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In case you didn’t know, there are actually scientific reasons why you feel horrible after stepping off a long-haul flight. Your brain has chemicals that help maintain your rhythm of sleep and active periods, and a trip across the globe is sure to mess with them. So, while we all know the effects of abrupt time zone changes, these six sure-fire tips can help you beat jet lag and get you back on track after a long flight.

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Arriving to your destination late is the best way to get back on track – Photo by:

Arrive late

The single biggest factor when it comes to beating jet lag is to get your sleep rhythm back on track as quickly as possible. When considering flights, look for options that arrive at your destination a few hours before a normal bedtime in the new time zone. Upon arrival, have a meal, relax and keep yourself awake until a normal bedtime. If you can, stay up a little past your regular snooze time to ensure you have a solid sleep and are ready for the rest of your vacation.

Tire yourself out

If you are struggling to get your body and mind adjusted, try wearing yourself out. A long walk around the town is a great way to see a city and it should fatigue you enough so you can sleep through the night and wake up adjust to your new time zone.


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A little sunshine on your face will have you feeling right as rain after a long flight – Photo by:

Get some sun

Scientists now believe that the lack of light inside of an airplane has a significant impact on your body. The dark plane can throw your brain chemistry off and can increase the feeling of jet lag. An easy way to beat jet lag is to spend some time outside early on in your trip to help get your body used to the new time zone. The more time zones you cross the more important this becomes when you’re looking for ways to beat jet leg.

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Stay awake

Whatever you do, don’t tap out early. Heading for bed early is asking for trouble and can prolong the effects of jet lag. If arriving into a destination early in the daytime after a longflight, consider an afternoon nap. A post lunch siesta will help you stay awake until a normal bedtime and assist in more quickly adjusting to the new time zone.


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It’s for the jet lag… – Photo by:

Stay Hydrated

The air on planes is notoriously dry and can cause you to become dehydrated, especially on a long haul flight. A lack of water has an effect on your body’s entire system, including being able to fight through jet lag. Make sure to get lots of refills on your water cup while on the plane.

Restore your sleep cycle

Atrip across an ocean is sure to alteryour normal sleeping schedule. If you’re looking for ways to beat jet lag and get your groove back, you may need some help. Some expert travelers swear by foods with natural sedative qualities and others sleep aids. Another way to make sure the sandman pays a visit is to take advantage of the free welcome drink at the hotel bar.

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