogenic properties.



This is the island Tom Hanks hung out with Wilson for a couple of years in the movie Cast Away – Photo by

The movie scenes

Over the years, plenty of movies have been shot around the islands. One of the most famous would have to be Cast Away. The beach and cliff where Tom Hanks hung out with his sporty little buddy Wilson really exists here.

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Every shade of blue you can imagine – Photo by

The water color

The are no less than 5 shades of blue in the waters around the Fijian islands. The water as it laps the shore is nearly clear and colorless and then gradually turns to aqua. Further from the beach, the water takes on electric blue hues before finally giving way to a rich royal blue. We could stare out onto the enchanting water for hours.



Seaplane is the only way to get around – Photo by

Seaplane rides

A must on any trip to Fiji is a seaplane ride. The best views of the islands come from a few thousand feet above, from the window of a small seaplane. Many islands offer seaplane services as a mode of reaching the resorts but it’s more than just a way to get you from A to B—the views are simply stunning.



Sandbank islands, here for a limited time only – Photo by

Sandbank islands

An unexpected treat while in Fiji are the small sandbank islands that emerge fromthe sea during low tide. Above the surface of the water for a limited time each day these islands make for a great day trip.



In Fiji playing with fire is encouraged – Photo by

Fire dancing

Who doesn’t like to play with fire? When the sun goes down in Fiji the fire dancers come out. Be sure to attend a traditional show with dancers in grass skirts, drumming and of course whirling flaming torches.



On the dock is the best place to be at sunset – Photo by


The perfect way to finish any day in Fiji is to head to the dock, or high on the island, and watch the sun go down. Grab a few of the green labeled Fiji Bitter beers and just enjoy the colorful spectacle.

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