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Croatia is a country that sometimes gets overlooked when planning a summer Europe trip. With its crystal clear waters just as beautiful and blue as the Greek Islands, landmarks dating back to Roman times and a Mediterranean climate that’s the same as neighboring hotspots (but usually at a fraction of the cost), it should really be at the top of every traveler’s list. Here are five reasons to visit Croatia now:

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Orbitz-5 Reasons to Visit Croatia-Hvar Island-1

Boats floating near Hvar Island – Photo by Author

1. The turquoise waters of Hvar Island

After seeing pictures of Hvar, do you really need any more reason to visit Croatia? We didn’t think so. Just in case you needed any more motivation, a short walk from the harbor there is history dating back to 200 BC. Visit buildings constructed using the same bright white limestone that makes the water such an amazing color.

Orbitz-5 Reasons to Visit Croatia-Dubrovnik-1-3

The walled city of Dubrovnik – Phot0 by Author

2. The walled city of Dubrovnik

The beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik is reason alone to visit this amazing country. Dubrovnik is beautiful both inside the walls and out. Walking through the main gates to the city you feel transported back in time. Wander the long narrow alleyways and admire the detailed baroque style churches. At sunset, make your way to the top of the city via the walkway on top of the walls for stunning sundownviews.

Orbitz-5 Reasons to Visit Croatia-Game of Thrones-1

“King’s Landing” a real life scene from the Game of Thrones TV Series – Photo by Author

3. Take a walk around the Game of Thrones sets

Croatia is home to a large number of filming locations for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. You can find filming locations scattered across the country and a high concentration of them around Dubrovnik. There’s even a tour to visit all the filming sites around the city.

Orbitz-5 Reasons to Visit Croatia-Sailing-1

Sail boat in front of one of the many Dalmatian Islands of Croatia | Photo by Author

4. The Dalmatian Islands

The Adriatic Sea is sprinkled with clusters of small islands off the coast of Croatia. The islands protect the coast and keep the waters calm, but they also make a great place to take a sailing trip while visiting Croatia. Many sailboats take week long trips from Dubrovnik or Split and visit several locations on the sail. Sailing around these gorgeous islands is a great way to spend a week of your summer vacation.

Orbitz-5 Reasons to Visit Croatia-Dubrovnik-1

A view of Dubrovnik from above – Photo by Author

5. The Mediterranean cuisine

Croatia enjoys a very similar climate to other Mediterranean countries and is able to grow grapes for wine. In fact, there is history showing wine has been produced in Croatia even before the French. With over 3,500 miles of coastline, fresh seafood isn’t a problem either and the country is a harvester of fresh oysters. Both good food and wine are easy to come by and often served with a much lower price tag as opposed to elsewhere in Europe.

All of these reasons combine to make Croatia a fascinating place to spend your summer vacation. Get there quick before the rest of the world finds out about this gem of a country.

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  1. Croatia is also a paradise for fishing! Beaches and all the coast are so clean and full of healthy marine life. And the seafood is absolutely amazing! Thanks for such an informative article. shared with my traveler friends.

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