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Looking for road trip inspiration? We’re going to convince you that your next big adventure should be a good ole’ fashion road trip through the Grand Canyon State. Aside from the fact that it’s the only state that holds a full fledged wonder of the world within it borders, there are about a 1,000 other reasons that make Arizona a pretty cool state to take a road trip. As impressive as the Grand Canyon is, there’s a lot more to see. Northern Arizona is pretty much a photographer’s playground and kitschy Route 66 cuts right through the middle of the state.

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Suggested itineraries

Try a trip around the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona. This route goes past some of the state’s popular and scenic spots. A great starting point is at the Hoover Dam which stands tall between the Nevada and Arizona borders. From here, follow the road to the Canyon making stops at Lake Mead on your way to the Canyon’s west rim. Those not terrified of heights can walk out on the famous glass bridgefor incredible views. If you still haven’t got your Canyon fill, make a stop at the South Rim Visitor Center with Some stunning sunrises.

Next up is Page, Arizona which is surrounded in all directions by natural wonders. Just outside the small city is Horseshoe Bend, Upper & Lower Antelope Canyons and the Vermillion Cliffs. If you have any more room on your camera’s memory card, head toward the Arizona-Utah border to catch a glimpse of Monument Valley.

Feeling more nostalgic than photographic? Arizona has got you covered too. Hit historic Route 66 which runs peacefully as a two-lane highway for nearly 100 miles throughout the state. The old road winds through small towns like Seligman which are full of charm and quirky roadside attractions. This classic piece of pavement is one of the longest stretches on the original Route 66 and is sure to bring you back in time.

No matter which road you choose, you’re sure to find your perfect road trip along Arizona’s asphalt!

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    1. Sedona gets some snow, but not nearly as much as the northern part of the state. Snow on the layer ledges of the red rocks is gorgeous.

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