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With the mention of Israel, most people’s thoughts go to conflict. They skip over the beauty and history that lie within the small borders of this vibrant Middle East nation. About the size of the State of New Jersey, Israel is packed with some of the most important religious sites on earth, with at least three of the world’s largest religions having major ties to the area. Some ruins even date back thousands of years, before anyone believed in any of these higher powers. From end to end,the climate changes from dry desert to misty highlands and is lined with the gorgeous coast of the Mediterranean, making it easy—just for a moment—to step back from the controversy and admire the raw beauty in this part of the world.

These images avoid the famous religious sites that are at the core of the conflict in the region and instead focus on the country’s undeniable beauty. No matter your faith, we can all agree the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking. Plan a visit and form your own opinions. Once you go, you’ll know how truly beautiful it is both naturally and culturally. Enjoy this photo gallery of stunning Israel.

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