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Are you one of the 100 million daily Snapchat users? With over 8 BILLION video views daily on Snapchat, it’s hard to know whom to follow, but if you’re looking for top-notch travel snaps, look no further. Here are our favorite Snapchatters bringing you live travel videos from around the world. But be warned: You may walk away with a severe case of wanderlust.

Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-gettingstampedHannah & Adam Snapchat @Gettingstamped 

Okay, let’s get a little self-promotion out of the way first. We’d love for you to follow us on Snapchat! We’re Hannah and Adam, the nonstop traveling couple behind the popular travel blog Getting Stamped and we’ve always got incredible new destinations for you. This week, we’re in Israel and next week we’re headed to Cuba. Follow us. That is all…

Next Destinations: Mexico, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Southeast Asia


Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-backpackerbrockBrock Snapchat @backpackerbrock

Moving on, you’ll want to check out Brock, a hilarious Canadian traveling the world with his backpack. He has an appetite for not only tasty street food but crazy adventures too!

Next Destinations: Colombia, Central America, Canada, and the USA


Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-drewbinskyDrew Binsky  Snapchat @drewbinsky

As Drew’sname suggest he likes to eat and party. Drew will show you around the world eating crazy street food and partying the night away in clubs til 5am.

Next Destinations: New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu


Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-expertvagabondMatt Snapchat @ExpertVagabond

Matt is a true adventure traveler, and yes he is wearing a wetsuit with his surfboard about to go Arctic surfing in Norway in the middle of February! He’s even hitchhiked across the USA.

Next Destinations: Cuba, Haiti, Afghanistan


Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-nxtstopwhoknowsCarlo & Florence Snapchat @nxtstopwhoknows

Carlo & Florence are an Irish couple who have figured out how to run an online business and travel around the world nonstop. Some of their craziest snaps came from their 3 months in India and visiting a temple with 10,000 rats.

Next Destinations: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary.


Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-cailinoneilCailin Snapchat @CailinONeil

Canadian Cailin snaps all around the world from Germany to Rwanda to Hawaii and more. Whether she is getting up close to wild mountain gorillas, drinking beers at Oktoberfest or lounging by the pool, her snaps always come with a smile and a side of goofiness to entertain you on her travels.

Next Destinations: Oahu, New Orleans, home to Canada, France, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia


Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-wthatton Snapchat @wthatton

Will’s travels are like no other traveler out there, and he’ll show you around some of the craziest places in the world. Will just embarked on a four-year adventure from the UK to Papua New Guinea via Europe, Iran, Pakistan, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia – WITHOUT flying.

Next Destinations: Pakistan, then driving a multi-colored tuk-tuk across India


Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-annaeverywhereAnna Snapchat@ anna-everywhere

Anna is everywhere — literally. In one week, she went from London to Turkey to Mexico. As a solo female traveler, she’s been to 70 countries and has many more lined up this summer.

Next Destinations: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, London, Poland


Orbitz-Top Travel Snapshatters to follow-thebloneabroadKiersten Snapchat@ theblondeabroad

Kiersten is the gorgeous jetsetter behind the popular blog The Blonde Abroad. While you are havingyour morning coffee at your desk, Kiersten will be having high tea in London or a freshcoconut in Bali.

Next Destinations: London, Sri Lanka, Mexico and more!

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Hannah & Adam | Getting Stamped Bloggers
Hannah & Adam are travel writers & photographers who have called the road home since 2013. Their passion for adventurous travel has brought them to 60 countries and counting. They blog about their adventures on their travel blog

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