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Maybe it’s the frigid winters or possibly the copious amounts of cheese, but there’s no denying life in Wisconsin is a little different. If you grew up in the Badger State you probably didn’t realize the rest of the country doesn’t wear foam hats that resemble dairy products. You also probably didn’t realize how lucky you were to grow up in there. Whether it’s uncanny tailgating skills or superhuman winter driving abilities, here are 33 signs you were raised in Wisconsin.

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1. You’ve skipped school or called in sick to work to go deer hunting.

2. Even if you know nothing about football, you cheer on the Green Bay Packers.

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Flickr-8

Do you know where the bubbler is? |Flickr CC: d76

3. To you, a bubbler is something you drink water from and a water fountain is something out in the garden.

4. You arrive to a sporting event at least two hours early, but are still sometimes late to the game because you were tailgating. 

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Flickr-9

Who wants a brat? |Flickr CC: tyler_r

5. You consider yourself an expert tailgater, grill master and a bratwurst connoisseur.

6. When you hear the 1983 song “Bang the Drum All Day” you know the Packers just scored a touchdown.

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Flickr-4

No membership needed at supper clubs in Wisconsin |Flickr CC: eatdrinkmadison

7. You’ve been to a supper club, and you know it does not require a membership.

8. You have self-proclaimed that the state bird should be the mosquito.

9. Your go-to drink is a brandy old fashioned.

10. You wear Packer gear to work, to church and all 12 months of the year.

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Flickr-7

A path literally right to the grill |Flickr CC: Joe Loogon

11. You shovel a path in the snow to your barbecue grill in the winter.

12. You carry a survival kit in your trunk in the winter in the likely event you slide off the road in a snowstorm.

Squeak-Easy Cheese Curds_2

Deep fried cheddar cheese curds served with ranch dressing, a must have appetizer in Wisconsin |Photo courtesy of Travel Milwaukee

13. You know how good cheese curds taste — but more importantly — sound like.

14. You or someone in your family has hit adeer, or multiple deer, with their car.

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Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Visit Milwaukee-1

Never ending cheese aisle in Wisconsin | Photo courtesy of Visit Milwaukee

15. You consume far more than the recommended amount of cheese every year.16. You’ve said a prayer for the Packers to win on Sunday.

17. You’ve actually used TYME machine.

18. You take offense when someone pronounces the state name with a “west” and not “wis” and might have actually said: “There is no ‘East-sconsin’ so why are you pronouncing it ‘West-sconsin’?”

19. When you’re invited to afish fry you don’t even have to ask, you just know it’s on a Friday.

20. You know it’s perfectly legal for a child to drink in a bar if they are with a parent.

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Flickr-6

Just a typical winter day in Wisconsin | Flickr CC: Nick Olejniczak

21. You take pride in your ability to drive in a blizzard.

22. Everyone knows you’re going on vacation whenyou say you’re headed “up north.”

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Visit Milwaukee-2

Yes, Wisconsinites are cheeseheads! | Photo courtesy of Visit Milwaukee

23. It’s totally normal to you when you see someone wearing a foam hat that resembles a giant wedge of cheese.

24. You laugh, and believe it to be true when someone says: ”There are three seasons: hunting, winter and road construction!”

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Flickr-2

Wisconsin deer hunter heading out into the woods |Flickr CC: Kevin Chang

25. There is a section of your closet dedicated to the color blaze orange.

26. You consider a stuffed deer head a living room decoration. Isn’t it, though?

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Flickr-1

Green Bay Packers cheerleading cheering on the Packers Flickr CC: Mike Morbeck

27. Your weekend plans revolve around the Packer’s schedule because doing anything other than watching the game is strictly forbidden.

28. You are born despising Illinois drivers and you know what a FIB is (or maybe you don’t but you still use the term).

29. Lake Michigan will always be your eastern reference point.

Orbitz-Signs You Were Born In Wisconsin-Flickr-3

Polka time in Wisconsin |Flickr CC: Joe Brusky

30. There was at least one polka played at your wedding or a wedding you attended in the past year.

31. You consider yourself a Bloody Mary aficionado and if a Bloody doesn’t have at least 10 toppings you’re not drinking it.

Orbitz-7 Reasons Milwaukee is cooler than you think-Frozen Custard-Flickr-1

Frozen Custard will change your life, or at least the way you look at ice cream – Photo credit: Michael Newman – CC

32. You know the difference between frozen custard and ice cream and where to find the best of both.

33. When you tell someone where you’re from you use your hand as a map of the great state of Wisconsin!

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