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Have you long fancied a London holiday? Now is a jolly good time to pop the pound, uhh, pond. The pound has collapsed 14% against the dollar and 11% against the euro since the U.K. voted to leave the European Union in June. One pound is now less than $1.29—the cheapest it’s been in 31 years. If you ever said you’d only be able to afford a trip to London when pigs could fly, well, the pigs have left the pen. They’ve flown to London for an affordable vacation. You’ll never believe these 5 London splurges you can now afford.

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buckingham palace-london

Buckingham Palace

Yes, the centrepiece of U.K.’s constitutional monarchy wherein lives the Queen, is open to mere peasants through October 2. For a mere £74 ($95.40 at the current exchange rate), you get two tickets to explore the palace, its 19 state rooms, the Royal Mews and the Queen’s Gallery. Just last month it was a whopping $111. One of the few royal palaces left in the world, Buckingham is a must visit. The culture-centre of your brain will thank you—and your wallet will not tell you to bugger off.

TKTS Booth in Leicester Square

TKTS Booth in Leicester Square | Flickr CC: Counse


The official London theatre ticket booth, located in the ever-so-entertaining Leicester Square, sells up to half-price tickets for day-of performances of London’s most well-known plays and musicals. Two tickets to “Kinky Boots,” one of London’s hottest current shows are now $206, that’s $34 less than it would have cost you just last month. Bloody awesome.

Regent Street

Regent Street | Flickr CC: Tony Webster

Luxury fashion

So, the plunging value of the British pound means that your spending power in terms of dollars and cents will go much further while you are there (thanks Brex). Brands like Burberry and Ted Baker can definitely make it into your shopping bag as you strut down Regent Street. There’s still a lot we don’t know. Like how all the loose change will shake out, but right now, it’s clear you should splurge on those sunglasses and that autumn scarf. And throw in a silk dress or two from the 2016 collection.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea | Flickr CC: finedininglondon

Afternoon Tea

There are a myriad of places to take afternoon tea thanks to Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who popularized the tradition when she decided she needed a tea and snack medley each afternoon. But, if you want to sip something special, check out Brown’s Hotel Tea-Tox where none other than Queen Victoria used to take her tea. It is served in the luxurious English Tea Room, a perfect Lond-indulgence. The low-carb, low-sugar, low-fat spread is full of rich taste. Who needs a scone when you can gorgeon flourless dark chocolate and zesty yoghurt-topped orange cakes? For £47.50 (roughly $62), this flavourful infusion of wonder and history is yours. If you’re looking for the best traditional afternoon tea-sperience, simmer down to the Ritz and enjoy its lavish spread at £52 (roughly $68.40).

Masala Zone

Masala Zone | Flickr CC: Ewan Munro

Fine Indian fill-up

London is renowned for its Indian food. It’s true. With 5 locations around town including SoHo and Islington, Masala Zone specializes in chapatis, dal,vegetable canapés and more delightful dishes sure to curry your favor. If you hit up this inspired family-owned Indian spot before 6:30pm, you can chow on a two-course meal for just £8.50 (roughly $11) a person.

Lastly, with a tastecard, you get 50% off food or 2-for-1 meals at a host of participating restaurants around town. Joining tastecard is £1, so there’s really no reason not to splurge on the card, then save a bunch as you dine trendily around town. Well…cheerio!

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