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Want to pucker up just like your favorite films stars do? From New York’s Empire State building to the beaches of Italy, film fans and wandering lovers alike can recreate the kissing scenes of their favorite movie idols in the exact same location. So pack lots of lip balm and check out these special spots around the world for recreating the perfect silver screen peck:

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View from the top of the Empire State Building

XOXO| Flickr CC: faungg’s photos

“Sleepless In Seattle”: Empire State Building, New York

A journey to the historic, 102-floor skyscraper towering above midtown Manhattan should be an essential New York sojourn for any visitor, but add the sentimental final scene from the ’90s classic “SleeplessIn Seattle,” and you’ve got romantic gold. Meg Ryan’s character Annie, rushes to the Empire State observation deck to meet Sam played by Tom Hanks, in a rendezvous orchestrated by his adorable son Jonah. Well, the observation deck is closed but that doesn’t stop the lovebirds from finally connecting atop the building, complete with Jonah and his teddy bear looking on. Catch the early morning light between 8 and 11 am, when crowds are lightest.

Terminal 5 Heathrow International

Kisses, actually | Flickr CC: terminal 5 insider

“Love Actually”: Heathrow Airport, London

Love is indeed all around when it comes to the sprawling international airport. According to a study launched by Heathrow, 74 kisses are exchanged every hour at the London airport and that’s a big part of the inspiration for “Love Actually,” which opens and closes with scenes of hugging and kissing at Heathrow’s arrival gates. If that’s not enough snogging for you, head to Grosvenor Chapel in Mayfair, where Juliet and Peter, played by Keira Knightly and Chiwetel Ejiofor, lock lips after their heart-warming wedding.

Eternity Beach

Feeling sun kissed at Eternity Beach | Flickr CC: NOAA Photo Library

“From Here To Eternity”: Halona Cove, Oahu, Hawaii

With waves splashing against two entangled bodies stretched out on the beach, the sizzling smooch between Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster in “From Here To Eternity” counts as the most famous kiss in film history. The Academy-Award-winning classic tells the story of American soldiers stationed in Hawaii just before Pearl Harbor, and the illicit affair between Lancaster and Kerr’s characters Sergeant Warden and army wife Karen Holmes are standouts. Located on the southeastern shore of Oahu,Halona Cove requires a climb down steep rocks to access the beach, now fittingly called Eternity Beach.

Ngong Hills, Kenya

Never run out of smooches against the Ngong Hills backdrop | Wiki CC: Siegmund Kamau

“Out of Africa”: Ngong Hills, Kenya

The period love story of Karen Blixen and Denys Finch Hatton weaves the surreal beauty of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley into the ’80s movie “Out Of Africa” so that the wild landscape is just as much a character as the twolovers. Meryl Streep and Robert Redford kiss throughout the movie but their kiss in the tent, with roaming lions and an expansive valley in the background, is unforgettable. Ngong Hills, located just outside Nairobi in the southwest of Kenya, is marked by four soaring peaks and surrounding Massai villages.

Amalfi Coast

Baci! (Kisses in Italian) | Flickr CC: How I See Life

“Under The Tuscan Sun”: Positano, Italy

Roaming through the gorgeous scenery of the Amalfi Coast is magical enough but “Under The Tuscan Sun” shows off the beauty of Italian life as well. Frances, played by Diane Lane, arrives heartbroken from her recent divorce but is quickly revived with the purchase of an Italian villa and the attentions of Marcello, played by Raoul Bova. Their first kiss, on a Positano beach with crystalline waves crashing and a majestic cliff as the backdrop, is the stuff of fairy tales. Follow the narrow pathway down the cliff in Positano to get to Fornillo Beach, to create your own magic.

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