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Every summer, Mediterranean hotspots fill with so many umbrellas you can barely see the sand. Although places like the French Riviera are beautiful, the lack of space to set down a beach towel is a turnoff to many visitors. If you’re looking for a bit more relaxation in your next Mediterranean vacation, head to one of these under the radar beach destinations.

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Take a leap from the ledge at Peter’s Pool | Flickr CC:  Marco Chiesa

Delimara Peninsula, Malta

Escape the busy beaches found in other parts of Europe, and even Malta, and head to the far southeast corner of this island nation. The best wayto explore this little gem is to rent a car and drive yourself to the Delimara Peninsula. Throughout the coastal drive, there are plenty of little swim spots to break up the drive with some sunshine and salt water. One of the most famous pull-offs is Peter’s Pool where limestone cliffs give way to warm turquoise waters. The pool is a great place to spend a few hours taking in the dramatic sights and cliff diving for the adventurous. A popular place to stay while visiting the region is the traditional fishing village of Marsaxlokk with its harbor full of colorful boats.

The stunning town and harbor of Hvar, Croatia | Photo courtesy of

Hvar Croatia

When first arriving at the island of Hvar most notice one of two things, the impressive white stone buildings or the stunning turquoise waters. Both have something in common, they have the naturally bright white limestone to thank for their beauty. The bright white sand and rock on the sea floor reflect the sun’s light and make the water look reminiscent of the Caribbean. In the harbor, the small boats almost appear to be floating in mid-air the water is so clear. Hvar’s long history and stunning natural beauty means it won’t stay a secret forever.

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Just floating along the stunning coastline near Chia | Flickr CC:  Cristiano Cani

Chia, Sardinia

At the southern tip of Sardinia lies a long stretch of pristine bays and the quiet village of Chia. Besides being relatively devoid of tourists, the sand has a unique pinkish cast, especially when wetted by the crystal clear waters of the Med. Besides the natural beauty, this area has a long history dating back several centuries BC including sites left behind by the Phoenician people. If all that’s not enough to pay a visit to Chia, the inland lagoons are full of colorful flamingos!

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The craziest shaped beach maybe in the world in Bol, Croatia | Flickr CC:  Szabolcs Emich

Bol, Croatia

A beach this unique won’t stay under the radar too much longer. The dramatic pointed shape of this stunning beach in Bol is the main draw for tourists visiting the area. Its name is Zlatni Rat, or Golden Cape, and it stretches over a quarter mile into the beautiful waters that surround the island. Although this particular beach has got the attention in the past couple of years from beach aficionados, there are still many other bays on the island you can have just about to yourself. In addition to just lounging, the strong currents and winds that formed this beach also make for some top rate windsurfing.

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The 5 colors of blueoff the shores of Fomentera |Flickr CC:  Nacho Pintos

Formentera, Spain

If you didn’t know any better you’d think you were in the Caribbean rather than Spain while visiting Formentera. The white sands and turquoise waters might not be what you expect in the middle of the Mediterranean but this hidden gem is just a short boat ride from Ibiza. Like most places in the world, there are some parts of the island that are starting to catch on with visitors. Migjorn Beach is one of those places with a nice piece of sand and colorful waters. However, you can still always find a quiet spot on the beach.

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