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Do you know where your coffee comes from? Have you ever wondered how it’s made or what exactly makes a good cup? There’s actually a lot of hard work that goes into every drop of coffee and, coincidentally, it grows best in some pretty interesting places. People passionate about their morning brew might be interested to take a trip to where their beans were born. Here are 5 amazing destinations for coffee lovers:

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Coffee tasting in Antigua, Guatemala

Coffee tasting in Antigua, Guatemala | Flickr CC: Werner Bayer

Antigua, Guatemala

This small, Central American country has built a reputation for high-quality coffee over the past few decades. The lush highlands provide an ideal climate to raise the prized coffee berries. Get a taste of Antigua’s emerging cafe culture at one of the many roasters around the main square in the city. Aside from some amazing coffee, Antigua’s also got plenty of colonial charm and Guatemala as a whole offers visitors a great alternative to travelers who love Costa Rica but want to explore even further.

Rolling hills in Colombia

Rolling hills in Colombia

Salento, Colombia

If there is one country in the world that most people associate with coffee, it’s Colombia. Between Juan Valdez and the lush hills in the highlands, Colombia is known worldwide for itshigh-gradebeans. The charming town of Salento, Colombia is situated in the rich coffee zone of the country. Surrounded on all sides by rich green slopes, Salento is the perfect place to explore and learn how coffee is actually made. Every coffee lover’s bucket list should include putting on a pair of rubber boots and hitting the coffee fields in Colombia. Make sure to stay right on a coffee farm, or finca as they call it in Spanish, for the full experience.

Kopi Luwak in Bali

Kopi Luwak in Bali | Flickr CC: Philipp Al

Bali, Indonesia

For some of the priciest coffee in the world head to Bali for a cup of Kopi Luwak that will make your Starbucks order seem utterly affordable. This special brew is like no other and starts with a very strange first step. Instead of handpicking the beans, a small animal called a civet does the hard part. This small cat-like creature eats the coffee berries from the bush and then the beans are collected from the animal droppings. The digestive process changes the beans, removing much of the bitterness and making a super smooth and tasty brew. This style of coffee isn’t exclusive to Bali, but it’s one of the best places to check out the interesting brew. If you plan to bring back a bag, leave about $150 in your travel budget for a single pound of this prized coffee.

Espresso in Rome

Espresso in Rome | Flickr CC: Sarah-Rose

Rome, Italy

Although Italy doesn’t grow the beans within its borders, the café culture and long coffee roasting tradition makes it worth a visit. The Italians’ obsession with the coffee bean has lead to many of the coffee making tools and drinks we’ve all grown to love. Take a trip to Rome and explore the vast array of micro coffee roasters serving up tinycups of delicious espresso and other favorites. The average Italian has about four shots of espresso per day, so grab a table at local favorite La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D’oro and get a taste of local life.

Coffee ceremony in Ethiopia

Coffee ceremony in Ethiopia | Flickr CC: MSC Urban Development Planning


The eastern African country is literally the home of coffee. The energizing berries were first discovered around 1,000 years ago by goat herders. They noticed their animals would have some extra pep in their step whenever they atethe berries from what would later come to be known as the coffee plant. From the hills of Ethiopia, the coffee plant has spread around the world and has become the morning drink of choice for most of the world. While visiting this country, a virtual pilgrimage destination for coffee fanatics, be sure to participate in a traditional coffee ceremony and try its unique butter coffee.

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