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When most people think of North Dakota they probably think of the Movie Fargo, or maybe the state’s recent oil boom, but not necessarily as a tourist destination. However, there are a ton of great reasons to visit North Dakota. Here are 7 attractions you probably didn’t know about that will make you want to put North Dakota on your summer travel plans.

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Orbitz-7 reasons North Dakota is cooler than you tought-buffalo-TRNP-1

Buffalo grazing in Theodore Roosevelt National Park – Photo by Author

Explore Theodore Roosevelt National Park

TR National Park has got to be one of the most underrated National Parks in the entire country even though it was a major inspiration to Theodore Roosevelt and the creation of the National Parks System. Drive throughmassivecanyon systems with colorful rock formations and see buffalo roaming on the roadside and wild horses galloping through the park’s valleys. You can even visit a city of cute little prairie dogs inside the park. The best part is, even in peak months you won’t see hordes of other park visitors.

Orbitz-7 reasons North Dakota is cooler than you thought-Sleep-in-a-Tipi

Traditional Tipi in Cross Ranch State Park – Photo by Author

Sleep in a tipi

There aren’t too many places in the world where you can still sleep in a tipi, but North Dakota is one of them. Rent this unique overnightexperience from the rangers at the Cross Ranch State Park along the banks of the Missouri River and settle down for the night in a replica of a structure originally inhabited by indigenous North Americans.

Orbitz-7 reasons North Dakota is cooler than you thought-Pitchfork-Fondue

Pitchfork fondue in Medora, ND – Photo by Author

Eat a steak cooked on a pitchfork

The pitchfork fondue has been a Medora, North Dakota tradition for more than 50 years. Around sunset in summertime, you’ll find giant pots with pitchforks hanging out of the top and the smell of sizzling steakin the air. Join the lively atmosphere with live music and a giant country cookout. When the sun goes down, head down to the steps to the Burning Hills Amphitheater to watch the Medora Musical, another summer staple in this part of the state.

Orbitz-7 reasons North Dakota is cooler than you thought-Custer-House

Custer House at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park – Photo by Author

Visit Custer’s Last House

General Custer was living in a frontier home near present-day Bismarck before his infamous last stand. Here you can walk the halls of this rebuilt historichome and get a glimpse into life during Custer’s time. Also located in Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park are reconstructed Native American earth lodges depicting the lifestyle of the Mandan Indians.

Orbitz-7 reasons North Dakota is cooler than you thought-Mountain-Biking

Mountain Biking on the Maah Daah Hey Trail outside of Medora, ND – Photo by Author

Hit the trails

North Dakota is full of trails and wilderness areas to jump on a mountain bike and explore. One of the state’s most well known is the Maah Daah Hey Trail that winds around the town of Medora, just outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Orbitz-7 reasons North Dakota is cooler than you thought-Salem-Sue

Salem Sue – The world’s largest Holstein cow statue – Photo by Author

Snap a pic of Salem Sue

Is there anything cooler than a 50-foot fiberglass statue of a cow? Salem Sue is the world’s largest Holstein and sits on school hill in the town of New Salem, where she’s been since 1974. You can’t miss this massive black and white beauty. You can actually see her for several miles before reaching exit 127 S on HWY 94. If cows aren’t your thing, just a few miles down the road lives the world’s largest tin family.

Orbitz-7 reasons North Dakota is cooler than you thought-Fargo Theater

Fargo Theater old neon sign – Photo by Author

Discover Fargo

Fargo is as big as cities come in North Dakota, but with its quaint red brick buildings and classic neon signs maintains its small(er) town feel. The most famous of the signs, lit up in red, green, and yellow is hung on the Fargo Theater. Inside the theater,there are daily screenings of Hollywood movies and independent films. For craft brew enthusiasts, make sure to check out the city’s budding craft beer scene offering up some tasty brews.

Orbitz-7 reasons North Dakota is cooler than you thought-Sunflower-fields

Sunflower fields in rural North Dakota – Photo by Author

Spot sunflower fields

North Dakota is one of the top producers of sunflowers in the U.S. and in late summer there are oceans of yellow lining the highway. There is no flower that screams summer more than a bright yellow sunflower.

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